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Waka Flocka Search Warrant -- Guns, Gangs & Ganja

12/16/2010 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the search warrant executed during a police raid at rapper Waka Flocka's Georgia home this morning -- which cops claim turned up drugs, guns ... and ended in at least two arrests.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, cops were on the lookout for "marijuana, articles, pictures, and communications relating to gangs and gang paraphernalia."

Cops tell TMZ, they ended up finding marijuana, prescription drugs, and two firearms. We're told Waka wasn't home at the time but another rapper Gucci Mane was handcuffed at the scene -- and eventually freed.

Cops say two other men in the house were arrested and charged with possession of less than an ounce of marijuana.

As for Waka -- law enforcement sources tell us they confiscated the guns -- a Kel-Tech .223 caliber sub gun, and a Taurus .40 caliber semi-automatic -- as well as prescription drugs from his house.



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Yeah thats what I was thinking good burger and I think I seen him on holes and the nickelodean channel back in the day!

1409 days ago


Hey rick you make this guy look like a valedictorian,with your retarded raciest remarks!

1409 days ago


Who? Never heard of him. What a LOSER! I feel sorry for his mother.

1409 days ago


Wow check out all of the racist comments.... Those of you who base your judgements of Africa- Americans solely on what you see in the media and in entertainment are just as ignorant as Waka Flaka... Please understand he gets paid to be a coon dancing a jig on a national stage for you.. Most black people think he's retarted and dont like any of his music. Your children are the one's listening to this garbage. Please be aware of the stupidity that you spew. ~~~Educated Black Woman~~

1409 days ago


While it does seem he probably is a POS-making racist remarks is just not cool. His idiotic behavior is a reflection of his bad judgements-not the color of his skin. I would say its safe to call him a moron, idiot, looser, trash, etc-but no need to be calling him a monkey or the ever horrible N word.

1409 days ago


To Number 12 - dustin - Where did you come up with those figures, at a Klan ralley?

To # 23 - rick - You are an ignorant racist that can't even spell the hateful crap you spew out. It's COON. Get your uneducated ass back to school.

To #26 - MiMi - You must really hate yourself, because the only Ni66er here is you.

I'm hoping TMZ will pull your posts soon and people will not get to see the stuff I'm complaining about.

1409 days ago


"90% sell crack, do crack, or in jail. 5% play sports and entertain us. 5% are decent and educated like the Pres."

This guy is a "POS" for sure, but (in my opinion), 90% of black people are decent. Just like 90% of white people, and all other races. There is always a fringe "element" of losers of all races out there.
Education is another issue, but that is very subjective, and I don't know the stats, but ones lack of "education", does not make a person "bad" or unworthy of respect. Most of the "simple folks" are also, kind, have good hearts and intentions for themselves, and their loved ones and just trying to make their way like anyone else.

Racism is BS, and has no place in any meaningful dialogue.

1409 days ago

So What    

Hey #2 your so full of **** you make me laugh. Henry County Policeman. it mush of been your house you bone head. This guy is just like all the others who want fame. LOSER

1409 days ago


There is a nipple exposed on one of the pics it need to be covered with a star or blurred...not a pretty sight

1409 days ago

billy mayhem    

is that the kid from good burger? no seriously, who is this? is tmz taking side money to promote this guy?

1409 days ago


Keenan: Who loves Orange Soda?
Kel: I do I do I do oooooooooooooo!

1409 days ago


Why don't police routinely search convicted felons homes for guns and drugs. They really should not even need a warrant to do it. Seems like every rapper has guns and drugs every time they are searched and the last time I looked both things were illegal especially for felons. Get the ILLEGAL guns off the street, then the rest of us won't have to be armed to go to the mailbox.

1409 days ago


Whoa! What!? The dude with neck and hand tats had pot and guns in his pad? Shocking! I'm not sure who I respect less in this thing; this ridiculous douche or the cops who thought it was a worthwhile endeavor. Way to take less than an ounce off the street, heroes. Go find a meth lab or something.

1409 days ago


....Damn!!! So now One-Time is kicking down doors for prescription drugs and a couple weed seeds???

And as for the two pistols, most states allow home owners and/or renters, to have firearms inside their private residences.

What did the warrant stipulate???

Search Warrant---Physical Search Warrant to be carried out at 12856 Negro Lane, in the County of Hoodland, State of (fill in your own most hated Southern State) here......... Hereby, Search Warrant is to be carried out, between the hours of when ever you get there, to when ever you leave.

Upon entrance of said dwelling, Law enforcement officers, are subject to detain every and any negro found at above stated address. And to do with such detained Negros, whatever, wherever, whenever, preferably without benefit of counsel, and definitely off camera and/or all recording devices.

Singed by Circuit Court Judge
Beauregard Lynchanegro

LOL--Taxpayer revenue at its best......Artofwar

1409 days ago


what a comedy cops bust... the guy they're trying to nab isn't home, or the cops thought he was there because they saw "a black guy" (too stupid to distinguish a person's features) entered the house.

of course he's going to deny that any of the cache found was his (as well he should, since the fu**ed their raid) and he'll go into hiding.

California justice system is star struck and Georgia's is just plain stupid.

1409 days ago
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