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Ronnie from 'Jersey Shore'

Indicted for Punch

12/17/2010 5:22 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ronnie Ortiz from "Jersey Shore" was indicted by a grand jury today in Ocean County on an assault charge stemming from a fight that went down during season one of the show.

Ortiz was charged with one count of third-degree assault ... punishable by up to five years in state prison. The alleged incident went down September 4, 2009 in Seaside Heights, NJ.

Sources tell TMZ the reason it took so long to charge him was because both sides were trying to reach a plea agreement, but couldn't. We're told a plea still could happen down the road.

The guy on the receiving end of the alleged punch, Stephen Izzo, has a pending lawsuit against Ronnie, MTV, and the producers of the show.

A rep for Ronnie tells TMZ, "This comes as a complete shock to us, as far as we know, our attorneys have been in contact with the prosecutors office and we are waiting to see the documents."


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Can't wait 2 push in ma candy stick in2 youz rectal cavity biotch! Me n mah homeboyz are waitin for your sweet tanned perky azz to ***mz and visit uz in da big house! Gonna be be a long nite, we all linezup to taste that preety sweetz guido azz!! U gonna be mah sweet biotch boi!!! I bet you can squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee! ...

1402 days ago


what a punk,let's see how tough he is in a jersey jail!!!
instead of jersey shore ronnie will be the new JERSEY WHORE!!!
he will be dropping the soap regularly,
enjoy your stay pal!!!

1402 days ago

Denise Weber    

Ya know - I watched that episode so many times, i have to tell you - that guy was taunting Ronnie like crazy..followiing hin down the boards talking ****, seriously egging him on, Everyone has their limits, and to me, the db did deserve it! I think the db saw $$ signs and 15 min fame signs and did it on purpose. Now - our f'd up legal system willno doubt award him millions of $$ just for being a db!! Good for Ronnie - sorry, but the dude deserved it!

1401 days ago


Ronnie did not start the fight so why is he in trouble for fighting back?

If you do not start the fight are you than suppossed to do nothing ?.
That punk deserved what he got and should be thankfull he was not in another neighborhood with different people .
Though I doubt the punk would run his mouth off than.

1400 days ago


It's a reality show. Well lets see how real it is put his ass away and then cancel the show and all future reality tv shows.

1398 days ago

stay (sic) x666    

haha. thats one shot kid. thats one shot.

1397 days ago


The Jersey Shrore are a bunch of wannabes-italians. not one of these no talent whores-man whores have enough italian blood in
their chilean-hispanic origins to be real european italians.
It's sad how talent now is pornagraphic with no morales or beauty snookie looks like she fell off a turnip truck out of tj.
stop falling down drunk and making out knowing your parents are
watching the show. dugh If you have half a brain you will save
what little money you have before your selling crack. Get an Education and some morals.

1382 days ago


LOL did he fist pump someone in the face??
Hey ! did you guys ever listen to this guy DJ Vanzetti ? He has this album out called From staten island to the jersy shore.. its pretty good actually.. lol and one of the songs is called Pump ur fists!
haha its hot actually take a look
im sure u can google the guy DJ VANZETTI .. lol I found him on itunes.

1382 days ago


ronnie is nothing but a spoiled punk. i'll like to see him in bully beat down to see how bad he really is

1166 days ago


i cant believe how big of a pssy whipped dude ronnie is and stop crying like a btch all the time i never seen no grown az man cry so much for a whore like this dude. and deena looks like robin williams . damn she is ugly

1156 days ago


What a bitchboy that Stephen Izzo is. The *** acts all tough, gets KTFO as a result, then cries to the cops and sues. I get that everyone is trying to rip off everyone for any penny, but you Stephen had it coming, man up. How much of a *** can you be? You thought you were hard, you got your ass kicked, walk it off.

1152 days ago
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