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TMZ Live -- 'Jew Not a Jew' Rematch!!

12/18/2010 10:55 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Special TMZ Live today!! "Lawyer Friday" was hijacked by Eli Roth -- who showed up unexpectedly to challenge Harvey to another round of everyone's favorite annual game ... "Jew Not a Jew"!!!!

It was close last year -- Eli won by a nose. See what happens this time around ... because it comes down to the wire.


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Boring as h8ll, couldn't even finish watching.

1383 days ago


I gotcha all to buy in to it I really do not think this way at all to me all men are equal , the guilty ones here are harvey and his gang, i was repeating the thoughts and ideas of Archie Bunker and you Bought it .I happn to respect all walks of life and all religions , but I wanted to hear what you would say when i wrote what some think and and have to hide behind sheets to think and say it if anyone on this whole site made any sense it was number 47 Sam . maby harvy will realize that all find this so called sick game offensive and stop it as it in its own right Racist . Bill, but I am curious how certain groups cane make fun of them selves and its ok , but if another race does. everyone gets upset , perhaps its time to stop these silly games and just learn to love one another . merry Christmas to all

1383 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Ah but bill, I don't see any reason at all for Harvey to stop his game! So what if we don't find it funny? Many do.

And so what if Mel used words that no one else liked or thought funny? He probably did find them ok or funny.

Harvey should NOT be shunned because his sense of humor differs from your or mine or others.
Mel should not be shunned, crucified because his sense of humor is different from others either.

ACTIONS that speak louder than words.

Freedom of Speech for ALL, not just some.

1383 days ago


I love these Jew not a Jew games. Very fun to see Harvey so happy and boyish during these games. What a cutie pie eli is! Add mike or charles to the mix next time and it would be perfection.

1382 days ago


So, "Jew/Not a Jew" is akin to "Black/Not a Black" game. Would it be politically correct for a two blacks to be sitting around guessing on the possibility that people have black blood? If that's not racist...

Harvey should apologize for this game, or else get off his high horse about racism and homophobia (and meat-eating, for that matter)!

1382 days ago


"Being Jewish does NOT give a Jew special 'rights' or freedoms, an immediate pass from all offensive. Just like Blacks don't get a pass on using 'N*gger' or Whitey or Goy or any other slur" Sam

Sam get a grip, I hear black people calling other black people the N word ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Lighten up, it's just a game, no insults were thrown out. Lighten up.

1382 days ago


I'm jewish and I just kept wondering why two jewish guys would see the fun of "outing" other people as jews or not. It seems like being jewish for them would give them the right to use others to establish their own identity. Do you feel that you're jewish because you are able to tell if someone else is or isn't? It seems to me that you're both really off track.
I regretfully say as a european jew that this is not uncommon amongst jews, we have been tainted throughout history and now we are doing it to ourselves. Really sad.

Harry and Eli, why not focuss on yourselves and figure out what being jewish really means, instead of turning it into some dangerous game where you involve others who haven't asked for it at all?

1382 days ago


Reading these comments and the viciousness in them is exactly why many of our families played the "Jew not Jew" game. As a child there was not a day I did not get picked, spat on and daily taunted and pushed in school because I was Jew. In fact the only Jew in my school. Being half Jewish my father (not the Jew) wanted me to fill that I was not alone, so if I admired someone he would always say Jew or not Jew. It made me stop being ashamed of what I was but proud. When you are young it is all celebrities, as you know nothing else. But knowing the cast of Bonanza, Star Trek, Harrison Ford, Paul Newman and on and on were Jews made me not feel alone. It took away being 8 years old spat on by a group of boys and knocked to the concrete and screamed at "dirty jew" and when I went for help to the nuns (I was in a Catholic School) I was told Jews Killed Jesus . . . meaning I deserved it. So before you judge us as a people and this simple game we play. Realize it is only a way of connecting and knowing we are not alone! A nation of so few people generates so much hate for most of you - our only crimes - we believe in education, culture, family and hard work - or and our greatest crime Jesus was a Jew!

1382 days ago


Does anyone know what Harvey meant when he said Eli knew the first young woman was a Jew because of some "Jewish code"? I can't even begin to figure out what he's referring to.

1382 days ago


good point Alex, hadn't thought of that angle and I didn't know it was a common game played. interesting.

Some of the comments if I said them would label me the name of names though.

1382 days ago


luv this segment!!!!!!!!!!!!

1380 days ago


pink - not a JEW... she has desecrated her body with tattoos...not a jew...may have been born one but not any more.

1376 days ago
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