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Girl Who Shot Miley Video Targeted with Threats

12/14/2010 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who filmed Miley Cyrus hitting the bong has been getting threats since TMZ posted the video -- and now we've learned, she's gone into hiding.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ the video was shot by one of Miley's best buds -- a girl named Anna Oliver -- who has been getting threats from Miley fans via Twitter ever since the bongtroversy began.

Messages include:
-- "What would you do if you met Anna Oliver? -- Probably kick her teeth in"
-- "Anna Oliver.....I HATE YOU"
-- "We should find Anna Oliver and feed her to the lions!"
-- "Dear Anna Oliver, I know you want to be a little fame whore, but you're not good at it. We hate your guts. Love, EVERYONE."

Anna eventually deactivated her Twitter account.

We tried calling her ... she hasn't gotten back to us.


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She didn't put the bong to Miley's mouth and force her to inhale. Not only that....there is nothing in there that says she released the video. All she did was film the video with Miley knowing she was filming her. For goodness sake, she was talking to her the entire time. Miley should know better at this point that if you don't want things like this to go public, then don't do it. She's the idiot in all this!

1304 days ago


Anna, YOU SUCK!!! I do NOT think it's fair to film someone in their private space. NO one is perfect and we all deserve privacy. Good luck Anna, it sounds like you're going to need it.

1304 days ago


Also during the video ... the girl even says after "doc menting" the event.."miley you're gonna trip when you see this.. girl"..

yep she agg'd it on.. miley was totally incoherent.. almost like a drunk/high state of mind.. she just nodded and went on and on and on.. talk about lack of paying attention.. but in the cam's eye.. the video-gal made sure she was very vocal about the intent of the video... i mean it was obvious this was going to come out.. even by the girl's tone of voice you knew she was about to cash in on a payday..

lol... it was like a "mean girls 2" scene.. or hellcats episode, or Saved by the bell, or 90210.. more really like 90210 cause all of them were backstabbing chicks..

maybe she was intending to start a new young generation Melrose Place? .. either way the video once agained opened the silent doors behind hollywood rich kids and their friends..

i hope for a feature film about it one day.

1304 days ago


Seems TMZ would have been more considerate and not named the friend especially if she is getting threats. There are a bunch of mean people out there. She did a bad thing by spreading the video around but she's young like Miley and did a dumb thing. JMO

1304 days ago


A few of things:

1) If Miley didn't want the negative publicity, she shouldn't have taken the bong rip

2) Miley fans are pretty pathetic, obviously

3) Anna Oliver is WAY prettier than Miley

4) You'd think Miley could afford some dental work

5) It'd be nice if a few celebrities would just disappear, and Miley is on that list

1304 days ago


miley cyrus is stupid!!!she should'nt be doing drugs anyway.good job to whoever posted the video!

1304 days ago


If she's in danger now people have her face on TMZ, she'll be much easier to find..Not a good idea TMZ!

1304 days ago


What can I add? Nothing, because I fully agree with #37 and #38.
Tw*t-face M. Cyrus should never have laid hands on that bong.

1304 days ago


Everyone records everything anymore. If Miley's going to do stuff like that, and I didn't see her try to stop her friend from recording it - in fact it seems like she enjoyed it, then she'd better expect it's going to show up online. And those who are here saying that people shouldn't show videos like that - um, isn't it a bit hypocritical of you considering you are on TMZ's website? You probably didn't have any problem with videos of Linds or Paris getting in trouble.

Miley is an adult and responsible for her own actions. And by choosing to be a celebrity, she knew what she was getting into in the first place.

1304 days ago


#36, There is no need for TMZ to hide her identity. It's apparent she has been getting threats before being revealed on TMZ so it was not like it was a secret. Anything can leak on the internet if they let it. Plus, she wasn't alone at the party. You put a picture of yourself and you have something like a twitter, facebook, myspace, contacts, friends, ect., ect., on the internet. Anyone can leak your identity.

1304 days ago


So Miley is so new to the Hollywood scene she just realized her so called friends will actually make all of her stupid stunts, she's even dumber than I thought.

1304 days ago


Miley Cyrus is nothing more than WHITE TRASH!!!! She's no better than Lindsay Lohan! they should take her younger sister away from Bill Ray and the rest of the trailer park clan!

1304 days ago


A TRUE FRIEND will NEVER SELL YOU FOR ANY AMOUNT, even to TMZ. Granted that Miley did some stupid stuff that ANY YOUNG KIDS do nowadays but her TRUSTED FRIENDS should never take advantage of that just to get some bucks or fame. These "true friends" are fully aware that any news about Miley will surely sell, as simple as that.

1304 days ago


Why are they hating on Anna???
Miley didnt have a gun to her head she did that on her own..
Wether Anna taped it or not Miley is in the wrong and if Anna didnt tape that we wouldnt know what a phony Miley really is...
Id still bang the hell outta Miley though :)

1304 days ago


WOW, obviously Demi is doing drugs and the cocaine claims since she herself hangs out with this girl, which you can see in Demi Flickr accoutn

1304 days ago
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