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LiLo's SoCal Christmas

Momma's Coming to Town

12/15/2010 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan won't be stuck in rehab alone for X-mas -- TMZ has learned, Dina and the fam are making a cross-country pilgrimage to visit her over the holidays ... and big surprise, daddy ain't invited.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Dina's hauling the little Lohans -- Ali, Michael, and Cody -- out from Long Island to visit for a couple days next week.

Lindsay originally wanted to fly back east ... and Betty Ford officials signed off -- but sources tell us, the L.A. County Probation Department wasn't so understanding.

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... when you're not Michael Lohan.


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love dina's hair-always look great-her face though is out of whack

1374 days ago


#48 Broeheem. For God's sake man, no time to be sloppy. You forgot,
Lindsay is an AMAZING actress.
2) She doesn't know what you are talking about.

You should be FINED for you sloppiness,Broeheem. Indeed.
Yes, Broeheem, that journalist error will cost you.....
one million dollars.

1374 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

Hi Lindsay ... :-)

Nice going, boo'ful -- things are staying pretty quiet ...

-- nice !!!

-- I pray you are getting better, getting stronger ...

-- but be careful now ...

-- lots of things are open, out on the table ...

-- fragile, vulnerable ...

-- you, Lindsay ... please ...

-- be very careful with this ...

-- expect for some exposed nerves to be touched ...

-- it will be intense ... expect it ...

-- but DO NOT let it set you back !!!

-- you MUST stay in charge of * YOU *, Lindsay ...

-- this will be a 'good' -- difficult test for you, for everyone ...

-- trying to 'have Christmas' -- as a family ...

-- when so much has happened, so much has changed ...

-- there's NO GOING BACK, Lindsay ...

-- keep your bearings, stay the course ...

-- you are doing so well ...

-- use this to become stronger -- it WILL be a test ...

-- it CAN make you stronger ... or it can weaken your progress ...

-- stay, Lindsay -- keep your eyes on course ...

-- on The One -- Who is ...

-- *BIGGER* ... than your problems, Lindsay, ...

-- and He is certainly ...

-- *BIGGER* than the source of your problems, Lindsay ...

-- so PLEASE, Lindsay, ...

-- keep your eyes on HIM!!!!

In HIS LOVE, Who Loves you more than anyone ever can ...


Your Affectionate Fan


1374 days ago

Lindsays Friend    

@ #5 "en Todo Momento!!"

" yeah, and all you other christians should be celebrating x-mas in a looney bin as well. cuz you worship some freaky weirdo who was nailed to a wall, and have been talking about his return for the last 2000 years and have infected the entire world with this disgsuting disease!!! loonies!!!

Posted at 2:28 PM on Dec 15, 2010 by en Todo Momento!!

-- you must *** REALLY *** ...


-- the day -- when ...

-- you find out ...

-- whether you are 'right' ...

-- or not ...

-- I greatly fear that day for you ...

-- I pray for you -- that you will find out Who is Right ...

-- while you still have time to change your mind ...

-- if you want to, that is ...

I ** KNOW ** that I WILL SEE YOU in Eternity ...

-- it's simply a question as to ...

-- on which side of the fence ...

1374 days ago


Damn. I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. I certainly don't have one million dollars lying about... guess I'll have to put it on the market. OK, up for sale:

One very carefully guarded Lindsay Lohan-brand Micro Food Processor. It's actually quite small. Really small. I've yet to figure out just exactly what you're supposed to grind up with it.... but I'm sure Lindsay had something useful in mind.

I'll let it go for the fair market value of.... one million dollars. Damn you, writers guild.

1374 days ago



That is SOOOOO funny!!!!

1374 days ago


Gotta keep those claws in her.
Poor Lindsay. I was hoping she'd gain the strength to tell mama to stay far away from her.

1374 days ago

Alan Carver    

Once again, the probation dept gets it right. They should not allow Lohan to travel anywhere right now until after she is officially done with her treatment. Even then, if Judge Fox decides to take her off formal probation, she still might have to ask for permission to leave the state of CA. What Judge Fox should do is let Lohan leave the state after she is taken off formal probation, but I guarantee you that she will relapse again before her August 2011 release date from this entire mess she created. It is not unfortunate that she has no control of her inability to not turn down drugs or alcohol. No sympathy for this 'has-been'.

1374 days ago


odeio ela :(

1374 days ago


Hey "Lindsay's Friend," go preach on another website you looney nutjob. Better yet, keep your preaching private in your home or in your church.

One day we'll find out who was right when we all die......for me, I dont get heaven or hell, i dont believe in either....tah tah..

1374 days ago


I like your contributions. You seem grounded and knowlegable.
Are you the Probation Guy here?
Why do you think UCLA and now BF are allowing this twit to ruin thier reputation? It seems sooo obvious to ME, Lindsay isn't getting BETTER.

1374 days ago


really Broehem!
Are we to believe that with the HUGE amount of Lohan QUALITY merchanides you sell, that you CAN'T AFFORD a million dollars?
Who's leg you think you're pulling here, buddy? You have The Linday Lohan Auto-Whinner program responding to these emails, don't you? Hey, hate to say it, bought mine from the other guy..ON SALE DUDE...only... Half-a million dollars. Granted, it was quite worn.

1374 days ago


Michael was willing to try and get along but Dino is still clinging to the money-maker for her own purposes. Michael hardly even knows the other children because he hasn't been able to get them out of Dino's clutches. He'll have to wait until they are all adults and want to know him. She showed her true colors when she refused to even try to get along for the kid's sake. It's not like she hasn't had her bouts with drugs and such.

1374 days ago


WTF are you talking about? Dina brought her kids up to hate Michael? Oh I see, then I suppose his drug taking, his alcohol abuse, his physical violence, his years in jail for fraud, beating Dina up in fron of the kids, threatening to kill his kids has nothing to do with it? Your hate of Dina sees you protecting a monster. His abuse didn't stop with his family.

Whilst he was in jail, who looked after the kids? was there for them, made sure they were fed, clothed, DINA! thats who! Michael Jnr was recently awarded the highest award in high school, Ali is home schooled and doing well. Cody is a happy little guy also doing well. Dina is no saint but DON'T come up with your BS and compare Michael with Dina.

Also your unfounded, vile, slanderous comment about Dina supplying Lindsay with drugs is beneath contempt and born solely from hate.

Posted at 4:27 PM on Dec 15, 2010 by gloday1

You're an idiot. Lindsay was providing for the family. The "mother" just took her cut and the kids did whatever they wanted. In fact, "Mom" turned into a teenager and hit the clubs just like Lindsay.

1374 days ago


What's wrong with Dinas face?

Posted at 3:20 PM on Dec 15, 2010 by dd

It looks as though she had cheek implants, and not a very good job either.

1374 days ago
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