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Michael Vick Ponies Up Porsche for Fiancée's Bday

12/16/2010 5:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Vick is definitely spending cash like a starting QB -- because the dude just handed over a fully loaded Porsche to his fiancée at her birthday bash in Philadelphia ... TMZ has learned.

Michael Vick Porsche
Sources inside the party tell us Vick's fiancée, Kijafa Frink, celebrated her birthday with a private event at a Philly nightclub ... where guests feasted on filet mignon sliders, imported crab balls, and designer chicken wings (yeah, we don't get it either).

But here's the kicker -- when it was time to open gifts Vick whipped out a brand new Porsche Panamera! Yeah, he dropped $90k on a birthday gift. Baller.

We're told Vick's Philadelphia Eagles teammates LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson were also at the party -- but we're guessing he didn't toss the Porsche keys to 'em the way he tosses the rock.

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Crabs have balls? Who knew

1409 days ago


Payback is coming...If you really want to know how evil this monster is read and view pictures of the hell and torture he put those dogs through. Even if you are guetto like this fool you will see how evil this piece of **** is. He has no soul, no heart. It is seriously disturbing. Nothing worse than abuse on defenseless, voiceless innocent animals. Sickening.

1409 days ago


I hate him!!! I hope he goes back to the dog house and stays there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes just a waste of space in this world...

1409 days ago


This man has spent more time in prison than some people that have committed murder. He paid his debt to society and should be left alone.
But come on "Kijafa Frink" sounds like a character in a Jerry Lewis movie.

1409 days ago


DOG KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!

1409 days ago


Wow! Thanks Steve for your comment! So many haters; before you judge others remember the skeletons in your closet! HE/SHE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!

1409 days ago


I don't think I have ever been more disgusted by anyone than this POS. I keep hoping someone will snap his neck during a game. The only report I want to see about him is if he's dead or in pain.

1409 days ago


This piece of **** should be put down! Some people prove that they don't deserve to breathe the air any longer. Yet here he is with all the trappings of wealth and the media pandering to him. Sickening on every level >.

1409 days ago

Buck Boy    

So tacky.
So classless.


1409 days ago


Booooo Philadelphia
Booooo the Eagles
Booooo Vick the torturer/killer
Booooo Roger Goodell

Booooo any fan that cheers for the Philadelphia Eagles while Vick, the dirty Negro exists on this planet! Philadelphia is no good! Rot in hell Vick and the Eagles!

1409 days ago


Good think for Michael Vick, some people do have forgiveness in their heart, guess it comes from being christians instead of just haters like many of you here. Regardless, he has been stunning in his return to professional football. Seems a lot of you forgive killers faster than you forgive Vick of the dog scandal. Yes what he did was god awful, but ALSO yes he has paid his debt to society. And we all have our own opinions, and I for one forgive him and will now enjoy his incredible skills on the football field. And many of you can act like you know Vicks financial status but apparently he can afford 90K gifts. If I was wrong that his contract for 24.5 million is in effect now then gosh ok i'm wrong. But doesn't matter, at the end of this season he will become easily in the top 2 or 3 paid quarterbacks in the NFL.

Michael Vick leads Pro Bowl voting 1½ years after he was released from prison.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback had 729,838 fan votes, nearly 39,000 more than second-place Peyton Manning, the NFL said Wednesday. Manning topped the balloting two weeks ago before being surpassed by Vick.

It's the latest evidence many fans seem willing to forgive Vick for the vicious dogfighting operation that sent him to prison for 18 months -- and embrace his stunning return to NFL stardom.

1409 days ago


Now, on to other juicy stories! haha

1409 days ago


What a shock, no reply from LisaStupid. With Vick having supporters like that though who needs fans. Ta ta stupid.

1409 days ago


I thought I just read a story last week where the guy was buried in debt....I guess the media was just continuing it's "lets feel sorry for Michael Vick who has now found the Lord after killing hundreds of dogs" tour. I never bought it for a second. Tell him somewhere...Lassie, Rin Tin Tin and Snoopy are crying.

1409 days ago


Why is it that if someone who is white disagrees or says something against someone who is black then it's OMG AUTOMATICALLY because he's black. Get over yourselves. I know a ****load of people who are black who thinks this guy is A ****. So now what???? The guys two blocks from me was arrested for running a dog fighting ring about a year ago and I couldn't of been happier that the piece of trash was arrested. He was WHITE. I loath him as well. No wonder some of you can't get past racism...you don't want to. It's an excuse for you to be a victim. You do something wrong and you don't have to take responsibility for it in your own mind because you automatically use that the only reason you got stopped or in trouble or whatever is because you're black. I'm sure some racist ass white person has treated you like **** at some point. Just like some black people have hated on me because I'm white but you'll never be free of racism if you look for it around every corner.

1409 days ago
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