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LiLo's SoCal Christmas

Momma's Coming to Town

12/15/2010 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won't be stuck in rehab alone for X-mas -- TMZ has learned, Dina and the fam are making a cross-country pilgrimage to visit her over the holidays ... and big surprise, daddy ain't invited.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Dina's hauling the little Lohans -- Ali, Michael, and Cody -- out from Long Island to visit for a couple days next week.

Lindsay originally wanted to fly back east ... and Betty Ford officials signed off -- but sources tell us, the L.A. County Probation Department wasn't so understanding.

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... when you're not Michael Lohan.


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Until or should I say If only a court could step in and put someone else in charge of her money and management and cut her parents out of anything but a personal relationship these 2 pathetic excuse for parents will ride her coat tail even after she is in the grave.It is so sad.

Posted at 4:04 PM on Dec 15, 2010 by Patrick

Neither Dina and especially Michael don't manage Lindsay's money. She has a business manager whose job it is to manage her money. She also has a separate manager.

1405 days ago


To all you Lohanites--Susan, Jill, Dumas1000, et. al. (I'm sure Nicole will chime in soon.) As you are aware the general consensus is that both of Lindsay's parents did a poor job raising Lindsay--which one was worse is moot at this point.

With respect to management, while Lindsay may very well have an agent other than her mother, Dina's Radar quote stating that "we" are looking at scripts is very telling.

@Dumas. In spite of the fact that Lindsay was not raised by the best of parents, it is not their fault that Lindsay is an addict. Lindsay is an adult and her actions are entirely her responsibility and the fault lies there. As addiction is a disease with a genetic component, at that the most that could be said is that her parents gave her bum genes.

1405 days ago


@gloday1 Absolutely right. One correction, Michael Jr., is 23 years old and has the highest honors in college, not high school. He graduated in May and did NOT invite his father and Dina, Ali, Cody, and Dina's brother attended the graduation.

@Susan correct. People pay NO attention to the hideous pictures that TMZ posts. They are old. Lindsay looks absolutely gorgeous in her latest pictures from Betty Ford and her hair now is strawberry blond, not brown, black, or blond and she is a very healthy weight.

Michael Lohan did a radio show stating the family was coming out to LA for Christmas so maybe that's TMZ so-called source.

1405 days ago


lindsay lohan needs to disapeer already cuz honestly no one cares about her

1405 days ago


Let's see.... round-trip for four on a private luxury DC-10 jet, a private chef, masseuse, manicurist, hair-pimpist, personal psychologist (wait - scratch that last one.... everything's fine), aroma therapist, and astrologist.

That ought to make the flight at least tolerable, and it should only cost one million dollars. Chump change for Lindsay. Hell, she'll make it back instantly - simply by selling yet another Lindsay Lohan-brand Fire extinguisher. Lindsay has always been a whiz with anything involving a whole lot of white powdery substances.

1405 days ago


Dina is a blood sucking whore who will do ANYTHING to keep up her lavish lifestyle. Even if that means pimping out her own daughter and placing unrealistic blame on everyone/everything when Lindsay ends up in trouble. This woman should not be labeled a mother. It is unbelievable that she has custody of minor children. The only thing that will help Lindsay is to stay far away from her mom and her dad. Sad to say, but, very true!

1405 days ago

D Wayne    

Dina's coming to town, I smell a party! Sniff, sniff, snort, snort, gurgle, gurgle, gurgle!

1405 days ago


Your comment that the other comment was slanderous about Dina supplying drugs to Lindsay.
I thought Dina had been photographed in clubs providing LL with alcohol when she was underaged.
Alcohol IS a drug, you know.
Sure sounds your very, very PRO DINA.
(if you all know what I mean?) I mean, you argue that Dina is a cool mom or something because she "fed and chothed" her kids when Micheal was in the pokie. WASN"T THAT WITH LILO'S CASH? How hard can that be?

1405 days ago



In the radar article you are referencing Dina uses the word "we" FOUR times. It is clear who is running the show, and it's not Lindsay. If you read ANY article quoting Dina, she uses the word "we" every time. For Jill to claim Dina isn't managing her is just wishful thinking on her part.

1405 days ago


You better be good, you better not cry, Grinch Dina coming to town. Bah, humbug.

1405 days ago


Hard to believe anybody is managing Lindsay. I am still peeing myself over her comments on the Provocative thing. I don't think Lindsay listens to anyone, or ask about anything. HOW dumb do you have to be to critize people in media when you don't even know what you are talking about?
Yea, points made there?
And Dina, still calling the director a LIAR. NOT a great move Dina. Try, don't call people LIARS in business, unless it's IMPORTANT.
These two women, (if you will) just get crazier with every day.
If she has a manager, at all, why is Lindsay such a laughing JOKE that SHE PROVOKES?
Try to figure out what that means Linds.

1405 days ago


Lindsay tweets:

"My manager is the best because shes a woman and she costed a million dollars and dina is not my manager and everythings my dads fault and stop talking about ali and im beautiful and i know you want me and stop making fun of sam and im a celebrity and...."

Then she kind of lost track of her thoughts.... for some reason.

1405 days ago



sorry, am i suppose to care what the general consensus is? most people posting comment from story to story and base most of their comments on nothing but pure hate and don't care about history or reality. most want to attack for the sake of attacking. so i don't really worry about what the consensus is.

1405 days ago


If Lindsay had any brains (which she doesn't), she'd tell that ugly hag BITCH of a mother to get out of her life. Dina is as crazy and delusional as she is stupid!

1405 days ago


Actually, most posters aren't of the "I wish she would just die" variety, i.e., truly hateful. We are just commenting on the lives of public figures. And yes, the Lohans--Michael, Dina, Lindsay and Ali are all public figures.

Of course we don't know what goes on behind the closed doors of any of the family members. However, as public figures we've seen plenty of their interviews, reality shows and public appearances--from that much about them is evident and, with the exception of Ali, most is not positive.

1405 days ago
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