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Chris Brown Tweets

Domestic Violence Diploma

12/20/2010 9:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chris Brown has just completed his court-ordered 52-week domestic violence course -- and he's so proud of himself ... he posted a photo of his completion certificate on Twitter.

Brown received the certificate earlier today -- thus satisfying another requirement from the Rihanna case.

As you may recall, Brown pled guilty to felony assault after beating up the singer in February 2009.

Brown will remain on probation until 2014.

So the big question about the diploma -- do you frame it?


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its so funny how you get so down on him but her current bf Matt Kemp or ex or whoever he is was charged of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against his ex so I'm guessing she likes to get her ass beat huh? I don't condone what Chris did but there is no telling what kind of abuse he was getting either. Shut the **** up and move on.

1366 days ago


Chris Brown is a Bitch

1366 days ago


Ok so he completed the Domestic Violence class he was REQUIRED to take. What does he want a F****** cookie??

1366 days ago


Like always people want to keep people down even when they try to do the right thing. Good for him, now if he can just learn that he doesn't have to prove anything to the public and live his life, all will be well. He posted it to show the world he is trying to do right and of course the majority of the people commenting are negative because they are all saints (not). All you haters, he is lol and going to the bank rather you like it or not.

1366 days ago


anybody that doesn't see that he has obviously graduated from a boy into a man is stupid. that's all he was trying to show. IM EXTRA PROUD OF HIM!!! and to the dummy who said his career is down the toilet PLEASE CHECK YOUR BILLBOARD CHARTS HE'S ON THEM ALL AND DOING WELL. HIS SONG WAS #1 FOR 10 WEEKS. CHRIS BROWN IS HERE TO STAY!!!!!!1 BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT .

1366 days ago


Good for him at least he takes direction and respects the court UNLIKE LOHAN.

1366 days ago


its disgusting how people hold you to unrealistic standards when you are famous... everyone makes mistakes now and then, its what you do in the midst of the storm and after it has passed that determines the measure of your character... all of you people with the negative comments aren't perfect... so you shouldn't cast stones at person who is actually trying to turn his life around and make ammends for a mistake that he made... because who knows what kind of skeletons you have in your closet... so do us all a favor and move on!!! Rihanna did... and he kicked her ass!!!

1366 days ago


Shutup people.Like you've never made a mistake so you decide to throw insults at the kid to make yourselves feel better. Wow..Charlie Sheen??Miley Cyrus??Meg Gibson??Woody Allen??!
And you guys just HAPPEN to get over that but not Chris Brown??Atleast he's made an effort for change.Sigh. Idiots.

1366 days ago


Damn how can so few people comment so many times saying the exact same thing over and over. Didn't read all the comments because it is going to be the same stuff from the same people. I see yessir and others ( possibly aliases of the same person) come on here to say derogatory things. Got your point the first comment you made, no need to continously post over and over again. Please find something to do with your time rather than worrying about someone who has no presence in your life. It takes time to post on TMZ so clearly to post MULTIPLE times shows you need to find another hobby other than commenting on a post for someone you clearly dislike.

For those saying if it was a normal person they would still be in jail for what he did, I believe you are wrong. The judge specifically said that the sentence was in line with that type of charge for a first time offender, so you probably would have recieved a very similar sentence, if they had pursued prosecution at all. If you have a problem with the something about it, dont bitch online. I personally wouldn't have tweeted this but he is allowed to if he wants.

1365 days ago


redman21 your a bitch. shut up.

1365 days ago


all you guys are stupid as **** if you dont like him why in **** would you give a **** what he puts on his twitter its stupid you claim you guys hate him but are the main people commenting on everything he does get a ****in life please because this is just sad as hell!

1365 days ago

B3 Fearless    

I am proud of this young man because there are many grown men who do not take the steps to change or make the effort that he has. It take some abusers years, if at all so I am not going to knock some one who appears to be changing for the better.

I also don't like knocking down our youth while they are still developing into the responsible adults that we want them to grow into.

I have followed this story.

In February the event will have officially taken place 2 years ago.

Mr. Brown had no history of violence against females (family members, girlfriends) prior to the one night with Rihanna and there have been no DV issues with females since the event.

I have a question for the naysayers.

Why aren't you and the media giving oldler celebrities the same treatment that you have given this young man for ONE incident as a teenager (19 years old)?

For example, Eminem who has been nominated for 10 Grammy awards! Most notably for a song that he did with Mr. Brown's ex describing the cyclical, unhealthy DV relationship he had with ex-wife Kim for YEARS. A good number of his hits involved him describing violent treatment to his ex-wife. Yet no black-balling or outrage shown to Mr. Eminem.

Also, if we want to hold a bunch of celebrity men accountable for EITHER HABITUAL ACTS of violence against women or ONE time violent acts against women why not the following:

Charlie Sheen, Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn, Sean Connery, Steven Seagal, John Mcenroe, Andre Agassi, David Hasselhoff, Paul McCartney, Christian Bale, Tom Sizemore, James Taylor, Tobe Keith, Bill Murray.

We can bring up pedophiles Jerry Seinfeld (dated 17 year old SoShawnna Loeinsten), Roman Polanski (raped a 13 year old), JACK NICHOLSON (lived with Mia Farrow when she was 14 years old), Rob Lowe (orgy with a 16 year old),

We have rapist Ben Routhesburger (Pittsburgh Steelers) who has apparently recently raped a 3rd female!!!

It's interesting how people's memories will conveniently be short or people will choose to forgive, forget, make excuses for certain entertainers.

Some understandable because they eventually did turn their lives around.

Others ppl are make excuses for have continued the same habits for YEARS and are way OLDER than Mr. Brown.

Sorry for this book but I really feel like ppl need to stop with the hypocrisy when it comes to this young man and his situation.

He is now 21. He and his ex have moved on.

Let's leave it at that and wish this young person well on his life journey and pray that he really is working as hard as it appears to develop into a good man.

1365 days ago


I personally think that he has come a long way & he learned from his mistakes.. I mean is he not human? Overall everybody makes mistakes. For instance nobody says anythang when they let thier own children like young boys and girls go around disrespecting each other. And thats was wrong with society today, ppl are so busy worrying about others and they dont even take the time to realize their mistakes in life.. His family & friends forgave him and me as a fan i have to. & nobody truely knows what led them to that incident in the PAST ! Well anyway I love CB & his music..... =)

1365 days ago


Yes, because every real man needs a certificate showing he no longer beats the woman in his life. His mother must be so proud. I hope he frames it and puts it on the wall so he can remember that lovely achievement.

1365 days ago

'tis me    

What a self absorbed Richard. How could he ever be proud of himself for completing a court-assigned year-long "Don't Beat Your Girl" course? It's a punishment! HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOCKED UP LIKE ANYONE ELSE WOULD HAVE BEEN!

1365 days ago
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