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Lindsay Lohan -- Scared of 'Psychotic' Photog

12/18/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan knows the drill dealing with paparazzi -- but one photog has Lindsay scared stiff.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... there's a photog who drives around in a Prius with tinted windows -- who follows her everywhere she goes, running up to her car and yelling at her every time her car comes to a stop.

We're told the pap seems to live outside Lindsay's digs -- he's there everyday and doesn't miss a beat when Lindsay ventures out.

Lindsay is convinced the pap is "psychotic."

Lindsay is so upset, she's asked her lawyer to go to court and get a restraining order against this pap and several others, but so far nothing's been filed in court.

And the paparazzo isn't Lindsay's only headache. Honchos from the Betty Ford Clinic moved Lindsay to a more secure facility because of harassing text messages and phone calls.


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she brought this 2 her self

1375 days ago


Poor thing. Not only does Blohan look like a 40 year old bag lady, she is still hallucinating from all of the bad drugs in her system. Kids, remember - DRUGS ARE BAD!

1375 days ago


Isn't she the psycho? Look in the mirror you washed up druggie.

1375 days ago


#15 Brendon you are a loser. Why would you care about someone who doesn't care about herself? You are funny and stupid making threats in writing. I guess the cops won't have to go far if any Paps. end up in the hospital. You are the pervert how long have you "cared a lot for Lindsay". She was a teenager a few short years ago.

1375 days ago


Maybe its a star whacker? Lohan can go join the Quaids in that one!

1375 days ago

Make it stop    

Then STOP calling them when you're out and about. What a loser.

1375 days ago


When she gets out I wonder if she'll go back and help the people at the homeless shelter by giving them autographs again.

1375 days ago


Oh boo hoo, if she doesn't like it than get out of the fvvcking industry, h thats right she loves the attention and mama Dina needs more money.

1375 days ago


To hell with this spoiled little bitch. I pay for the consequences of my actions and I have no sympathy for her because she gets away with anything. She deserves everyting she gets and more. Myself and people around me have real problems like losing jobs homes and cars. **** u lindsey, and whoever made this news. by the way Lindsey is the one who is psycho.

1375 days ago


Radaronline have the full story from Michael Lohan, quotes and all. How could a father defend a stalker against two of his kids? Some dad!

Posted at 1:34 AM on Dec 18, 2010 by gloday1

Must be true!!! ROL wouldn't make this up!!!

So which is it? If she's at a secure place now how is the pap harassing her? We're supposed to believe that Michael is hanging with Lufti and encouraging him to text Lindsay? Gee, who could be feeding everyone this stuff?

I still think all this crap is leading up to Lindsay doing something over the holidays. Wah! Wah! What could I do!!! Everyone was harassing me and I was going crazy!!!

1375 days ago


My God she looks older than I do.

1375 days ago

Looks 70

1375 days ago


Can anybody say starved for attention? Sad that this is news w/ her so-called stalker. If only she was as famous as she thinks. Get over yourself. The so-called stalker is looking for a train wreck, not a star. Or a somewhat famous former actress w/ drug issues. Another Dina story straight from the horse head mouth.

1375 days ago


By the way, nice to see Delmar (Dina) fighting for the drug addled Linds. Keep sticking up for Linds Idiot!

1375 days ago


I thought the stalker was Sherie Gayheart.

1375 days ago
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