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Girl Who Shot Miley Video Targeted with Threats

12/14/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who filmed Miley Cyrus hitting the bong has been getting threats since TMZ posted the video -- and now we've learned, she's gone into hiding.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ the video was shot by one of Miley's best buds -- a girl named Anna Oliver -- who has been getting threats from Miley fans via Twitter ever since the bongtroversy began.

Messages include:
-- "What would you do if you met Anna Oliver? -- Probably kick her teeth in"
-- "Anna Oliver.....I HATE YOU"
-- "We should find Anna Oliver and feed her to the lions!"
-- "Dear Anna Oliver, I know you want to be a little fame whore, but you're not good at it. We hate your guts. Love, EVERYONE."

Anna eventually deactivated her Twitter account.

We tried calling her ... she hasn't gotten back to us.


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its funny to see how they end up turning on themselves as soon as the pressure heats up.. rofl.. rofl.. rofl.

Why did you rat out on Miley!! ( sent via text)
OMFG (sent via twitter)
I didnt do it! ( sent via email)
Yes you did! ( sent via twitter)
I said i didnt do it FCK! u ( sent on facebook, account now closed)

LOL.. these kids today.. are a trip.. and thing is.. they chat with each other just like this from different rooms next to each other ROFL

1417 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

And TMZ has no feelings of responsibility after endangering a young girl over a stupid non story?? I guess if they were OK with what they did to Brittney this is nothing.

1417 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Next TMZ will give out her adress.

1417 days ago


Miley is the one who smoked the bong; however I can understand frustration among fans. She was coaching Miley during it and urging her to do more, not exactly "friend" behavior.

Also, who goes into hiding over Twitter threats? Like Miley fans would actually physically harm her......

1417 days ago


Bong + Camera = Future Sex Tape

1417 days ago


That's what she gets for being a back stabbing friend!

1417 days ago


Seriously? In hiding from internet dorks and Hanna Montana fans? Jesus this world is just getting gayer and gayer! Stand up for yourself for Christs sake! Who cares what dorks think!!!

1417 days ago


Miley is the one to blame! Not Anna!
1) She made the decision to smoke Salvia
2) At no time did she ask that the camera be turned off
3) She played to the camera
4) Obviously she never asked that the video be deleted

1417 days ago

Trevis Miho    

Haha, those "threats" this chick is getting is on some PG-13 madness!! How cute, these kids don't even know how to effectively talk sh*t yet. Either that, or these are soccer moms posing as kids posting these all would sound the same anyway.

1417 days ago


of course,this dirty little slimey s***bag will ruin a life,a career just for fame,her voice reaks of douche,just like harvey and tmv,u can tell a s***bag famewhore from there voice,i personally live in brooklyn ny,have close to no money but i wouldnt tape my friend doing drugs and sell it to tmz,the money will go,the fame you get is almost non existent but the friendship you gave up could of been you can join those 2,i forget there name,the bratty kid and the 1 that got 12 plastic surgeries,????,u can join those 2 on the bottom of the fame chain.and stop eating those xanax and painkillers lil kids,you dont no but we can tell,mily,i can read your eyes from here

1417 days ago


We all knew this was going to happen sooner or later.

Disney has a nasty way of eating their child stars alive.

Blaming A.O isn't going to change a thing. Miley and her family have major issues. They all need help.

1417 days ago


I would think that Miley's fans would be more upset with Miley lying to them about drugs being stupid and that only stupid people do drugs. Didn't she say that last year? Now look at her. I mean, the "friend" shouldn't have video taped it or aired it for all to see, but this is the times we live in. Miley should have been smarter and not had her "friend" video tape her doing drugs. I think the girl who aired it wants to have her 15 minutes of fame and it's working against her now. Oh well.

1417 days ago


For #3 Ziggy. Hopefully Miley's days are over as well. She will eventually need rehab just like anyone else.

1417 days ago


ah ok? blame it on the friend cause shes the one that was smoking the drugs?
Miley knew she was filming so if anybody wants to blame anybody blame miley.
the one who knew she was being filmed which of course the video was going to come out so time, and the one that was smoking the drugs!

1417 days ago


When the girl was taping, she says, "Oh, I'm going to do***ent this whole thing," and "say something Miley", many times, that's when I knew this video was destined to come out. Glad TMZ out her, but do you really think she will be answering your calls?

1417 days ago
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