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Chris Brown Tweets

Domestic Violence Diploma

12/20/2010 9:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has just completed his court-ordered 52-week domestic violence course -- and he's so proud of himself ... he posted a photo of his completion certificate on Twitter.

Brown received the certificate earlier today -- thus satisfying another requirement from the Rihanna case.

As you may recall, Brown pled guilty to felony assault after beating up the singer in February 2009.

Brown will remain on probation until 2014.

So the big question about the diploma -- do you frame it?


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If you don't have REDEMPTION than whats the point in living..
Keep ya head up Chris.

1367 days ago

davaughn reed    

good job chis we are really proud of u........keep your head up

1367 days ago


what a loser! i vow to change the station whenever his music comes on.

1366 days ago


Once a beater, always a beater.

1366 days ago


finnaly u admited it

1366 days ago


He's still a douche.

1366 days ago


he should have been in JAIL for a while. but it seems like he really is changing (it seems that way, i can't really tell for sure but he probably is) so i'll at least give him that.
i just hope he has apologized to Rihanna also and if he hasn't that he eventually will. he don't have to ask for her back, just say he's sorry.
he might have though. idk.

1366 days ago


OMG you people are hilarious. @redman21 you are a dead beat. Go do something productive with your life like get a Job and stop posting comment after comment. Hahaha. To everyone else so what he tweeted that he finished the course. Its his life not yours and if it was yours you would be proud of yourself too. Some people change and some don't but i bet you are not talking about them. No because your mad at him for being a human being. He has grown up and shown that deep down in his heart he is sorry. He has apologized Lord knows how many times and he does not have to keep doing that. He said sorry once he changed his ways now let him move on. I mean come on when the crap first happened rihanna's dad was not even on her side all the way until he saw her face. He brought up how she used to go toe to toe with her older brothers and how she used to kick their butts. Rihanna herself admitted in an interview prior to this situation that she used to beat her brothers up to prove she could hang with the fellas. So is it possible that she gave Chris a run for his money and he had to show her he was a man. What he did was wrong but it is 2010 and that happened in 2009. Its been a year and she has dated how many men since this situation. Oh and if memory serves me correctly she went back to him right after it happened. You people a defending a girl who said she would not talk about the situation but as soon as her CD was about to drop she did an interview on "GOOD MORNING AMERICA"LOL. The situation is so dead everyone has moved on with their lives so why not let him. Let him leave and be happy and proud that he did something right this time. He is making a change for him not the idiots that hate him so much. Some of you are probably listening to "dueces" right now. Some of you angry guys wish you were him and some of you girls wish you could be with him. Get over it you are not God and he does not have to answer to you. Stupid idiots seem to rule the blogs now a days instead of working a full time job. So this is were unemployment goes. LOL Good day angry idiots. May you rest in Sh**

1364 days ago


Wow...what a lot of ignorant comments on this thread. Obviously not one of you has ever done anything bad at the age of 19 huh? Not one of you has ever been in a bad relationship where BOTH PARTIES ARE TOXIC FOR EACH OTHER? Guess not, but I can at least give credit where credit is due. Chris has at least lived up to his promises and his therapy. He has done his sentence and done his time. Obviously there are people who will never forgive and that's sad as there may come a time when they could use it themselves. Rihanna has not done one thing to learn from her responsibility in the whole thing other that to make more $ off of it and to dress like a street hooker on her best days. Yeah, let's all praise the ho for not doing a damn thing to help others and yet at least Chris is stepping up to be a man. Rihanna just looks like one. CB side's all the way. F rihanna.

1363 days ago


some people need to think before they state there opinions on here . Ya just hate him because you know you'll never get to be where he's at or accomplish anything close to what he's accomplished , instead of sitting around hiding from all the negative **** ya have to say about him he's out enjoying himself with a smile . That is directed at all the old people who feel the need to dwell on the past for the simple fact they didn't accomplish any of there personal dreams .

1362 days ago



1362 days ago


Chris Brown SUCKS. He came out as this sweet, innocent pretty boy with incredible talent and just f'd it all up. I was raised in a domestically violent household and this hit really close to home. I've lost all respect for brown due to his lack of respect for women, his egotistical demeanor and just his whole vibe. I feel nothing but negativity and anger radiating from this BOY! I use to be such a fan of his and to see him post this certificate so proudly and boldly, I dont know, it just doesnt seem right to me. Like he's just showing it to get everybody to shut up and forget what he's done. I respect him as an artist but as a man, cant say that I have any for him. And then to hear him make homophobic comments to a victim of molestation...just sad.

1361 days ago


Look i know this dude..yes , he did make a mistake but what counts is the way he took responsability. kobe raped a girl and tiger woods did some messed up **** too. chris is the most all around talented person ive seen aside from michael. this dude has done everything possible to show hes changed. quit hatin on him and live your own damn lives!

1361 days ago


i think chris is during very well also but any n everythin that he do will b held against him n he need to stay cool and keep him name out the media otherwise go chris n tell them haters duces

1360 days ago


NO disrespect but every1 bashing Chris...we dont know what really happened in that car nor their relationship. She is a West Indian woman as am I, I got a temper n i will taunt a man when i feel he wrong. I will cuss them out n hell may mush 'em if i feel violated. But i know my limit bc a man will take but so much. She felt violated by his actions of texts from other women. She prob kept harassing him at who it was, arguing, maybe even mushed him n he snapped. It aint right but its so much a man can take. She prob gave him many reasons in the past from nagging and harassing him to wanna slap her up. He didnt do it (remember she had an issue with anger n beating her own little brother). But after repeated harassing he just snapped. They prob went back n forth slapping each other bc she like im not gonna let a man hit me. But he proved 2 strong for her n kicked her ass. He was deserving of jail time like any other common civil citizen but there's options. If she wanted the case dropped n just distance kept then fine. N maybe she felt wrong in what happened as well n didnt wanna ruin his career so she asked him not b jailed instead take classes n whatever have u. Im just saying. I thought abt more in this situation. The guy is def not always to blame bc us women nag a man n make them wanna eff us up. But he was dead wrong for whaling on her like another dude. But he proud of his certificate let him live.

1359 days ago
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