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Levi Johnston -- In a Relationship with ...

12/19/2010 11:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston has found himself a new girlfriend -- and you know it's serious ... because it's on Facebook.

Bristol Palin's baby daddy is apparently dating a girl named Sunny Oglesby. According to her FB page, Sunny works at an elementary school, is originally from Oregon, and enjoys Eminem and "Family Guy."

Her profile pic is a shot of her kissing Levi in front of a pair of mounted antlers, so you know Sarah Palin will approve.


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I wil bet Kathy Griffin is crying in her crack. No more sugar from Levi now!!

1372 days ago


so TMZ is stalking bristols dead beat baby daddy now.

1372 days ago


How sad is it Levi has his kid dressed in a shirt that says "Levi 4 Mayor"? Using your kid to promote your run for mayor. Barbara tore him a new ******* on The View back in October. She was pretty spot-on for once.

1372 days ago

Throwback kid    

Wow, some high school dropout in Alaska has a girlfriend, big deal

1372 days ago

Fred Farkel    

#5 Sammie - Levi Johnson is not evil.

That is completely normal behavior for the 20-something DOLTS of 2010.

I am 54 years old.

My girlfriend is 37 and looks 22.

She sums it up this way:

If you are 20-50 years old... and if you are NOT behaving like an animal - and causing a tremendous amount of grief in your social circles... in the year 2010 - you simply will have no friends.

I hate to admit it. But she's right.

1372 days ago


@ifuseekamy, that's someone else account you see the inbox and message notifications, not hers, so therefore.....THEY DON'T HAVE ACCESS TO HER PASSWORD TO SEE HER ACCOUNT!!! Don't you see the ADD AS FRIEND button on there?

As for this relationship, WHO CARES!

1372 days ago

Patrick Henry    

The kid is famous for knocking up a politician's daughter( a politician who no one seems to likes) and posing in playboy. His 15 minutes were up long ago. Running for mayor of a tiny town is just more attention whoring. Please if you must keep covering real celebrities and cut the Palin crap out.

Maybe one of the Obama girls will have a crush on someone?:)

1372 days ago


If a failed beauty queen can run for Governor of Alaska and Vice President of the US then surely someone who posed for PlayGIRL can run for Mayor.. NO?? As for Trig being dressed in a Levi for Mayor shirt .. why not.. Sarah used her kids to promote her political endeavors... and still does... sounds like Levi is simply learning 'the game' from the Maverick Grizzly Mama herself... when all else fails... throw your kids in front of the cameras! Lesson well learned Levi... lesson well learned! LOL

1371 days ago


get some levi-any bitch gotta be hotter than bristol. whore denial is a major turn off-be it, live it!

1371 days ago


Don't believe everything you read and see on this POS. This is another dig at Sarah and Bristol Palin. I would bet this is another "Publicity Stunt" by Levi to "Piss Off" Sarah & Bristol. I'll say one thing this guy is a real "Pain in the Ass". Soon or a later Sarah Palin is going to make Levi "an offer he can't refuse". As for right now Levi is enjoying being an Ass H*Le.

1371 days ago


No brains couple.......but he is hot.

1371 days ago


LOL, Sarah's approval, highly unlikely, it's a baby moose.

1370 days ago


"I graduated high school in 2010. I Work at an elementary school in a daycare and I teach preschool too. I’m currently working on my CDA and will have an associates degree in child development by the end of the year."

All those smarts, and yet no common sense.

1370 days ago


wel great now you have jethroe dating ellie may, just think you can have the whole bunch of idiots living in the same house.i really dont care but between this and the royal wedding,id rather here about our local inbreeds than the royal inbreeds.

1370 days ago


Just the fact that this girl would get into a relationship with this WACKJOB tells me everything I need to know about her!!! Here comes another fame monger!!!

1363 days ago
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