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Michael Vick Ponies Up Porsche for Fiancée's Bday

12/16/2010 5:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick is definitely spending cash like a starting QB -- because the dude just handed over a fully loaded Porsche to his fiancée at her birthday bash in Philadelphia ... TMZ has learned.

Michael Vick Porsche
Sources inside the party tell us Vick's fiancée, Kijafa Frink, celebrated her birthday with a private event at a Philly nightclub ... where guests feasted on filet mignon sliders, imported crab balls, and designer chicken wings (yeah, we don't get it either).

But here's the kicker -- when it was time to open gifts Vick whipped out a brand new Porsche Panamera! Yeah, he dropped $90k on a birthday gift. Baller.

We're told Vick's Philadelphia Eagles teammates LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson were also at the party -- but we're guessing he didn't toss the Porsche keys to 'em the way he tosses the rock.

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the white police officer in Oakland CA that shot Oscar Grant in the BACK while he was handcuffed laying on the ground only got two years in prison with time served!! all the "dog lovers" posting on here should use all their energy and motivation to bombard the police department with emails and phone calls to show how angry you are about a black HUMAN life being lost compared to some animals!!

1376 days ago


PSA to all caucasians: dogs are NOT humans, dogs are NOT your children, they are ANIMALS. chinese eat them as a delicacy. let it go and get over yourselves. I used to work as a service technician and when I politely asked this lady to put her dog away because I did not want to get hair all over my clothes or be licked or for it to jump on me she and her loud mouth along with her smelly dog had to be restrained by her husband or she was not going to have her service restored. EVERYBODY DOES NOT LOVE DOGS LIKE YOU!! **get.it.through.your.heads**

1376 days ago


black people aren't crazy about dogs like white people! where I work I see white family photos with the dog in the picture, the dog at your wedding, the dog sleeping in the bed with you at night in between you and your wife, its really quite ridiculous! I have a white female as my friend on facebook and she posted one day that she woke up to the dog peeing on her, why she would ever admit that to 500 of her facebook friends I never know, nasty ass!!! why is dog fighting so wrong anyway when UFC fighting is allowed besides the fact that a bunch of old white men made dog fighting illegal? have you seen have gruesome and bloody UFC fighting is?? deformed ears, broken nose, putting their opponent to sleep, knocking him out, etc etc etc.

1376 days ago

eff you idiots who didnt watch the draft and dont know the whole story    

Not only is he a s***bag dog killer but he wears a yankee hat and plays for philly wtf

1376 days ago


It's always the case that those with lesser mental and social skills hate animals. They secretly understand that the animals are smarter and more lovable than they are. They can't cope with the realization that society as a whole tends to favor that which is pleasing and appealing and not that which is ignorant,resentful,and brutish. Those losers are the real haterz.

________________________________________________________________ By even posting this comment, you have proven your own point, against yourself...do you live in the US? Have you ever been taught an inkling of world history? What human being would be 'secretly' able to understand that a dog or other non-human animal is smarter than they are, it is idiotic to state. The secret is that you are the one with lesser mental and social skills, which is why you have to communicate with dogs and seek to 'understand' them. To seek a higher level of intelligence and sociability through communication with non-humans sounds groundbreakingly stupid, but have at it genius! You have the nerve to be condescending, when the longest word you've typed is your name...go figure, no I'm sorry, 'Ruff' or 'Woof' I guess (I'm trying to rise to your level of intelleigence and social aptitude)

1376 days ago


Kathleen, thing is he got arrested and served his time so at this point he is certainly free to move on with his chosen profession and make a kabillion dollars if he is able to, just ridiculous that some seem to think he should never be allowed to earn a living again. the judge sent him to jail for 18 months, he went, served his time, now he is free to pursue his career, thats really all I am saying. And wow, he has pursued it very well, probably right now the best QB in the NFL and will be paid probably 12 to 18 million per year when he signs his contract. Other athletes have done god awful things to HUMAN BEINGS and not been treated like michael vick. Kathleen, if you ever did something wrong, would you NEVER want forgiveness? sorry, too many of you are ridiculous.

