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Lindsay Lohan's Reps

Think Sam Lutfi

is Harassing Her

12/17/2010 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... Lindsay Lohan's people believe the person who has been harassing Lindsay through text messages and voicemail messages is none other than Sam Lutfi ... the dude who loomed large when Britney Spears was melting down.

As TMZ first reported, Lindsay has been receiving ominous messages from someone who claims to be watching her.  The concern is so great ... honchos from the Betty Ford Clinic are moving Lindsay to a more secure location.

You'll recall, Lutfi was Britney's sole confidant just before she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.  Britney's family believed Lutfi was plying Brit with drugs and taking her down a path of destruction.  Britney's conservators eventually obtained a restraining order against Lutfi.

We've learned Lutfi has been in close contact recently with none other than Michael Lohan. In at least one text Lutfi sent to Lindsay, he falsely identifies himself as "Mike from TMZ" and warns her to distance herself from Dina Lohan. The phone number on the text goes right back to Lutfi.

TMZ spoke with Lutfi, who claims he didn't send the messages. He claims the people who rep Lindsay also repped Britney and they're out to get him. Lutfi claims Lindsay has called him in the past, though sources connected with Lindsay say she doesn't know Lutfi at all.

Sources tell TMZ Lindsay's people have been in touch with Sam, warning him to stay away from her ... or else.


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I thought I had seen the very depth that Michael Lohan had descended into, but no, I was wrong. He has given a statement to x17 defending that creep Sam Lutfi. How can he do that? Lutfi attempts to befriend girls at their lowest ebb and tries to eat off their bones. Look at his shocking influence on Brit! Michael Lohan is defending him? two of a kind, leeches with R/O a plenty against them.

1407 days ago


So here's the sitch: I wrote a book called Running of the Bride. It's pretty good. And I want to publish it. But, as any writer knows, it's uber difficult to catch an editor's attention unless you have a) a platform, meaning a group of people who already know about and support your work or b) a sex tape. In lieu of losing 10 pounds to prepare for the latter, I'm hoping to build traction by strong-arming innocent people into "liking" my Facebook page. Help a sister out, please!

1407 days ago


This guy should have been taken behind the woodshed after the Brit incident. He is one crazy and delusional individual.

1407 days ago


Trying to loose weight? Do what the stars do.

1407 days ago

Throwback kid    

Does anyone know how Sam lufti pays his bills? It seems he wouldn't have time to work a day job because it would cut into his celebrity stalking time. This guy is the next Mark David Chapman, it is only a matter of time before he gets a gun and shoots someone.

1407 days ago


And, who was the guy Lufti was trying to isolate from family and friends? Lufti is a 'Howard Stern' looking for an 'Anna Nicole' to use and abuse.

1407 days ago


Michael Lohan will never be a Jamie Spears and that is what Lindsey needs.

1407 days ago


Michael Lohan defended Sam Lutfi, both douchebags are in it up to their blood soaked eyes.

1407 days ago


If Lindsay would just focus on getting back on the right road, everyone would see that. Once all these people who have, wish to, or plan to enable Lindsay would fall to the curb. Problem soved.

1407 days ago

for now    

If it's true,you got to give good old Sam credit. He doesn't fool around.
He goes right to top. Brit & Lindsay = 2 of the biggest superstars ever.

1407 days ago


Sam Lutfi is more dangerous to Lindsay (or anyone really) than Michael and Dina combined -- her parents' famewh0ring can single-handedly enable LiLo's addiction but also destroy her career and quite possibly help her kill herself with drugs and alcohol. Adding Lutfi to the mix is like getting Saddam, bin Laden and a WMD all mixed together to destroy her. Is there any way that a conservatorship can be set up for Lindsay by people with absolutely NOTHING to gain from her success or failure?

1407 days ago


This sounds like a mind control game from Micheal Lohan. I wouldn't put anything passed him. There's more to the story as to why Dina is so afraid of him. Dina won't even be in the same room as Micheal.

Just keepin it real...

1407 days ago


gloday 1..

Dina, you are so obvious. Why don't you just sign your numerous post with a picture of yourself?

1407 days ago


Is she too dumb to simply change her phone number????
It's all fake duh!!! She is trying to stay in the press.

1407 days ago


michael lohan being the idiot that his is, just confirmed that sam was texting not only lindsay but mike jr about dina and yet continues to defend lufti and attack dina when he should be concerned for his children's welfare.

"I met Sam Lufti via text message, I don't know how he got my number, nor do I know how he got in touch with Lindsay. What I DO KNOW, is that Sam sent Lindsay and my son Michael texts regarding Dina doing the wrong thing." to hollyscoop

makes you wonder if michael is involved with sam in this harassment.

1407 days ago
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