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Miley Cyrus -- Momma's Here Now

12/14/2010 8:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus cozied up with her mother Tish today on the New Orleans set of her upcoming movie, "So Undercover."

Feel the motherly love.


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Wow! Mom has the same hunch thing going.

1410 days ago


Tis the season....ho .....ho.....ho.....I wonder how many bongs mama has under her belt!?

1410 days ago


I would tap that MILF! The mom is hot !

1410 days ago


Mom looks a tad unsteady...

1410 days ago


I agree with #2!

1410 days ago


Hope she saves her money. She just gave her meal ticket the finger. The parents of all those Hannah Montana fans will no longer spend their money on her, and that is her only fan base. If she wanted to break away from the Disney image she is doing a great job.

1410 days ago


Tish is around 41 or 42. That's not old, a similar age to Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and others. 41, 42 is a great age, Tish is thin and has a good figure, and looks fine. Her hair is dyed, just like Miley's is, just like Gwen, Jennifer, in fact, very few women do not dye their hair and extensions are the style these days for women well into their 60s. Holes in jeans are also the style. She's not holding on to youth as people who think women in their 40s are old are clueless. Also, no evidence Tish drinks and Miley has stated in interviews that her mother does not drink.

1410 days ago


Her mother looks horrible. But not because of clothes or face. The body. What is with women today, nothing but air up there. Look at her, freakin skeleton, nothing but bones, I wouldnt touch her with a pole. Whoever f*ck thinks that is sexy is demented.

1410 days ago


Aw, just like Lindsey and Dina...

1410 days ago


Miley needs to be held up by her mommy, because she is drunk and stoned again. Hey, your dads song, a b heart finally has some meaning, his anger for his princess turning into a drug addict.

1410 days ago

sara naim    

i love u gurl!!!!!!nd i hope miedia leave u alone!!!
we all love you!!!!=]

1410 days ago

Genghis Khan    

Just a couple of trailer trash skanks out for a stroll.....

1410 days ago

Genghis Khan    

Just a couple of trailer trash skanks out for a stroll.....

1410 days ago


Actually i think tish is rather good looking for a 40+ yr old lady.. she only looks this harsh due to the attempt of wearing skinny jeans.. which is a huge fad amongst chicks these days ( designers should be shot on sight for overflooding the market with them)..

needless to say if you take tish out of those clothes. im sure she would have a rockin body.. she has fake boobs which goes to assist with this statment and i reckon she is well shaven.. typical blonde thing to do.. add in another 40 yr old aged experience she's likely a fire-cat in the bedroom.. we all know it gets far better when ladies get older afterall..

i cant call her ugly at all.. i'd tap that.. no doubt.. and standing beside miley in this picture.. i'd tap that also..

sad but true.. most guys will put on an impression that they wouldnt but know they would if they had a chance.. afterall.. bret and billy ray knows just how good she is..

miley is surelly to continue the legacy..

its sad this is today's celeb moms.. they're faced with a ton of moral/ethical/and parental issues' and most are very very selfish and greedy.. this trend will continue until the courts finally , finally, and i repeat again finally.. allow Fathers to take have custody way more often..whats worse it impacts and effects the child still when a divorce is coming .. hence Miley's rebellish ways..

her mom needs to stop trying to be her friend and be a parent!
sooo many chicks do this its pitiful now.. as you can see

Women do NOT have all the Answers now do they!

1410 days ago


well now we have a La-Lohan style...a mother to take you to clubs!!! So much for the bible verse talking Miley! Once kids make all the money...the parents just have to suck it in. I am sure Miley is also saying: "My Mom is my best friend"!!!

1410 days ago
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