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Miley Cyrus -- Momma's Here Now

12/14/2010 8:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus cozied up with her mother Tish today on the New Orleans set of her upcoming movie, "So Undercover."

Feel the motherly love.


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Moe Green    

Can't blame her for wanting to get messed up. She has to work with Kelly Osbourne, a talentless fat ugly person. Must be horrible.

1388 days ago


My mom always asks me..."Am I too old to wear my jeans tucked into my boots?" I always said "No" before...But now I have a reference point.

1387 days ago


Damn! This reminds me of Lindsay and Dina Lohan. Identical show of "to hell with all of you and what you think about us..."

1387 days ago



Please Attention Everyone,

I recently consulted a very renowned physic named Jerry Hill. He personally told me that the studio where they film Disney shows such as Hannah Montana, Mickey mouse Club and many Disney movies is built on evil grounds and that Walt Disney haunts there. This is the reason for all the drug use behind the scenes with these young Disney wh00res. They will be cursed for eternity unless they spread milk on the nearest dead cat. This is serious and needs to be reported on TMZ! Thank you

Posted at 7:45 PM on Dec 14, 2010 by TheMarshmallowMan


Riiiiiight. And does this renowned psycho, er, psychic often spam message boards on gossip sites making idiotic claims about himself?

I can tell you this right now, based upon the comments above this renowned cyclops, er, psychic, doesn't know diddly about what gets filmed where at Disney.

1387 days ago


Ladies, if you really have to hold on to one another to navigate over small clumps of grass and pebbles you probably should pick more sensible shoes to wear.

1387 days ago


What a disfunctional, creepy family. Another Lohan family.....ewwwww! They should have reined this idiot in years ago.

1387 days ago


I first tried pot at 14 yrs of age , Never was into it really ,But people like to try things to get the mystery out of the way.This is not to say LSD or other potentially harmful drugs are OK to TRY they're not , But Miley's just exploring her adulthood now shes 18 and you people in the media should get yer heads out of her ass and leave her alone NOW!

1387 days ago


okie dokey! if thats love...well then ok...

1387 days ago


Miley looks like her and her mother are about to hit the bar scene or her mom is bombed one of the two but honestly she looks like she about to go whore her self out I don't feel bad for her I honestly feel bad for Billy Ray for how his daughter turned out.

1387 days ago


I dont know why people are saying she did nothing wrong. Smoking a Drug is showing all the people that are fans of her even the young children that its okay to smoke drugs because their favorite star did it. Because "Hannah Montana" Did it so they will think its okay. Seriously Its not right.

1387 days ago


Mama looks like she's been dippin' in the moonshine.

1387 days ago


Part of being a parent is NOT being your child's friend. Where was she and the Mr. BEFORE Miley started gyrating on 57 yo's laps and laughing about it? Too late now and awaaaaay we go! Miley's well on her way to rehab. Won't be long now. (And, yeah, it's not the's the beginning of her new lifestyle we've all seen way too many times before.)

1387 days ago


Lots of people have come on here and said oh, I experimented when I was a kid. Sure...I did too. But, the difference is, you and I had to work real jobs and didn't have the money to indulge ourselves. These actor children have all the time and money in the world plus they have people like you excusing their behavior.

1387 days ago


My family and I are big movie buffs, every weekend we are at the theater without fail but I'll let you this much, ONCE THIS MOVIE HITS THE THEATERS, WE WILL NOT BE SEEING THIS SALVIA SMOKING SKANK. I'll be a cold day in hell before I let my kids see this movie.


You know, people can do as they please but when you are a role model to young girls, think before you do or CHANGE PROFESSIONS.

1387 days ago


EWWWWWWWWWWW....whats up with the she 18, right, just trying real hard.....get a pair of jeans that aren;t ripped, you are not look stupid..and also, cut those straggly extensions out of your hair...

1387 days ago
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