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Gene Simmons

Hard Proof

He Banged 5,000 Chicks

12/20/2010 4:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gene Simmons not only claims to have knocked boots with around 5,000 women in his lifetime -- dude claims he can prove it ... saying he took Polaroid pics of practically EVERY SINGLE ONE.

During a kiss and tell session on the "Woody & The Wake-Up Call" show today on WCOL -- Gene says he took "Polaroid photos of the ladies who graced the bed in my room" during his 37 years of touring with KISS.

Gene then copped to having "right under 5,000" Polaroid snapshots of his conquests -- with each woman holding the key to the hotel room where Gene conducted the coitus.

Coffee table book, anyone?


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damn, he's ugly

1400 days ago


I seen that sex tape of gene that a ex playboy playmate made ..He looked like a joke in bed and no wonder he wears a big**** piece on stage cause he doesn't have anything too brag about .... his wife is a beautiful women who takes care of herself Gene not so much ..with that said his wife must be getting it GOOD from somwhere she's a very sexual creature and it shows :) there is no way Gene could satisfy her now he's over the hill . doesn't take care of himself , doesn't eat right and overweight this all leads too poor health and with poor health at his age it means your "god of thunder" your " DR Love" is not going to be anything anymore !!

1400 days ago


if Larry King can have 7 marriages, then Gene Simmons banging 5,000 isn't outta the question

Diana Ross
Liv Ulman
Jessica Hahn
Katy Sagal

just remember -- Warren Beatty claims he's bagged 12,000

1400 days ago


you only get a face like that by eating that much bearded clam

1400 days ago


And how many of the women were sober? It can't be too hard to pick up drunk chicks when you're a rock star, especially back in the 70's. He has a young daughter. How would he feel if she tries to beat his record by slumping 5000 men? Maybe he has never heard of AIDS and how ridiculous it sounds for a man his age bragging about his conquests. He needs to shut his mouth and invest in a new hair piece.

1400 days ago


I love gene and kiss, it is sad when you need to always talk about your old sex life, come up with something new. and keep your sex life to yourself...

1400 days ago

One for the Good Guys    

I'm now in my 50's, but in my youth, over about a twenty year period, I worked rock shows. I was out a minimum of 250 days a year. That "All Access Pass" I hung around my neck got me beautiful young women every time. Often with more than one (both within a day and at a time). 5000 would be a really low estimate. ~BFD~ Get over yourself Gene.

Having a great committed relationship with my beautiful wife for over 20 years, IS TRULY BIG DEAL.

I love you Amy !

1400 days ago


Lets see: 37 yrs x 365 days = 13505.
Now divide that by 5000 girls = 2.701 per day/night every single 24 hour period.
I DON'T believe it.
Don't believe everything in print!!!

1400 days ago

Wade Wilde    

Yeah, so what? I've had 363. Works out to a new one every six weeks or so. I'm 48, started when I was 14, had 'em as young as 12, and the latest one is 18, and she was a virgin when I met her, She just didn't want her first time to be with some punk-assed kid who didn't have any experience. her mom told her I was good in bed(she walked in on us a couple of times) and it was her decision. problem is, prudish, ugly, old or fat-assed women love to blast sokmething they can't get anybody to do with them. Then there are the posers, who act like they are all chaste and ****, but secretly go find five black guys to have a gang bang when no one they know will ever find out. You Rock, Gene, ****'em all and make 'em like it. Oscar Wilde said it best: "Show me a woman who spouts her morality, and I'll show you a woman who is invariably plain"

1400 days ago

One for the Good Guys    

Reply to 101 (AKA Iwhite):

What is that you are using, new math? LOL

YES!: 37 yrs x 365 days = 13,505 DAYS
NOW, divide that by 5000 girls


NOT: 2.701 GIRLS per day/night every single 24 hour period.

1400 days ago


This creep is so freaking ugly and nasty it's not even funny. These chicks must have been desperate or drunk.

1400 days ago


All it proves is that someone had a camera, and that there was a girl standing in front of it. Nothing more.....

1400 days ago


all i can say, he needs to repent and get in church. that is nothing to brag about.

1400 days ago



1400 days ago


Thats nothing, Wilt Chamberlin of Lakers Fame stated he was with 20,000 plus. Nasty

1400 days ago
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