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Nicolas Cage Goes on Romanian Rant

12/14/2010 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicolas Cage went ballistic outside a club in Bucharest, Romania on Sunday.

Nicolas Cage Rant

It's unclear what set Cage off, but he can be heard yelling, "I'm going to get in that car and walk away.  Otherwise, if you want to kill me, go for it, brothers."

Cage goes on: "I'll f***ing die right now."
Cage is in Romania to film "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance."


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He got him some of that salvia stuff!!

1407 days ago


I've had long-standing fantasies of us in a compromising position, only now it'd have to be with his mouth TAPED SHUT...

1407 days ago


Um...One question...How do you "get in a car and walk away"?

Did the IRS get him so thoroughly that all they left him with was a Flintstone car that he has to power with his feet?

1407 days ago


The more he had face-lifts, the more he is beginning to look like Robo-Cop.

Ever notice that?

1407 days ago


All I have are questions. What happened? Anyone?

1407 days ago


God, I wish he would already! (die that is) He was probably pissed no one recognized him and let him right in the club. He's the biggest whiner!

1407 days ago



1407 days ago


Why is there a second Ghostrider? Why was there a first?

1407 days ago


When these celebs are treated like Gods by the general public it's not shocking they believe they are on that level.

1407 days ago


These Hollywood actors need a beat down every now and then for a reality check. The same way an NFL or NBA player get shot at the actors need a dose of reality too.

1407 days ago


Hey clowns, I can almost guarantee it's fame hungry *******s looking for attention that egged on Nicolas Cage. Get new material, too. Ohhhh, another IRS joke. How hilarious and original. Bad actor? He's got an Academy Award for best actor and does more in a day than you clowns will do your whole life.

1407 days ago


I'd say he's rehearsing lines for the next action movie embarassment that we'll no doubt see him in.

1407 days ago


brendan, sadly you missed the whole point here and are part of the tards that admire people to a point that you don't hold them to the same standards you would ask of your neighbor. Oh well I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!!!!!! Respect MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1407 days ago


Nick wasn't out of line and it's pathetic that most people are completely missing the point...

He's in Romania, one of the most corrupt and mafia run countries in the world. Cage may not even been drunk. Adrenilin can bring the beast out of any man. It's even noted that he left to go party elsewhere after that scene infront of the bar.

Here's what I suspect happened...

If you listen closely, he repeats "I'm ready to die", a few times. Nick has most likely been confronted by an ignortant door man who thinks he's "wearing a wire"... Did you hear that? Nick probably denied a thorough search and things got heated when he wanted to go in. Or, someone didn't like him, and started something. Nick wouldn't be at a low ball night club, and the major ones are always run by mafia. I would bet my life, Nick was threatened with death.. "Do you want to die, do you know who we are"... sort of thing.

Forget that Nick's an actor... He's a man, and his instincts took over. He's a professional who was treated like any other foreigner who'd be disposed of if he didn't go along with their bull****. There's nothing worse than low level, ignorant night club staff who thrive on power because they know they're backed by mob. One of the most powerful men in Romania, owns all of the film studios and equip, so I'm sure the group of people who caused that scene will hear about it soon enough. Nick did what most people are scared to do. He stuck up for himself.

1407 days ago


GOOD for him! More people should get out how they feel! I LOVE IT! HE is an honorable man, and people need to stop dissing him, just because he has had some financial issues, WHO HASEN'T these past few YEARS?!?!

1407 days ago
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