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Kim Kardashian to Paris:

Flattery Schmattery

12/20/2010 10:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton is totally ripping off Kim Kardashian ... at least that's what we think.


Check out Kim's photo which she used in February to hawk her fragrance line.  Now look at Paris Hilton's Xmas card.

So we ask ...


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tip top    

These aren't exactly the same pics, Kim is in a hula hoop, Paris is in a chair. If you didn't tell that was Kim I would not have known, it looks nothing like her. Paris pic is way better.

1368 days ago

Throwback kid    

Which one of these uneducated skanks has less talent?

1368 days ago


What a tacky xmas card. Just goes to show how much Paris is in love with herself.

1368 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Gee Paris, what a totally thoughtless gift. I thought that baby Jesus was the star of Christmas.....

1368 days ago


I love Kimmy so i want to say she copied, but then again in Paris' defense celebs usually have someone else choose or help choose props and decor for photoshoots.. but Kim looks wayy better, and Paris has no curves, a pelican nose, droopy eyes, kinda looks like she has dementia, not to mention is a knee knocker && has a saggy 60yr old ladies butt... i really dont think Paris is attractive one bit. and doesnt deserve camera time. sorry TMZ this one is a fail.. still love ya guys tho!!

on a side note... im glad Kim strayed away from Paris, for one Paris is a drug user, and a bad example. Almost every girl that associated with her was ALL over the news for drugs and alcohol abuse, such as Brit, LiLo, Nichole Richie, and a few more.

I hope no one takes my rant personal, dont get me wrong i used to LOVE her, until recently...

1368 days ago

moe l.    


1368 days ago


KK has copied Paris down to the well as the rest of the K skanks!! To be honest, they all look like disease central. Good luck doing either one without a body rubber...

1368 days ago


This is so stupid. Are you trying to tell me the Kim was the first person to ever pose that way? Its been done a hundred time at least. Noether of those bimbos have an original thought in their head.

1368 days ago


Lets see, one is blonde one is brunette. One is wearing a dress, one is wearing a bikini. One is sitting in a chair, one is sitting on a giant hoop. The similarities are mindboggling.

1368 days ago


Least Paris looks good than that big furry bird on a wire.

1368 days ago


narcissists think alike.

1367 days ago


Both are crappy pictures.

1367 days ago


I wonder if Kim's perfume smells like urine. Figure that one out.

1367 days ago

Your Momma    

First of all the picture that is suppose to be Kim looks nothing like her. She has never been that skinny. No I do not think Paris copied her. Paris is in a class all by herself and does not need to do second handed pics from anyone.

1367 days ago


paris is so pretty she isnt being a kim whatever I love paris I still Love her just wish she would focus on her ACTING ALONG WITH WHAT SHE IS DOING NOW! BUT she and nicole could still be close if she wasnt partying Im so like paris I look up to that girl!

1367 days ago
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