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Playmate Suffering from Serious Staph Infection

12/16/2010 5:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Playboy Playmate Donna D'Errico is in a bad spot right now -- hospitalized with a VERY serious staph infection ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to D'Errico tell TMZ the former Baywatch star has been infected with MRSA -- methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus -- which is very difficult to treat because it's highly resistant to antibiotics.

We're told Donna contracted the MRSA from a relative who was hospitalized in ICU.

D'Errico posted a status update on her Facebook page, saying, "Prayer request - this time for me - a serious medical issue has arisen. Thank you for any and all prayers."

We're told Donna is expected to be hospitalized for at least a few more days.


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You don't get this from sleeping around. This is really serious **** though. Hopefully her youth & health wil pull her through.

1371 days ago


I had it. She'll be fine, just keep Nikki Sixx away from her.

1371 days ago


i contracted MRSA in 2003 while i was undergoing chemo. my immune system was garbage and i contracted it when i had a biopsy at a doctor's office.

it nearly killed me. whoever said it doesn't hurt is uninformed. i was deathly ill, ran a high fever for weeks, and was so dizzy and weak i was unable to care for myself and had to move back in with parents as i was unable to get out of bed without assistance.

the chemo, while quite unpleasant, was like a mosquito bite compared to the staph.

1371 days ago

Throwback kid    

Get well soon!

1371 days ago

I Chinee    

I had the same thing about 2 years ago. I was in a lot of pain, hope I never get it again.

1371 days ago


MRSA is actually not that deadly depending on where the infection is. If it is in an open wound it can be more serious, if you are already immunosuppressed then yes it can be deadly. However, a large portion of the population carries this virus with out knowing it. If she got it from visiting a family member it's probably being carried in her nostrils (where most people carry the virus), which is not deadly unless she already has a suppressed immune system. It is however extremely difficult to get rid of.

1371 days ago


My mother contracted MRSA and it caused her kidneys and liver to fail, resulting in her death this past October. Reading this article reminds me of that, so I send my best wishes to anyone who has it.

1371 days ago


So much reckless misinformation here. The only antibiotics that will kill a MRSA (methycillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus strain of potentially deadly bacteria) are the last -line drugs such as Synercid and Vancomycin. Yes, MRSAs are everywhere in the environment and can be washed off with good hygienic practices. Once they become established in a human body, you will need either a superhumanly healthy immune system and incredible luck or last-line antibios to eliminate them.

Who is this reckless Joyce who recommends ridiculous quack homeopathic remedies?!? Research has verified again and again that homeopathy is sheer bunk and of no better use than placebo.

MRSA can KILL you. It is an equal opportunity killer, too; there's no way to predict who will recover.

1371 days ago


I ended up with it several yrs ago. Deadly...not really an uncomfortable skin disorder. I never had any sores on my skin, was in my bloodstream. Had 8 cardiac arrests in 4 hrs on first day in the hospital. Drs had said they would be suprised if I made it through the night. Basically had eaten a hole in mitral valve and threw clots all over the body causing a stroke, 3 P.E.s, lost both legs above the knee and valve replacement.

1371 days ago


There is a difference between Hospital-Acquired MRSA (HA MRSA) and Community-Acquired MRSA (CA-MRSA) as far as far as complications, prognosis, etc. Report by Kaiser in 2007 indicated that about 1.2 million hospitalized patients have MRSA, and the mortality (death) rate was estimated to be between 4%-10%. Those who get CA-MRSA have a far less risk of complications as long as they comply with treatment and don't require hospitalization. Complications from MRSA can occur in almost all organ systems; the following is a listing of some that can result in permanent organ damage or death: endocarditis, kidney or lung infections, necrotizing fasciitis, osteomyelitis, and sepsis.

There is, according to Mayo Clinic, a higher incidence in MRSA infection in people practicing male on male sex. (

Also-proper hand-washing and good hygiene are EXTREMELY important in preventing the spread of this infection.

1371 days ago


I work in a hospital and MRSA is not a skin condition, you can get in wound or in your narse and groin, lots of people have it. You dont know you have it till you go to the hospital and get swabbed for it. so who ever said that they're screaming in pain from it, needs to get some help cause you dont feel the sypmtoms of MRSA, since like i said its not a skin condition and im sorry but i think that D'errico having it is not news worthing, all shhe needs is the rigt combo of antibiotics and she'll be fine, 80 years olds get this and they turn out just fine. MRSA sounds scarier then it really is.

1371 days ago


what's the big damn deal? i had MRSA. started as what i thought was a spider bite, became a puss sore (gross, i know). my primary care drained it, gave me some antibiotics, and everything was fine. no hospitals, no surgery. they're over hyping this up for publicity. and those of you that have made comments assuming this is some sexually transmitted disease, get educated or shut your useless mouth.

1370 days ago


You can get Staph infection if you are healthy. I love how a lot of you people all the sudden think you are Health experts. My friend got MRSA from a nursing home during clinical. Anyways, I hope Donna gets better ( and whoever else is suffering from this).

1370 days ago


Our prayers go out to you Donna, God Bless you and yours

1369 days ago


My husband has had MRSA for 5 years,he used to go to the hospital quite alot for treatment. But about 3 years ago he started taking Cat's claw and he hasn't had to go to the hospital since. He feels the symptoms coming on then he just takes one Cat's claw, i hope this information helps some people.

1369 days ago
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