Woof woof, we talking bout dogs K'leen, not humans, Woof Woof. Time to allow the man to move on with his life. You along with others can quit playing god with the mans life.

1376 days ago


WOW!! all of u must be FREE of ANY kind of transgressions or mistakes or bad decisions! WOW! there are WORSE people playing in the NFL than Vick is; who have faced manslaughter and murder and conspiracy to commit murder who DO NOT repent or even acknowledge they did any kind of wrong. At least he dealt with his consequences and trying to make himself a better person. YOU GO MICHAL VICK!! THROW THAT ISH RIGHT BACK @ 'EM!!!

1376 days ago


Hey LisaStupid, can we have more of your fake links please? He wants another dog and "thinks it would be good for his rehabilitation." Should we give pedophiles like your idol Michael Jackson children so "it could help their rehabilitation along."

Do you not have a problem with somebody who cost creditors millions (I know that's a big number for you to understand.) via a bankruptcy and then goes out and buys $90,000 cars and throws lavish parties. That's MY money he's spending.

I don't care if he's leading in the Pro Bowl voting, he's having a good season and he should be there. The voting is based on performance so I have no problem with that.

While I believe in forgive and forget if you think this guy has changed for one second you're kidding yourself. He may sign a big contract this offseason (nowhere near the numbers you have provided) but that contract will have such a huge morals clause in it because a s***bag like him can't be trusted.

You keep calling it, "just a dog." Obviously you're not much of a pet person. That said kicking a dog is like kicking a baby, there's no difference. Neither one will fight back. This is a guy who held live dogs heads in buckets of water until they drown. He hung dogs, electrocuted dogs and you have no problem with him and think because he throws a ball to a receiver he's a model citizen.

He's a loser and you idolize him because he has money. Most of the NFL is made up of African Americans who are millionaires. You don't know their names because in football the "sexy" position is the QB, RB, DB, CB and WR. These are productive members of society, don't piss away their money, don't kill animals, don't have a family history of being thugs. (AKA Vicks brother is a loser too.)

Keep worshiping and forgiving people because they are "celebrities" because it's pathetic. I think Charlie Sheen is a loser too, guess what he's white. Stop being so blind and stupid. Stop posting, please. I proved my point that you're a fool today. (You didn't even give people the correct Pro Bowl voting numbers but why bother spending all of two seconds to Google things before you post them.) You're a stupid person and don't let anybody tell you different. Mike Vick is not a good person. Good people don't act like Mike Vick, it's that simple and if you can't tell the difference between a good person and a bad one then I suggest you don't leave your home. I know what you are but if I said it my posting account would be cancelled at once. Enjoy your hero.

1376 days ago


Let me say one last thing. You know how you know the difference between a loser athlete and a winner outside of a scoreboard. Ask yourself what would this person be doing if they weren't a NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB star? Seriously look at that and ask yourself what Mike Vick would be doing if he wasn't in the NFL? I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I say he would be in jail. He would be sitting on some porch right now smoking a big blunt laughing it up with his other unemployed homeboys. You want to idolize a s***bag because he has money. Sorry folks, money comes and goes, fame is fleeting at best, character can't be bought. He has no character. TMZ wants to hoodwink a pack of fools into believing that somebody is important. Look at today's "celebrities." What has somebody such as Kim Kardashian done? How about Paris Hilton? Outside of lying on their backs taking the bone what did they do to become popular. What they did is position themselves to appeal to the lowest common denominator in society. They are a step above Jerry Springer guests in my eyes. You have fools on here that idolize these people...for what? I'm embarassed for America sometimes and amazingly people from all over the world fall for this same nonsense. You just don't get it and probably never will. Go look at somebody like David Robinson, that's somebody you can be proud of if you're an African American parent looking for a role model for your child. Mike Vick is not a role model. Don't be fooled because if you're in the spotlight YOU SHOULD BE HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD. These people don't care, they would spit in your face, they just want your money. See how Vick acts now compared to when he just came out of prison, was supposedly humble, needed the money. He's going to piss away every single dollar and I will be once again paying his bills as he burns his creditors once again. A divorce here, an arrest there, alimony and the rest of the "good life" that you worship like a chump. He doesn't care about you, he doesn't care about your kids. Don't play the fool.

