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TMZ Live: Miley, Mel, Diddy & Hulk Hogan

12/16/2010 7:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Charles hit all the big topics today on TMZ Live -- including Lindsay Lohan's possible stalker, Miley Cyrus' bong excuse, and a change in the Mel/Oksana custody agreement.

We took your questions on everything today -- including ...

- New TMZ Live features
- Michael Vick wanting a dog
- Mel & Oksana's new custody agreement
- Cameraman in the Hulk Hogan wedding brawl
- Brody Jenner's apology to Joe Francis
- Man stealing $1.5 million in chips from the Bellagio
- Rapper Waka Flocka's house raided
- Top celeb-spotting places in L.A.
- Sexual assault charges for the Wikileaks honcho
- Model at Diddy's party catching fire
- Lindsay Lohan's alleged stalker
- Miley Cyrus downplaying the bong video
- Winona Ryder's anti-Mel GQ interview
- And ... the Kardashians' Kreepy Khristmas Kard!

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Both Harvey and his co-hosts MUST stop repeating EVERY thing they say, over and over, and over................

1383 days ago


It might be good to have one of your Sony TVs somewhere close to you so you wouldn't have to do the thing on a separate screen. I think they do that now on other talk shows. I'd be cool to have pages with photos and topics you could slide by with your hand like you can with an ipad when you turn do***ent pages.

Having the interruptions for phone calls or whatever is annoying. Are you doing the show or not? Life can probably go on for a few minutes without the random interruptions. If you bring in a guest to talk about something, that makes sense. It's just all the other random I-really-should-to-be-somewhere-else stuff that sometimes gets out of hand. News flash! You guys aren't working in an ER.

It was fun when you looked out of the window and talked about the weather or have random stuff like the snow globe or a health bar to talk about. It feels more conversational and less like a formal "news show" when you make it more friendly...which is a good thing. It's nice with a random top of mind format.

It's good when it has the feeling of people talking or goofing around the office at work. You guys are somewhat like TV show "The Office" except it's "real" PR/marketing/celebrity life. I guess that's the point of TMZ isn't it...a bunch of people gossiping.

1383 days ago


One more could have a TMZ Book Club. Harvey you could present the latest celebrity news/bio book every so often on TMZ Live. Introduce it, give people time to look it or read it, and then have the author on or just sit around and talk about it.

Like Oprah's club, but the junkier nonfiction version of it. Good opportunity for people to expand their useless celebrity gossip knowledge...or whatever.

1383 days ago


Should Mike Vick be allowed to own another dog? To answer that question, I ask you: Should Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, Darlie Routier or Casey Anthony have more children? Should the Menendez brothers get new parents? Should we allow pedophiles to have a second chance and become school teachers, child bus drivers, YMCA workers? I mean, they did serve their time. Do second chances go all around or only to Vick because he can throw a football? Which he probably got practice with by throwing dogs................

1383 days ago

Grace Witness    

That Keith versus Our Guy thing.

Here is the thing. You shot yourselves in the foot. The KEY thing in TV is the eye. Keith's piece was short and crisp, because you spent most of the time filming HIM (and laughing). When it was Our Guy's turn, we the viewers did not see Our Guy at any time! But what we did see (or NOT want to see) was his OUT-OF-FOCUS camera eye. Our Guy was so confident of creaming the opposition (Keith) that he failed to have his camera in focus, with the unfortunate effect that WHATEVER he was saying was NOT listened to. The viewer (me) only wanted Our Guy's piece to be OVER as it was a strain on the eye and a distress to the brain. That is what I felt and that is why I myself voted 'Keith'. No contest. It was actually a pleasure to reward the crisp short simple and humourously amateur piece by Keith (largely filmed by A.N. Other) as opposed to the visual torture one had to endure at the hands of the confident but OUT-OF-FOCUS Our Guy. I hope that this may help Our Guy for the future, because Keith was patently useless. Who can walk backwards like that anyway?

1383 days ago


I say late-night talk-show host Craig Ferguson would be an outstanding candidate to guest-host the TMZ TV show. He's funny as hell, he knows all the celebrities because he lives there and has them on his show

1383 days ago


Hello tmz family, how does mike feel about sam lufti's comments regarding himself as 'mike from tmz' in his threatening text messages to lindsay? he's always said how much admiration he has for her! who's paying for lindsay's betty ford treatment?

harvey just wanted to tell you how much i adore tmz, such a fantastic site and with the legal aspect it has really inspired me to study law next year at uni, all the best keep up the fantastic work!!

happy holidays :)

1383 days ago


Ryan Seacrest was in the Kardashian's 2009 christmas card.

1383 days ago


I don't know if this has been asked, but why is the WikiLeaks guy(accused) more of a problem, you know warrants, jail, extridition, etc. to the "world";then people already convicted of worse crimes i.e. Polanski?

1383 days ago


You asked what we want to see and how we want to see it. Harvey, I want to see you naked. Every day.

1383 days ago


Man, am I loving TMZ - I watch the tv show, read the site and watch TMZ Live - you are all so entertaining I can't get enough. I'm amazed at how jazzed Harvey is, how psyched he is about everything - the show is not the same when Harvey is away!

Re: the new changes: I liked that the new TMZ Live was not broken up into 10-minute increments until I discovered I couldn't fast-forward through what I already watched if I left the page - and you give us a lot to click on and leave the page now.

Also, in the polls I prefer seeing the number of people that have already voted, because the percentage of people who have voted determines the legitimacy of the results to me - if it's under 10,000 people it's one thing but if it's 50,000+ it means more.

1383 days ago


Did you know Jordan Chase from Dexter- Was once married married to Angelina Jolie.

1383 days ago


What was the name of the candy bar you were talking about last week that is suppose to be healthy?

1373 days ago
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