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Playmate Suffering from Serious Staph Infection

12/16/2010 5:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Playboy Playmate Donna D'Errico is in a bad spot right now -- hospitalized with a VERY serious staph infection ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to D'Errico tell TMZ the former Baywatch star has been infected with MRSA -- methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus -- which is very difficult to treat because it's highly resistant to antibiotics.

We're told Donna contracted the MRSA from a relative who was hospitalized in ICU.

D'Errico posted a status update on her Facebook page, saying, "Prayer request - this time for me - a serious medical issue has arisen. Thank you for any and all prayers."

We're told Donna is expected to be hospitalized for at least a few more days.


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Uncomfortable? It's life threatening but doesn't hurt at all. I had it in August. It took two months to get rid of it. They tried many different antibiotics. I got it from my surgery I had from a broken ankle and leg.

It's absolutely deadly.

1373 days ago


You have my prayers. God bless and get better!!! Amen!!!!

1373 days ago


That's what happens when you sleep around.

1373 days ago


Give me a break, a relativily healthy person should not get sick enough to be hospitalized from MRSA. How the heck did she get it from a relative in the hospital unless she was playing in their wound. A lot of people have MRSA and are living perfectly fine lives.

1373 days ago


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1373 days ago


I lost an elderly relative to this - it's nasty stuff. (And unfortunately way too easy for people to get while in the hospital.) My prayers are with her because I've seen this crap in action.

Nice to see people have compassion for others ... especially at Christmas ....

1373 days ago


I have mrsa right now and ive had it for 2 years straight.It is very deadly.I ended up going to the er atleast 10 times because my symptoms got so severe such as not being able to breathe.It also extremely painful.Ive had broke bones before and this mrsa skin condition is much more painful.Im often screaming in pain and painkillers dont antibiotic ive taken helped. Its slowly eating away my life,I cant work because of it.Im also only in my 20s and I had to change my entire life style to try to stay alive such as avoid people when I can, stay away from crowds,Throw out household items that become infected and shower an extreme amount.Its very contagous and its can get sick just by walking by someone who was sick with this 2 years ago.because people become colonized meaning they can be contagous for 5-10 yrs after carrying this after they arent sick usually need some open skin cut for the bacteria to get to you but not all the time.and if it goes to your major organs it can kill you.There is no cure for this, even the most expensive antibiotic dosnt work in a large amount of people with infection has stayed mainly on my skin only, even tho it affected my lungs and brain too because of side effects.The only reason im still alive is because I shower 5 times a day.Ive done desperate things such as spray lysol on my skin, use dishwashing liquid.because the skin is severely infected,and leaking stuff for 2 yrs with scabs.Im really scared and the drs gave up on me and dont know what to do.some of the antibiotics can also make you sicker. I took penicillin type of antibiotics and it actually made the bacteria thing this is stronger.I didnt go near anyones wound and I still got sick from this.I hope I can recover because my whole life revolves around staying home and trying to make sure my skin and joints dont have extreme pain daily.

1373 days ago


also to reply to the comment here again.Healthy young people do get sick from this and die from this.Its killed many regular teenagers and young adult with no other medical problems at all.This bacteria is stronger than anyones immune system.its resistant to antibiotics that can kill anthrax.

1373 days ago


@(arielle) - How do you keep your family from getting sick after 2 years?

Hope you, and D'Errico get better.

1373 days ago


answer to kyle 12. I have to avoid them as much as possible. One relative was actually sick with this years ago and I got sick from them by going near a contaminated object of theirs AND OR By going near them.Ive had to isolate myself and avoid visiting or seeing most of my friends and family members. Also when I am around them I force myself to stay in a seperate room with the door closed.I don't leave anything of mine around,I wear shoes at all times.I dont share anything with others such as towels,laundry,or any other items.
Whats strange is that not everyone that is around the same strain of mrsa will get sick from it,I found that out thats its a certain percent that will get sick in an amount of time.Thats why you will see lets say a household of 5 people and only 2 or 3 will get sick. or someone in a school will be sick and only 10 students will get sick.It has nothing to do with how healthy someone is.I read something about it but I dont know what it was, maybe some gene thing.

1373 days ago


This is a tragic infection, that kills many many people every year, especially diabetics. My uncle died from it. He got it in a hospital, when he was having some testing done. They think he got in a small cut on his toe. He slowly lost entire leg, part of his hip bone, and ultimately his life. My aunt also got it caring for him, she is diabetic, too. She wound up in the Mayo Clinic for almost six weeks. It cost their entire life savings and now my aunt has to live with my cousin because she had to sell her house to pay the bills. This bacteria came about because doctors have been prescribing antibiotics for every little thing, especially when people get viral infections that they want treated to feel better faster, so the docs give them antibiotics to shut them up.

1373 days ago


true its also very expensive maggie. You have to spend so much money because of this, sometimes your life savings.even with health insurance theres still alot of other costs.

1373 days ago


I had it a few years ago. It took six months of various I.V antibiotics, many hospital stays, a home health nurse when I wasn't hospitalized, two open heart surgeries within two months in a fight for my life. I am still so thankful for the very dedicated medical team I had and one of the doctors I will see for rest of life for my heart.

1373 days ago


Dear Donna,
You are in my prayers and I am sending you lots of healing love.

1373 days ago


Google MRSA and Manuka Honey. It is being used in hospitals to kills MRSA when all other antibiotics have failed. You have water it down and even swab your nose with it. No bacteria or virus can survive in Manuka. It's about 45 dollars a jar for the Manuka that is "medical grade" but it is so worth it if you are battling this. Works amazing for getting over cold and flu (again by swabbing the nose which is where the virus replicates) by using it just like you would zycam. If anyone in my family shows any sign of infection we slather the manuka on every cut, rash or bug bite. My husband was in hospital and had eleven surgeries and skin grafting because of MRSA long ago before we discovered Manuka.

1373 days ago
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