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Cops Raid Waka Flocka's House, Gucci Mane Cuffed

12/16/2010 2:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... a gaggle of cops raided rapper Waka Flocka Flame's Georgia home this AM on suspicion of prostitution -- and Waka's mom tells us, fellow rapper Gucci Mane is in cuffs.

Law enforcement sources in Henry County tell TMZ, cops are investigating possible prostitution.

Waka's mom tells us, cops are also looking for evidence of gangs and drugs, though we have not been able to confirm this with law enforcement.

Our law enforcement sources say cops found marijuana and weapons.

According to neighbors, there are still four cop cars parked outside.

We're told Waka (left) is not there -- and his mom tells us, if he doesn't show up soon ... cops will issue an arrest warrant.

UPDATE: We're told Gucci Mane has since been let go. Waka is still AWOL.


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Oh cool I will get to see and hear them every week on LOCK UP Maximum Security. Love that show.

1374 days ago


This may surprise you, American Pie but all rappers and black people are not from the ghetto. And sib, Snoop, IceT and Jay-Z have all made something of themselves. In fact, Jay-Z could buy all of us. I see nothing barbaric about that.

1374 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

who the hell ARE these people? And why do we care? Seriously !!!!!?

1374 days ago


It's funny how white people are so critical of others and so forgivin of their own. You people idolize rockers like Ozzzy Osbourn, Led Zeplen , Metalica, Gun and Roses just to name a few , you make them rich, buy their albums, t-shirts, bumper stickers , when all they have showed you and your kids is a life of debotchery and drugs and womanizing, but thats ok. Although they do more drugs,buy more prostitutes and worship the devil like no other. Charlie Sheen Chokes a prostitute and goes crazy on drugs in a hotel room, a public place mind you, not his home, where these rappers where. And he is the highest paid actor on television. I never saw any comments like " Animals" in reference to him on this sight. You people are racist and hypocrits and need to really check your own culture before you go and talk about these young men they way you have. Last time I checked this was america and you were allowed to have a gun in your home, Marajuana is the biggest cash crop in the country, and it definately aint young black men comsuming it all, we only make up 13% of the whole population, so You tell me who's the real drugs users. And the prostitution thing was just a setup so the police could gain entry into the house. I bet no prostitution charges are even filed in this case. This is just a case of profiling something we deal with in the black community everyday. These people weren't out commiting crimes, they were having a party on private property like all rockers do. You guys would be screaming violation of civil rights if it happened to you! Wake up America...the example white america has set in this country is far worse than anything some rapper can do......YOur just upset that your kids idolize these young black men and are making them rich....So if there is a problem, it's with your parenting. These are the things your kids value......Karmas a Bi*%! aint it!

1374 days ago


Who, or what the hell is a Waka Flocka????

1374 days ago


"Made something of themselves?" By getting WHITE suburban teenagers to buy their albums? Only for them to grow out of them 5 years later once they GROW UP? All of them have violent criminal pasts, that's my point. Rapping while using a vocabulary of an elementary school child and getting braindead drones on MTV and TMZ to kiss your a$$ isn't what most people consider "making something of themselves." It's more like being lucky as hell since there are millions of equally uneducated, would-be-thug idiots trying to do the same thing.

1374 days ago


"man yall need to stop hatin on gucci he makes more then wud a lot of ppl would in a life time in just one day"

And what does the idiot do with it??? Is it getting saved for later in life, is he donating to charity, is he furthering his education...oh, that's right, that's not G.

And when he and the other fool are 60 yr old nobodies, they will be the poster children for stupidity.

1374 days ago



1374 days ago


these 2 guys are fools but they get great production

these comments make you all sound like sheltered middle aged white people, I hope all of you are trolling

1374 days ago


"make a million before you make a comment" Best Line Ever.

1374 days ago


Waka is hiding out with the Muppets in Manhattan. He sure seems to love that tacky azz Fozzie Bear necklace!

1374 days ago


Why are so many people on this story saying who is this? I came here because i know who he is and wanted to read the story. Get a life losers. Anyways, rappers should really know better than to live the life that they may have lived before after they start being in the public eye. There are cops watching them and waiting for an easy and HIGH PROFILE arrest. Im sure many rock/country/pop stars do drugs but with rappers constantly talking about it they will definitely be targeted more.

1374 days ago

Gucci Jr.     

i just wish people would leave Gucci mane alone, they always trying to throw him in jail, and i really look up to hiim, i really do, and now they trying to throw him in jail, he just got out of jail good, people just cant stand him, bt i will always look up to him no matter what. im out

Gucci Jr.

1373 days ago


Is his name really Waka Flocka Flame? That's super flamin'! What the hell does that even mean anyways?

1373 days ago


Making millions with a degree that you earned is "making something of yourself." Getting rich from "rapping" is like winning the lottery. The sun shines on a dog's a$$ once in a while. The fact they will be as broke as a joke and on foodstamps before they hit 30 doesn't really make the case for all the "haters of haters" on here posting nonsense.

1373 days ago
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