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Miley's Liam-a-like

Guy from 'Friday Night Lights'

12/14/2010 10:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the guy Miley Cyrus thought was her ex-boyfriend in the bong video we posted last week ... was actually one of the stars of the TV show "Friday Night Lights."

In the video, Miley is cackling about how much the mystery man looks like her ex, Liam Hemsworth (middle). Sources at the party tell TMZ the guy was actually Grey Damon (right), who plays newcomer Hastings Ruckle in the latest season of "FNL."

A source close to Damon tells us it was indeed him -- but all he did was walk in the room, heard Miley yell, turned around and walked out. We're told he had never met Miley before.

Assuming you haven't done any psychedelic drugs today, we ask ...


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Sooo Sad, this young girl wants to mess up her life. There are so many nice things young people can do with out harming themselves. Very Sad!!!!!

1356 days ago


Wait a second...wasn't the party at Miley's house?! So how could he have just walked in her house and never met her before?!

1356 days ago


"Hanna Bongtanna"

1356 days ago


I'm thinking she saw this Liam-lookalike on a television screen, not in person. I doubt she'd have people she didn't know at her home.

1356 days ago


"Miley has been off-track for a long time now. This silly story is made to push her popularity among fans. The classic 'Turtle attacks a bitch'"

1356 days ago


there is a carburator on a bong? lol, boy do I have a visual that is 1/2 bong and 1/2 car.

1356 days ago


She's a damb drug addict! Pull all her tv shows, good role model for young kids, you dumb bitch.

1356 days ago

Oh no!    

In Miley's defense, after smoking salvia, the world looks like an episode of The Simpsons.

Miley, you need to dump your friends and go to some nice private school in Europe to get an education. Before it's too late.

1356 days ago


hahaha a lot of people here acting like almighty angels looking down from their immaculate cloud!!!! PLEASE! You've got to be horribly sheltered to not have ever touched soft drugs. LOL Give the woman a break. She's not a kid anymore. Boys and girls her age go to war.

1356 days ago


65% to 45%? Ok now I'm convinced the results of these polls have more to do with animosity towards Miley than actual facts. Those 2 guys look EXACTLY alike, especially if you're in a dark, smoke filled room. And to compare her to Lindsay Lohan is just silly. There's a world of difference between partying in your own home with a few friends and going out to clubs every night getting wasted. Until she starts falling out of cars with no underwear on I think we should cut her a break.

1356 days ago


Eeny Meeny Miley Mole!

1355 days ago


Baby steps toward a life run a muck. So many other Hollywood people have gone down the same path. We've seen it time and time again.

Too bad Miley couldn't keep herself together. I disagree with TMZ Live on this one. These things are usually entries into other drugs. Miley has the money and time to pursue all sorts of bad things. Stronger Hollywood people have been dragged down bit by bit before her.

Now that her parents are divorced her refuge is gone and being eighteen allows her to do any stupid thing. Maybe in Hollywood this is "normal" but it is not "normal" in other parts of the country. Not everyone does drugs...salvia...drugs...whatever.

By the way...who cares about Miley as a role model. She hasn't been that for a long time now if ever.

It used to be that the WISE ELDERS in a society were the role models. People used to consult and look up to the older people who had experienced life and deserved respect. Why would anyone consult a little kid about anything? Aren't the adults the ones who are supposed to be leading the way?

People wake up! No kid deserves to be a role model! Or should be a role model. Save the respect for wise and deserving older adults.

1355 days ago


Miley was one more inhalation away from screaming "WHAT DOES IT MEAN?" :-P

1355 days ago


poor miley!!! shes just havin fun. aint nothin wrong with it. no addiction, nothin illegal. now if she was smokin crack then i would be worried, but she isnt so dont criminalize her!!

1355 days ago


In the video she refer's to him as her boyfriend not ex, why did you guys call him her ex?

1355 days ago
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