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Neil Patrick Harris

Calls Actor 'A D-Bag' on Twitter

12/17/2010 1:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Neil Patrick Harris is seriously ticked off at soap star Eric Braeden -- NPH took to his Twitter page to call the soap star a "D-Bag" after he claims Braeden bailed on filming "How I Met Your Mother."

NPH went on to say that Ray Wise took on the role instead.

A rep for Braeden had no comment.


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First of all, when you consider that, even if you don't like soaps, the actors do 5-1 hr episodes a week with no hiatus that's a lot of work.

However, if Braden agreed to do the show then decided it wasn't substantial enough, then I may have to agree with NPH.

1415 days ago


Honestly, celebrities need to stop twittering about every inane thought that crosses their little brains. No one gives a **** if NPH thinks Eric Braeden is a DBag. So he didn't feel like doing the show, so what? Who cares? Throw in any other actor to take the role and move on. Is is any of NPH's business what EB does with his life or career? Good grief.

1415 days ago


Molotov highlights a good point:
It seems Twitter is now the electronic version of "run home to mama"
Any small dissension, disagreement, jab, offense and these "stars" jump onto Twitter to let the world know they've been slighted. Seems like they need the blessing of the Twitterati to make them feel good in denouncing the offense!

1415 days ago


A homosexual calling anybody else a d-bag is as creepy as a homosexual being proud to be a homosexual.

1415 days ago


He's always been that way, thinks he is better than anybody else. As far as I can see How I met your mother is better off without him

1415 days ago


Couldnt agree more, Eric B is the most pompous and arrogant mothereffer i have ever met. he actually thinks anyone gives a rats ass about him. also, he sucks at tennis!!!!!

1415 days ago


Ray Wise is way ****ing cooler anyways!

1415 days ago


Slow "news" day, TMZ?

1415 days ago


Who the **** is Eric Braeden? Let's get some Max Casella action up in this thing.

1415 days ago


Eric Braeden has legions and generations of fans who enjoy his work. nph has some fluff tv shows.
I actually thought I liked nph, but he has shown his lack of class by his bitchy public rant.
Too bad, not good for the rep, nph.

1415 days ago


For what it worth Eric Braedon is a has been and should be lucky to get this part.

1415 days ago

go home!    

Wow Sammi, you are an idiot and obviously don't know much about acting or Braedon's credits in the industry.

NPH: Very, very, tacky for you to do to a fellow actor. Have you never changed your mind about a part after you saw a script?! Braedon deserves more than a cameo in my opinion...what a waste of his time.


1415 days ago


What a bunch of homophobic *******s you are. If you think NPH is an ******* that's all fine and well, but his sexual orientation doesn't have anything to do with. Says more about you more than him.

1415 days ago


Too many homophobes on this site. Must be Republicans!

As for NPH, we weren't there. Maybe Braeden actually stated that the part was not "substantial" enough for him. What the heck does Braeden think a 'CAMEO' is? I've heard that Braeden has a huge ego and feels he is Y&R. Considering Braeden's 50 years compared to 22 years of acting for NPH, NPH is more versatile and talented and has surpassed Braeden in achievements.

Maybe NPH used less than stellar language, and tact should have been considered, but Braeden, who everyone so far in these comments thinks is above reproach, should have realized what the role was before accepting it. I'd be mad if someone quit just prior to filming! Again, what did he think a cameo was? He did the role before, he should realize that the story wasn't going to revolve around him! Old adage applies, 'there are no small parts only small actors'. Even at 6'1", Eric Braeden can now be considered a small actor!!!!

1415 days ago


Eric Braeden is a pompous ass and should have known if the role was up to his "standards" before he even said he'd take the role. I'm sure he thought the show would revolve around him, like the rest of his life!

1414 days ago
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