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Lindsay Lohan -- Scared of 'Psychotic' Photog

12/18/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan knows the drill dealing with paparazzi -- but one photog has Lindsay scared stiff.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... there's a photog who drives around in a Prius with tinted windows -- who follows her everywhere she goes, running up to her car and yelling at her every time her car comes to a stop.

We're told the pap seems to live outside Lindsay's digs -- he's there everyday and doesn't miss a beat when Lindsay ventures out.

Lindsay is convinced the pap is "psychotic."

Lindsay is so upset, she's asked her lawyer to go to court and get a restraining order against this pap and several others, but so far nothing's been filed in court.

And the paparazzo isn't Lindsay's only headache. Honchos from the Betty Ford Clinic moved Lindsay to a more secure facility because of harassing text messages and phone calls.


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TMZ....this story got 80 comments.......get a clue............PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT LINDSAY AND HER CRAZY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1412 days ago


and i bet TMZ hired him to do so..seeing that tmz has a post about her every day.

1412 days ago


...who follows her everywhere she goes, running up to her car and yelling at her every time her car comes to a stop.

LOL!! I'm sorry but I think this sounds really funny!!

1412 days ago


Sorry about the two letters. The first one got lost a few hours ago.
OK. I realize, this does actually make me look like a stalker.
It was an honest error.

1412 days ago


Doesn't anyone remember what a liar and manipulator Lindsay is? Lutfi might be verifiable but some mystery photog? Yeah, Right. I think she just can't stand not getting any attention so she's making stuff up.

1412 days ago



Isolated incidents? Do you honestly believe that those 2 times were the only 2 times she drove drunk. That she has such bad luck that she got caught both times? Really??? They were NOT isolated incidents. She just happened to only get caught twice. How anyone can excuse 2 DUI's is just beyond me. I would have to assume you are also an addict to think it is ok to get 2 DUI's. Only addicts support other addicts in such a way.

1412 days ago


I didn't think anything scared Lindsey. she faced near death with all those drugs she's taken in the past. now she's scared of a photog.

1412 days ago


Dear TMZ,
Would you explain why you deleted MAC postings?
Did he violate any laws?
Are you protecting Lindsay?
Did MAC scare Lindsay?
Call the PO-LICE!
You'de think YOU would be interested in the TEXT yourself!

1412 days ago


And now you are blocking ME for questioning YOU?
God, you can't pay the rent without the Lohans, eh?

1412 days ago


I saw a meaninful post on here a while ago from MAC who was ACCUSED of being Lindsay's stalker.
And now, his defense is GONE.
His posting are gone.
They weren't illegal, or immoral.
Isn't that something.
Guess TMZ is just as dependant on Lindsay as she is on them.
Don't think you can ERASE MAC that easiely Lindsay.
I suspect you have only added fuel to the fire.
Let us just watch what happens NEXT!

1412 days ago


Dear Megan,
Try to calm down. I know MAC and 1) Mac is a female.
and 2) Mac is very influence is SIGNIFICANT media.
TMZ removing MAC's post, in regards to the stalker allegation against MAC, only works towards MACs FAVOR.---An AGENDA, no less.
Mac is a cracker-jack.
Exposes BS on a major level.
It takes times, as publishing a BOOK always does.
Don't worry about MAC not having a say.
TMZ has now shown itself in a light that will not flatter TMZ.
First Amendment....BS. TMZ is BIAS, it works for it's "CELEBS".
It isn't illegal.
But, don't think it isn't BIAS, or that TMZ doesn't get PAID by the LOHANS.
Don't worry sugar....and you might want to clean up your mouth before Hollywood decided you are too trashy too.
Thank you for you well-meaning support. It is appreciated, but not needed at all.
They are playing into MAC's hands. You WILL LOVE IT!

1412 days ago


the firecrotch who cried wolf!!!!

does this psycho forget SHE IS THE ONE WHO CALLS THE PAPS

SHE IS THE REASON they know her every move/phone numbers/location

DEAD YET!!????

1412 days ago


btw, he looks have really gone down the crapper. what a horrible hairline she has.

1412 days ago


She has lawyers? I'm sorry what? Ones that don't have to be paid? She chose rehab over her career so live with it. It's not like she won't be remembered for being the child star that went to rehab over and over. But stop being delusional that she has lawyers and reps and handlers. She has rehab,a Mom,a Dad and some siblings like pretty many people who are just simple nobodies like she is do. Really TMZ the Lindsay thing has just become a sociological study instead of a gossip site. All these commenters are helping us with our psych papers/essays but please go back to reporting on celebs,real ones.

1412 days ago


Lindsay here, looks older than Cher. Cher is in her mid-sixties

1412 days ago
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