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Diddy May Be Persona Non Grata After Hotel Fire

12/16/2010 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diddy has some serious 'splainin' to do if he ever wants to stay at The London Hotel in NYC again.

Miyoki Hair On Fire

Sources connected with the hotel say they are meeting today to discuss what happened inside Diddy's hotel room when a model's hair caught fire.  We're told the incident violates hotel regulations and hotel honchos may ban Diddy permanently from the hotel.

Our sources say hotel management knew nothing about the incident until it was posted on Ustream yesterday. 

The London -- the hottest hotel in New York City -- is particularly concerned because it attracts a huge number of high-profile clients, and management wants everyone who stays there to know the hotel is a safe place.

As one hotel honcho fumed, "We are not happy with Diddy."

Miyoki Photos


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Damn, Racial slurs gotta spoil everything for fine, decent black folks....
The first part I agree with the second part I do not. Diddy is not a decent person.

1371 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

@ #18 Queen. Work hard?!? Overcome obstacles?!? You talkin' about DIDDY?!? LMAO.....

1371 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

@ #24 John. Diddy was one of the racial slurs I was referring to. Relax, dude. I already know that anybody who got rich and wealthy on the back of another person, and continued to prosper after their death, is not a decent person...

1371 days ago


I had a friend who died after her hair caught on fire. This woman is lucky not to have been seriously injured or killed. These jacka$$es were running away from her laughing, asking if the camera caught it, instead of trying to help her and make sure she was OK. What a bunch of misogynist pigs! And the party continued on with her still in the tub. Unbelievable! But I guess she could have gotten up and left, and she didn't, so go figure.

1371 days ago


FUNNY!!!! She was tryna b cute n karma cought up too her.... I cant stop laughing!

1371 days ago


This is what happens when you have a cheap busted weave.

1371 days ago


gone @ diddy having to work hard to get where he is

his fame is all based off the fame of biggie and other failed artists that he put on, put an album out and then ****ed them in the end

i have no respect for diddy

on another note:

**** all the racist pricks on here, yall just as lame as diddy

1371 days ago


Hey, you know what this is just plain crazy. You go boy. There are other places that will cater to you and your entourage. As far as I'm concerned this is free advertising for the hotel. Come over to the rez. and we will hook you up. Party on its the Holidays and enjoy the New Year. Just one of your fans.

1371 days ago


Congrats London is full of Nice looking females and you picked a used up horse face one!!!!!!!

1371 days ago


@ Dr Bob: You said "well read the article it took place in London and what does that have to do with NYC"

Clearly YOU'RE the one that didn't read the article because it clearly states, "The London -- the hottest hotel in New York City" Sorry, I guess learning how to read correctly is above for "classy rich folk" like you right?

1371 days ago

So What    

They all think their crap don't stink but ready they are nothing but TRASH with money. The chicks look like sluts and I am sure they have no class only to make $$ with acts of you now. They can BITE ME

1371 days ago


Are you joking???? She by no means is ugly but, hot and model is questionable... Big deal her weave caught fire!

1371 days ago


who cares ?????

1371 days ago

Hate BB This Year    

Well good for the hotel he is a low life, nobody. Gross

1371 days ago


Diddy should learn how to breath properly.....the fool always has his mouth open.
Must be catching fly's...

1371 days ago
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