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Chris Brown Tweets

Domestic Violence Diploma

12/20/2010 9:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has just completed his court-ordered 52-week domestic violence course -- and he's so proud of himself ... he posted a photo of his completion certificate on Twitter.

Brown received the certificate earlier today -- thus satisfying another requirement from the Rihanna case.

As you may recall, Brown pled guilty to felony assault after beating up the singer in February 2009.

Brown will remain on probation until 2014.

So the big question about the diploma -- do you frame it?


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"r u talkin about the police report that explains how Rihanna sat in a car while allowing Brown to beat the living **** out of her?"

WOW YOU'RE SICK. If a woman is beaten that means she allowed it? You're crazy. You're so fixated on trashing the victim you're giving the abuser a pass. I think you need one of those domestic violence classes yourself.

1402 days ago


EHH ONCE an abuser, ALWAYS an abuser!!

1402 days ago


The reality of it is his choices were take the classes or jail. Is it really a big accomplishment to learn how to NOT beat people when they don't behave the way YOU think they should?

1402 days ago


Eeeuuwww! Chris Brown? Eeeuuuwww!

1402 days ago


You nasty haters and other unforgiving people with small minds need much pity (not). Nobody cares what you think, who lift Chris up. Again when this happened Chris was 19 years old, a MINOR. I applaud the fact that he has taken a terrible experience from his YOUTH -- embraced it and the responsibility for HIS actions over the past 2 years, and has moved on into life as an adult as a true MAN. He as done more in 2 years to become a man that many men accomplish in a lifetime!! He has definitely accomplished more that all of you who sit back and right negative bullS*it. The monsters and stupid asses are you people with small minds. There is not one of you out there writing negatively about Chris who does not have a flaw of in their own life... so be corrected that your wrong is no different. The bottom line is that he has more than likely achieved more towards self-redemptions that 99.9% of you haters have or will ever achieve for your shortcoming. He call him a woman beater, no talent, or whatever. It just happens to be what your mouth said, and does not make it true. Nasty names and bad reflection come from foul, vile people anyway. So we will read your ugliness and know that it stops just were it is that you have written it. It goes no further because Chris has received his redemption in his OWN right -- not by yours. Keep your head to the sky CHRIS. Stay with the positive energy and never look back or let the negative get in your way or pull you down. You have to many friends, fans who truly love you to fail and with "Our Father" on your side you will always come out on top.

1402 days ago


LMAO!!! you ppl make me sick. How many couples do you know that are involved with domestic violence, and how many times have you called for help?? probably never. NEWS FLASH PPL!!! Chris Brown is NOT the only human that hit someone.When a white celeb beats his wife or kill his wife, it's sad and he needs help. When a black celeb slips up, ppl put them on the cross like Jesus. Stop worshiping these celebs and get a life of your own. GET OVER IT!! No one knows what happened, how do we even know he hit her. Oh because, she went on 20/20 and said he did. When was the last time Chris Brown paid your bills?? When the last time Rhianna put food in your house??? I don't care who this boy hit as long as it aint me. Rhianna or Chris Brown is not caring what you ppl say. And who even said that Rhianna was doing so well??? I'm proud of you Chris, at least he finished his ****, look at Lindsey Lohan, that tramp is never getting her **** together. But no one says anything about that. Live your life and let others live theirs

1402 days ago

The Answer    

I'm gonna go all out and just assume the yessir has beaten a woman and didnt get off the hook so easy and therefore takes out the frustration on chris brown. Sweetie go have yourself a drink and keep hoping that one day you wake up in his shoes.

As for chris...beating the chic was stupid. Taking the class and staying out of trouble was smart. Keep up the good work

1402 days ago



1402 days ago


Chris Brown is a bitch

1402 days ago


I hate that yellow dog Chris Brown good for u Chris u got a violence diploma so what he got stupid violence diploma he need a beat down for what he did to Rihanna in 2009 i wish that i can give him a good beat down because he need one that yellow is not sorry for what he did to Rihanna i hate Chris Brown so ****ing bad i wish that someone hurt him

1402 days ago


I think that it is great that he finished.... to those who are still saying that hes "a woman beater" get over it.... really yes he hit her we ALL know it wasn't right but he took responsibility for it, he did his community service hours like a normal person, now he completed his classes like a normal person.... i think that he has grown and matured alot since the incident.... shut up and let him move on... yall look dumb holdin a grudge against him! Good Job Chris, keep ya head!

1402 days ago


LOL i love seeing everyones comments some of you take things so personal as if he beat you up. What he did was wrong but so are drugs and half of you do them so that explains why your still mad at him and rihanna is not. HA!!! this is super funny. Give the kid a break geesh he messed up and now he is trying to correct it. Was he right for what he did no. But is he trying to change who can really say he is. Let him be proud that he is moving on. Some of you are so angry " he's proud he needed a class to know not to beat women" lol Some of you need a class to learn its not your life so shut it. Some of you need a class to know dont do drugs. Some of you need a class on how to get a hobby. LOL the angry people are so awesome. IDIOTS!!!

1402 days ago


He should have done time. I hope he learned something for the course.

1402 days ago


Congratulations. He made it and he's young. What about Charlie Sheen? He's a grown ass man.
Actually Brown's mother should bear a great deal of the responsibility. Any woman or man for that matter who raises a child and have them observe continuous beatings is sending the wrong message. The child internalizes that and learns to cope the same way through violence. There's no excuse for people to stay with brutal partners. Get out the first time. If it happens once it will again. If you don't give a damn about yourself then think of the innocent child you dragged into the mess. These children become victims of abuse themselves. Get the hell out and stop being the victim. If the abuser knows you'll take their crap they'll continue to dish it out.

1402 days ago


It is so sad all these comments on this site. It just seems that a black man cant do something wrong admit it and take care of his business,. I bet if some of these same people son were on here and he needed a second chance they would be crying their eyes out to the media that "my son is a good boy just in the wrong place at the wrong time." Chris is a young man who took responsibility for his actions and is making himself a better man for it. some of you should be taking some notes and hope one day you are not in the same situation, You keep your head up Chris you and you alone have to look in the mirror, so you make your self proud. God is watching

1402 days ago
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