1376 days ago

who cares    

Who gives a rat -ss about a sh-t eating dog, when we have terroist living with us. All of you stop crying and get back to the bullsh-t 9-5, that we all have. people crying about a damn dog, but turn around and eat a steak medium rare with blood running out of it, now what the hell is that. Stop trying to control everything and let's all take our med's, like we do in this country.

1376 days ago


I find a lot of sense and great insight in what Lawrence has posted, in relation to the 'helpless' nature of a dog as a victim of the criminal acts Michael Vick was involved with...and especially with the realization that MOST pro athletes are normal humans with normal lives (and more money), regardless of race, ability, or upbringing. However, I believe some people still focus their complete rage for ALL abuses of life and wealth on Michael Vick, and I just question what needs to happen for him to be able to overcome the scary and sometimes overzealous hate that some people have against him. And I'm not on a 'black/white' thing, but a human thing...I find it more cruel and insane to wish death or permanent injury on any person, relative to a dogfighting conviction, but that's just me. I don't know or receive money from Vick, so I only support him returning to football because he's an awesome QB, THAT's IT....and he has proven it, for relatively low pay and being extremely humble. I also support redemption for Roethlisberger, Kobe, Tiger, even Sal Alosi.....it's more human for me to believe that people may not change completely, but can definitely regret their actions. To judge someone because we believe we know whether they 'mean it' or not, is backwards and hypocritical of all humanity.

1376 days ago

who cares    

There's no such thing as a good person, ask the Indians, Slaves. Some folks in this country think they know it all, and don't know jack squat.This is the reason people around the world want to destroy this place. Let's just play nice and keep your opinions to yourself, because just like a butthole, everybody has one.No one here is any better than the other. We all die everyday that we wake up and the dirt napp is right around the corner.

1376 days ago

who cares    

I try not to bring up race, but in this country it will always be here, as long as some folks try to tell others how to think, how to be, how to live, eat, sh-t, or what have you. Just shut up and mind your own darn business. the only haters I see crying are whites. i get it that your dog is family, but it's just another freaking animal that was domesticated. Do you feel the same way about the meat that you eat rare{cow, pig, fish, chicken, lamb. So we all are guilty of the same thing, he just did it in a bad way, WHICH was the smart thing to do. This is not about race, for we all have SIN, and no one sin is any more or less than the other. So let's all chill and fight the enemy

1376 days ago


Michael Vick is the epitome of everything mankind hates about itself, and the fact that the Eagles, a (once) respectable NFL team would dare to hire him after he hung, drowned, bludgeoned and electrocuted dogs that WOULDN’T HARM A FLY makes me lose faith in mankind. Why are people still cheering for him??? He is now a role model to young people because he got away with killing animals and then got paid millions of dollars by Philadelphia so their team can win football games AT ANY COST!!

Makes me sick!! And $90K on a Porsche when he's $20mil. in debt. Real smart guy.....

1376 days ago


Wow….. What jealousy I sense. Especially when he said he was sorry. He isn’t the first person involved in animal cruelty and he won’t be the last. However he did say he was sorry.

Another thing. Do you really think him or his girlfriend really cares what you think. While your sitting there working your 9-5. He is making millions playing a game that he loves. And its money that is helping him get his woman the porch…so don’t hate go for the ride too. hahahahahah

1376 days ago
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