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Chris Brown Tweets

Domestic Violence Diploma

12/20/2010 9:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has just completed his court-ordered 52-week domestic violence course -- and he's so proud of himself ... he posted a photo of his completion certificate on Twitter.

Brown received the certificate earlier today -- thus satisfying another requirement from the Rihanna case.

As you may recall, Brown pled guilty to felony assault after beating up the singer in February 2009.

Brown will remain on probation until 2014.

So the big question about the diploma -- do you frame it?


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" Everyone is quick at pointing fingers at chris but do they actually know what really happened?"

HE PLEAD GUILTY TO BEATING THE ISH OUT OF HER. There is a picture of her face after the incident. What more do you want a video taped confession? LMAO you chris brown groupies are too much

1405 days ago

elan Hunter    

this is something to be proud of..? And Sammie.....really I don't think it's for you to say how any person should or should not be handling , managing or dealing with this terrible situation...kindness of the heart my friend....try it

1405 days ago


The diploma means he can whomp ho's with aplomb correct?

1405 days ago


@yessir Answer this Is God a forgiving God? Is it a sin to hate. Ok he attack Rihanna but he said he was sorry over 100 times, he did charity that had nothing to do with his court appointment responsibility.He received counseling. He has dated other women and none of them reported any type of abuse, Why is it so hard for people to believe that a person can change. Is because you are a hateful person and you get off on negativity. Please seek the lord.

1405 days ago


Why not? It's an accomplishment!! At least he's trying - alot of people in the same position don't try at all and go right back to assaulting someone else.

1405 days ago


@Zania just because you forgive someone doesn't mean you make excuses for them or that you want to congratulate them on a class they had to take. Two I'm not God don't expect me to behave like him. Three we have no way of knowing how many other women he's beaten so you're statement is null and void. The vast majority of woman don't press charges against their abusers.

1405 days ago


Everytime I see a pic of him like the one above to me it has written on it that someday he will do great harm to someone - I mean more than just blackening someone's eye!!!

1405 days ago


i am so sick of tired of people who don't forgive people. They always focus on the past, Chris just shake the haters off because TEAM BREEZY is proud of you,and we love you know matter what.GO TEAM BREEZY keep supporting Chris.

1405 days ago


Let the bible thumpers defend him (and other "changed" criminals like him) all day long. It will not bring his career back but it apparently makes them feel better to be doing the Lord's work from the comfort of their chair on TMZ message boards.

1405 days ago

Blue Kid    

Rihanna is not doing well at all they are putting her out their but her records are not selling not like Taylor Swift. Rihanna is not doing well at all.
Chris Brown is happy that she is doing well, but he will never take her back, it's over.

Rihanna can't even keep a man pitiful isn't it, when know man wants you.

Good for Chris Brown!

1405 days ago


Don't think I could ever be a Chris Brown fan again, but at the same time he's shown remorse, completed his domestic violence program and I really don't believe he will hit a woman again.

His youth and upbringing brought him to that point and he's learned to walk away first.

1405 days ago


You people are so damn stupid at least he went to DV classes when is Charlie Sheen and that other piece of crap going to go. You on here talking crap at this young black man but never saying nothing about the white men with the real DV issues. Black people turn against their own kind in a minute yea go along with the program (media). Every black man in the entertainment industry gets into trouble and you people always bash them. WHY? But never backlash the whites

1405 days ago


IF IT WAS THEIR DAUGHTER THAT WAS BEATEN AND CHOCKED UNTIL SHE LOST CONSCIOUSNESS they would be singing a very different tune. It's very ease to demand that someone be forgiven and worshiped when you're not the one they brutalized.

1405 days ago


Hahahaha what a douche. Probably the only diploma he's ever gonna get!

1405 days ago


You people just wait until the real truth come out. You are going to really be suprise about this whole shiz. Yea they showed Rihanna altered picture but her own aunt stated that her face did not look like that picture. Everyone in the industry finally realize that this was a set up to boost Rihanna career and it worked. One day someone very close to her is going to tell the truth or maybe Rihanna herself. White people hates blacks and blacks hate blacks

1405 days ago
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