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O'Reilly Burns Miley

'Pathetic' for Smoking Bong

12/14/2010 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bill O'Reilly lit up Miley Cyrus last night for lighting up a bong-load of salvia -- calling the former "Hannah Montana" star "pathetic" ... and officially calling an end to her reign as a role model.


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The kids of all ages copy her and look up to her. She sets an example for them. She is no longer fit to be a role model for them. The parents aren't helping either in that they have let her live with a guy older than her at one time when she was just a teenager. They are just letting her run wild as she pleases. Unfortunately, she will probably burn out before she finishes her twenties. She is heading in the same direction of Paris Hilton and Lyndsay Lohan.

1409 days ago


to #15 legal dont make it right!

love or hate bill he is right sets a bad example for kids 2ho love her.

sales of that crap went threw the roof since the vid came out. you do the math, its cause kids saw thier hero using it.

1409 days ago

Helen Van Patterson Patton     

At least she doesn't make obscene telephone calls like Bill does.

1409 days ago


I don't hear him calling Rush Limbaugh pathetic, whom I believe is a known prescription med addict, if memory serves correctly. Trying a hit on a bong once at one's 18th birthday (and that's all there is evidence of at this point), while not a good decision, is hardly the disaster the media is making it into. She reported to work just fine afterward, and as far as I know it wasn't even her bong, nor does she carry drugs around on her person, nor is she known for any type of addiction. I wouldn't be surprised if she did this on video on purpose for publicity, and the media fell for it like dogs all chasing the same bone that someone has tossed.

1409 days ago


I agree that Bill shouldn't be throwing stones, but insteadm seeing what he can do to help Miley. He has done some pretty nasty things in the past himself, lest we forget. Miley needs help not someone to point a finger as Bill loves to do, but he tends to forgets that three fingers are pointing right back at him.

1409 days ago


I agree that Bill shouldn't be throwing stones, but instead seeing what he can do to help Miley. He has done some pretty nasty things in the past himself, lest we forget. Miley needs help not someone to point a finger as Bill loves to do, but he tends to forgets that three fingers are pointing right back at him.

1409 days ago


I watched two major entertainment shows last night, not one mention of Miley Cyrus. Not sure if they are protecting her or they do not find it newsworthy enough that a major celebrity who is looked up to by our younger generation has sent a message of dangerous filth. If there was mention of it, there was not one comment made condemning her actions. This is exactly what is wrong with society and why our youth are in a state of despair. Kudos to Bill for taking a stand and calling a spade a spade. For Miley to be walking around unaffected as though she did nothing wrong makes me sick to the bone. I am sorry that I took both my kids her concert last year, but I can will be our last.

1409 days ago


she has a right to do what she wishes..but you cant make tv show geared at young children.make millions off it,then become a skanky druggy.. salvia may be legal.. but from the crap that it can do to a person i wouldnt touch it with a 10 ft bong.. but the 50% of you A holes saying all kids do drugs is such absolute bull crap.. not all kids do drugs.. so dont be stupid.. alot of kids do drugs and the reason for it is ppl like ya'll saying its ok...alot of kids drink alcohol.. not all kids drink alchol.. so to put this total piece of of trash in with those good teens out there is absolute crap!!!! it is our society unfortunately .. she has no singning talent what so ever and her acting is mediocre at best..but she is a millionaire cause as you no brain parents who go out and buy your kids all her hannaha montana crap...

1409 days ago


GET OVER IT!!! Like NONE of you PARTY!!! We just don't
have Camera's in our face. You're all Pathetic. Grow Up,
that's what she's doing, and ENJOYING IT! I WOULD TOO

1409 days ago

Star Whacker    

OK, now. Let's not blame Miley for what the Hollywood Star Whackers are doing to her. It's their claim that they put substances into people to make them do crazy things. Then they kill them to take control of their money. Just ask Randy and Evi!

Look out Miley, they're coming to get you!!! Whack! Whack!

1409 days ago

ummm wow    

she is an adult...also SALVIA is legal n the state of california. (dumb asses) and if you were having your children look up to any hollywood actress as a role model your an ignorant parent. just because these people play a role on tv and have money doesnt mean anything. they are teenagers growing and learning just like everyone else. pick a scholar or someone who has brains and success for your childrens role model. also weed is legal in los angeles and several other states and she may have a prescription....again nobodys business...obviously she didnt care or she wouldnt allow it to be can buy salvia when your morons....fml

1409 days ago

Kyle Mae    

She's totally not a role model haha but who really gives a **** if she smokes? She's 18 now, she can do what she wants. She isn't pathetic for smoking and having fun

1409 days ago


Supid slut.hahahahahahahah

1409 days ago


It's inevitable that in that lifestyle, parties like that are going to happen and young popstars and actors are going to be immersed in it. If you don't think your kids are doing ILLEGAL substances, you might want to re-evaluate that substances like pot and alcohol are very prevelant in teenagers these days, and even worse - cocaine. If the substance was legal, then it's perfectly OK that a young woman of age wanted to have a good time and laugh while smoking a LEGAL substance with her friends. Live and let live people, you should be your role model for your kids - not Hannah Montana.

1409 days ago

Y do he got    

Billy button UP your garbage trap...just tryin to piggback some interest in a rush dimbo double shadow show.When will the networks fall off the rightwing turnup truck`S SS and get some real free speech.Bill know nothing about america but that he can gout people into anger.

1409 days ago
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