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Former 'Melrose' Star Indicted In Fatal Car Crash

12/16/2010 6:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Melrose Place" star Amy Locane-Bovenizer has been indicted in New Jersey on charges of aggravated manslaughter and assault by auto following her deadly crash earlier this year ... TMZ has learned.

Amy Locane Indicted
Sources tell TMZ Locane was indicted this afternoon by a grand jury in Somerset County.

As we previously reported, Locane smashed into the side of another car in Montgomery, NJ back in June ... killing the woman in the front seat. Locane told cops she had several glasses of wine before getting behind the wheel.

Locane faces 10-30 years behind bars for the manslaughter charge -- and 5-10 years for the assault by auto charge.

Locane's attorney Blair Zwillman tells TMZ he's "surprised" at the aggravated manslaughter charge, adding, "I don't believe it is supported by the law or the facts and I think it constitutes over-reaching by the prosecutor's office."



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Is she by any chance related to Amy Smart?

Just saying...

1374 days ago


I think you have the wrong picture thats Amy Smart

1374 days ago


What a waste. She was very pretty and Hollywood blackballed her by firing her from melrose place and giving her very small parts in stupid movies. No excuse for driving drunk and killing someone though.

1374 days ago


no, i am not attorney but when someone knowingly drives after that many ****tails who knows she is tipsy...i have no sympathy for her..
not only did she cause an accident, but she killed a person doing so...
IF this manslaughter charge IS overblown, then they should change the law so that the perpetrator can be charged this and committed to prison for those many years for taking a life...

however, i am not sure that this charge will not stick since although there was no intent here, she should have known that driving drunk may cause an accident and still willingly and unlawfully drove causing the accident that kills a person...

so although i do not know the full extent of the law regarding this, for anyone who knowingly drives drunk and causes a fatal accident should be locked up and the keys thrown away!

1374 days ago


OMG i just realized who this girl is...

the only big thing i remember her as the starring role is that stupid movie i couldn't believe Depp starred in "Cry Baby" in the 80's...she looks a bit different in the pic above!

1374 days ago


full story...sort of

1374 days ago


Send her to the slammer with SNipes.

1374 days ago

Patrick Henry

Locane plowed into the passenger side of another car in Montgomery, New Jersey ... killing the woman sitting in the front seat.

The driver of the car was flown to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Locane was arrested at the scene for DUI and taken to a different hospital for treatment.

According to the Prosecutor, Locane was also involved in a minor hit-and-run accident right before the deadly crash.

a) right before the second deadly crash she has hit another car which would make anyone stop driving and call a friend. She is being charged with manslaughter but what about driver who was seriously injured? no charges there or civil and emotional damages that Locane caused?
b) why did it take 6 months to file charges?
c) Some cities have drunk driving programs where you can get a paid cab home, does California? Why didn't she or don't celebs use designated drivers or hire a cab when drinking?

1373 days ago


Whether you're a has been celeb or not, you will go to jail if you kill someone.

1373 days ago


TMZ please stop this. She was not a "STAR" on the show. She was on for one season.

In the future when something like this happens, if they were not a "STAR" don't say they were just to make the story juicier.

Reality actors are not "STARS" either.

1373 days ago


because shes pretty and not so famous, they gonna make an example out of her. The average person would get a slap on the wrist compared to what they tryin to do to this lady. I know she did wrong, but she has rights also. I do not condone drinking and driving, but this is ridiculous.

1373 days ago


Another hollywood star gonna get off.......thats why people pursue acting careers so you can get away with everything....EMBARRASSING

1329 days ago


i am appalled at "how no one knows of this"...where is the publicity? I'm sure daddy"aka Husband" is paying big bucks to keep this low key.....I really hope the victims husband did not make a million dollar deal not to prosecute, because it is very sad to sell your wife out, when actually mr.Seeman you should stand up and protect the rights of your wife...she did not ask to have her life cut the right thing, please.

1291 days ago
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