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Lindsay Lohan

In Fear of Possible Stalker

12/16/2010 6:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is afraid she's being targeted by a stalker -- and the threat is so real that people at Betty Ford are taking measures to protect her ... TMZ has learned.
Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Lindsay has been receiving harassing phone calls and text messages from unknown numbers -- and the unidentified person behind them has been making disparaging statements about her recovery ... and her family.

Even scarier, the unknown person is saying he/she knows where Lindsay is staying and is watching her.

We're told Betty Ford officials are so concerned, they're moving their most famous patient to a more secure, private facility.

We're also told BF has limited Lindsay's outings out of concern for her safety.



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All BS. Lindsay is in rehab and by all logic we should not be hearing anything at all about her but it's been a steady stream of "leaks" all geared towards gaining sympathy for her. I doubt anyone has Lindsay's private phone number unless she gave it to someone, and the caller's number can be traced. So what if he calls from multiple numbers, they can all be traced or not answered! Maybe just has a lot of different people hate her. Gee, you think maybe Lindsay can change her phone number or refuse calls from blocked phones or do whatever it takes to finish her rehab? Everything she's doing appears to be geared towards her getting out of the normal rehab facilities for the holidays, despite the judge's warnings. Her frenzy to get her driving privileges back and being allowed to drive? Dissing her extra security and blowing off paying for it? The sudden appearance of a stalker that justifies her moving to a secret location because she has no security at BF now? Attacking the paps who would do***ent here whereabouts when out driving? This is exactly the kind of stuff she's always done in the past.

1372 days ago


Has anyone checked to see if her mother has bought a lot of pre paid untracable cell phones? I'm sure lindsay and her mother cooked this whole thing up just for attention.

1372 days ago



tetchy LOL! Michael is far more believeable to be the source, he has more to gain financially. As I said x17 have a different story. You immediately jumped on Dina, so we each have our own opinion. On the other hand it could be someone completely different. I don't know but neither do you so jumping to conclusions is pointless.

1372 days ago



Apparently I am stupid because I have no idea what tetchy means!

1372 days ago


@ Ilovegossip

Did someone call you stupid? tell me who it was and I'll have a severe word with them! Tetchy means annoyed or irritated.

1372 days ago


I dont think this is a laughing matter. If anyone has read the insane comments ever on x17, there is something really weird going on over there, and I would take this seriously.

1372 days ago


Of course she has a stalker ..

It's called her mother and it's name is Dina. Old news.

1372 days ago


have any of you ever watched the you tube videos of her with all the paps following her? i watched some disturbing ones from papcandids and they were camping outside her house and recording convos she was having in the house. people always report that she sets up the photos but honestly in most of them she is telling them off. it seems to me like these photogs really do stalk her, this is serious celeb or not, crazy people that comment on here and think that their opinon somehow matters to her would dot his

1372 days ago


"Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ Lindsay has been receiving harassing phone calls and text messages from unknown numbers -- and the unidentified person behind them has been making disparaging statements about her recovery ... and her family."

haha. doesn't this happen anyway by everyone, say starting on the Internet? this girl is so fricken sad. it just keeps getting worse and worse and worse. sad.

1372 days ago


I'm betting it's another "recovering" addict at the facility. Probably watches her all day. There are lots of things that go along with being an addict. Rarely are they "just" addicts.

1372 days ago

Moe Green    

Cheap PR stunt for a mainstream irrelevant D list person.

1372 days ago


I agree that this is a PR stunt,to keep her in the media.

I can't wait for the day the media stops covering this D List Bimbo.

So many more worthy actresses out there.

I guess people like reality tv when it comes to a screw up.

What's funny is she really don't have a fan base anymore,except a few that hang out at TMZ all day defending her every move.It's more than obvious that they are paid to watch every article posted about her,and come to her defense.

Nobody wants to see her on the big screen anymore,and a majority of movie goers would avoid a movie that she'd be in.

Her music career is a joke,that uses software that fixes her scratchy voice,because just listening to her's so obvious this girl has no voice.

Her clothing line?..I don't know about that.I think that's a joke too.

1372 days ago


So if she's really that terrified when she's behind locked doors with posted security guards on site (24 hours a day,mind you)...then WHY DOESN'T SHE CHANGE HER DAMN PHONE NUMBER?!

1372 days ago


Lindsay DOES have a stalker. He works for X-17 Online. Seriously. Somebody oughta do something about that. X-17 has gotten their hands a hold of some pictures that they had no business posting on their website, to be honest.

1372 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Stalker or Dealer?

1372 days ago
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