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The Situation Accused of Artwork Heist

12/15/2010 1:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's no "Thomas Crown Affair" -- but The Situation has been accused of jacking a painting of himself via the Internet ... and the artist behind the image is ballistic. 

The artist -- Celeste Gillis -- tells TMZ she contacted The Situation on Facebook last month to tell him she immortalized him on canvas -- and he could either have it for a price ... or credit her art website on his FB page.

Gillis claims The Sitch posted the moob-tacular image on his FB page without doing either (above) ... along with the adding-insult-to-injury caption, "THE MAN THE MYTH THE LEGEND."

Gillis tells TMZ she never asked the Sitch to take down the pic ... because she didn't think he would understand copyright laws. 

No comment from his people.


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Looks like we got a situation!

1377 days ago

Mumbles Slam    

You can not call someone an artist just because they try to be. If this girl is trying to make a living putting out horrific art, then she is going to starve. The painting shows a little skill but it also is extremely amateur, especially for someone trying to make a living doing this. Proportion is off and distorted, composition is non-existent. Subject matter = pathetic. And, obviously, this girl is as dense as her painting's subject matter because anyone who can copy and paste can "steal" her painting.

1377 days ago

Johnny Drama    

Uhhhh, technically, no it is not facebook's property once it's posted on there. From their TOS "You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook," Now, whether or not they actually remove it from their servers when you delete it is a different story.

As lame as he is, the situation has a trademark over his image/name and likeness, and therefore the image cannot be sold for profit unless it is licensed by him.

1377 days ago

Oval Beach    

There is a reason she is a "small time artist" working out of her "studio"...small time is all she will ever be. The thought that an "artist" would pick this putrid "I have spent 5 days TOO long in the femanine napkin disposal box" douche to paint is beyond me. Why wasn't this douche at the Bay County School Board meeting yesterday is beyond me.

1377 days ago


What's wrong with you people? As an artist I would totally freak if someone, especially someone with status posted my artwork without so much as giving me credit. It's just plain rude. Did you see what he wrote about her giving it to him or trying to sell it? He thinks he's too good to pay for things. I think she deserves all the publicity she can get, and good for her in seeking it out.

1377 days ago

Master Po    

Whats comical is she takes a shot at him for not knowing copyright laws. Yet she posts a picture on his VERY PUBLIC WALL. And yet she feels Mike wont understand, thats classic. Its like 2 brain dead dogs just butting heads, one for fame one trying to stay famous.

1377 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

72: Was thinking more of Alice the Goon from Popeye and Gomer Pyle is they mated.

1377 days ago


@JohnnyDrama Thanks...good info. for those that don't know but think they do!

1377 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

73: I am very curious to know if she used a photo to do that painting and if she credited the photographer if it wasn't her own.

1377 days ago


And, yet, here she is, being all 15 minutes.

1377 days ago


That is the most repugnant thing I have ever seen! I wouldn't even wipe my @$$ with it.

1376 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Bubbles has dealt this this mess before. For a job once, we used a painting of a well known 1950's starlet for an advertisement. Before it could be used without violation, the artist had to be compensated but the big catch was that the starlet's estate had to authorised the use of the image and also was compensated. So two people were paid off for the right to use it. Which was done.
This artist should keep her mouth shut before it gets herself into trouble. Especially if she painted the uglyness from some other person's photo.

1376 days ago


You guys keep mentioning copyright on a photo used as reference. Do you have the photo or are you just making it up? I will side with you if you can verify your facts because that would be a valid point.

Also are you seriously defending a guy who's milking every last ounce of his 15 minutes? She'll be around making art long after his career is over.

1376 days ago

Master Po    

He is a millionaire (douchebag) she is begging on facebook. I doubt highly he cares if she is around longer.

1376 days ago


@Bubbles you could teach lissalissa25 and Espy a thing or two!

1376 days ago
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