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Miley Cyrus:

I Was Just Having Fun

12/15/2010 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus is telling her friends ... the bong video published by TMZ is no big deal.

Miley Cyrus Bong Video
Miley, who has taken a lot of heat since TMZ posted the story that she was smoking salvia, has been saying, she's just young and having fun ... this, according to friends in direct contact with her.

Miley acknowledged she's seen the TMZ story and also knew it was going to eventually surface.  As TMZ first reported, Miley's camp was trying to bury the incident by scooping up copies of the video.

One friend put it this way:  "Miley doesn't care. She's filming her movie and getting on with her life."


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Hey people go to twitter and search "try salvia". You'd be amazed at how many people (teens AND adults) on there are saying "I want to try that salvia stuff!".

1410 days ago


Most of you people running your mouth about this poor girl experimenting with marijuana, are sitting at home shoveling pills down your throat!!!
Get real
Smoke and be happy and get over yourselves!

1410 days ago


Well it clearly looks like Daddy needs to play Daddy instead of aagent. She says she's just having fun, is she kidding she looked like a drug addict idiot on that tape and her Daddy needs to take her to some rehabs or something to give her a reality check. What a sad way for her to think she's having fun messing with her mind and nobody really knows what drug was in that thing. Take it Serious Daddy Billy Ray while your at it take her to the hospitals and see all the drug addicted babies in withdraws from addicted parents. I don't care if she plays in a movie naked that would just be a stupid choice she can make but this is beyond stupid.

1410 days ago


since Miley doesn't care i guess thats her saying she doesn't care about her fans and what her fans think of her.

nice to see the her betray the people that gave her this life and dream.

1410 days ago


I actually don't care what she does as long as she pulls out those ratzass extensions. Every photo looks like she's got a fright-wig on.

1410 days ago


MIley can say that she was just having fun, and now that she is eighteen she is free to have fun in whatever way she wants (although personally, I wouldn't do what she did). She can say that, and she should focus on her work. But I know deep down inside, she really feels bad about this whole situation. She knows deep down inside that she disappointed a lot of people, especially the people who actually like her, respect her, and care about her. A lot of Internet comments is just rancor and drowns out the voices of the ones who do care about her, and that is a shame. I know she feels bad about what happened and how it happened, and I know she feels bad about how her dad reacted to this news. That really disappointed me, I must confess. She can do whatever she wants now, no matter what anyone says or feels, but she shouldn't hurt her dad by choosing to do something as reckless as that. That Tweet conveyed a tremendous amount of sadness. I know he raised her to know better than that, and she does. She doesn't need to apologize to the world for what she's done, but she should apologize to her dad. She feels bad enough already, I'm sure. I still have faith in her that she'll do the right thing. Instead of making dire predictions for her, why don't we wish her well, especially now at this time of the year? I would tell her that no matter how terrible things may seem right now, I know that happier times await her. She will smile again one day, and even if she can't, I would tell her that I would rather be with her who feeling sad than be with someone else feeling happy.

1410 days ago


Justifying stupidity by using the excuse of"being young and having fun" is only valid once, after that you're just humiliating yourself. Now she's just continually reestablishing the fact that she's simply an idiot and a fool.

1410 days ago


It was a pleasure reading number 74-Delmar and then reading number 75-moegreen. Delmar provided an objective, intelligent, insightful review of Miley Cyrus' recent work in music and Green followed up with the proof of Delmar's argument that the haters haven't even listened before commenting. All Green could come up with was "Chipmunk," in other words, a comment on how he thinks she looks--some advice to Green: trashing the way someone looks doesn't gain you many debaters' points. The fact is that most of these armchair critics have never heard Cyrus sing or play the guitar or piano or seen her act. The fact is that they are mostly hateful rightwing fundamentalists whose only interest in Cyrus is that they can use her as a political football in their quest to turn America into a pathetic imitation of Iran, complete with culture cops out in the streets beating young women for the way they dress and arresting women who dare to act or sing. None of this debate is about protecting children, for the haters it's all about turning back the clock to the middle ages.

1410 days ago


@103, Celebrity Net Worth just revised it's entry for Miley Cyrus. Until just a few days ago it said Cyrus' net worth was $50 million. The revised figure is $120 million. Apparently, all those sexed-up concerts and TV performances, all her new sexier clothing in Walmart and the movies she's making for $10 million each-plus 10 percent of the profits, is making a lot more money for her than playing Hannah Montana ever did. For Hannah Montana, Disney paid her $15,000 an episode. She's shaken off the tween set in the last 2 years and any idiot could tell you that older teens and people in their twenties buy ten times the records and thirty times the movie tickets as tweens and their overprotective parents do. Miley may be embarrassed about the video, probably because her dad is angry about it, but she's got nothing to worry about careerwise. That video is going to turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to her career. The rightwing nuts can rant all they want, but Miley's going to have the pleasure of laughing at them all the way to the bank. My advice to Miley is simple, the best revenge is looking back and seeing your critics making utter idiots of themselves.

1410 days ago


I guess it's true.

Girls just want to have fun.

1410 days ago


@#102, you seem like a kind and caring person. Thanks for that. Among all the venomous comments, it's nice to see someone who is not consumed with hatred. My advice to you is to remember that most of what TMZ "reports" is based on lies, or simply based on stuff they make up without even a single source. They never name their sources. That should tell you something. One thing we do know is that Miley Cyrus has always been close to her mother and father and that has not changed. I'd be willing to bet my life's savings that she has already talked to her dad and apologized for hurting him and tried to assure him that she's not in any real trouble--which she's not. Billy Ray had his own partying days back in the 80s, and I'm sure once he's had some time to put this in perspective, he'll get over it. It's ironic that his oldest son goes online and boasts about smoking pot, which is an illegal drug, and Billy Ray has never lamented that on Twitter! I understand that: I'm the father of a daughter too. But it is a bit sexist.

1410 days ago


Number 99-Cindy is the perfect example of a person who can't tell the difference between reality and a TV show. Billy Ray Cyrus plays Miley's manager on Hannah Montana, but in real life, Billy has never been Miley's agent or manager. Billy has his own busy successful career as an actor and musician and doesn't have the time to be someone else's agent as well. It's a serious indication of the level of intelligence of most of these rightwing Miley critics that they can't tell the difference between real life and a childrens' sitcom.

1410 days ago


Salvia is not illegal everywhere in US yet but it will be soon. The process for doing that takes a long time and studies have shown and proven how harmful this drug is. I hope she f's up her career and learns a real life lesson, that spoiled ho

1410 days ago

Peter Sc    

As long as she doesn't drive before this stuff is out of her system, then it is OK.

As I have said before: Being father to teenagers who happens to be fans of her show, this Salvia thing was discussed, but I convinced them to continue to use alcohol as we know how dangerous alcohol is and it is controlled by the authorities so unwanted stuff doesn't find its way into is.

I continue to be surprised about how easy people are willing to eat pills and smoke stuff they don't know what contains.

People can OD from it - seriously. Alcohol is dangerous too, but when you accept openly that your children drink it and they are not afraid to call police, rescuers and us parents if one falls ill, then they don't die.

1410 days ago

Teressa Everett    

What does blowing hobos mean??

1410 days ago
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