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Party at Lindsay Lohan's ... And Betty Ford Is Ticked

12/20/2010 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's roommates had a party a week ago last Saturday night, and TMZ has learned the booze was flowing and the girls got in a heap of trouble.

We're told Lindsay and her roomies were staying at a satellite house at the Betty Ford Clinic.   The roommates were "drinking heavily" and somehow the Betty Ford people found out and busted them.

The roommates were moved back to the main facility at Betty Ford, which has more supervision.

As for Lindsay, we're told there was no evidence she had been drinking, but we're told after the incident Betty Ford officials decided Lindsay could not leave the area for Christmas.

We're also told Lindsay has gone back to the main Betty Ford facility, not for punishment but for "intensive therapy."

By the way, sources connected with Lindsay are telling us she went out with two of her roommates the night of the party to a bar.  We could not independently confirm the story, however, again, we're told there's no evidence Lindsay was drinking.


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No evidence..... your Betty Ford Dumbass test her you dumbass

1366 days ago


Do you mark off the days on a calendar until this probation is complete? Seems to be the major concern in your life. What about her recovery or as it seems lack there of

1366 days ago



1366 days ago


Where's the Miley camp? "She's just young and having fun!"

1366 days ago


Dina is an ugly person inside and out. She's almost snorted her nose off completely!

1366 days ago


I agree.. the judge should be called in on this one to open up a full investigation on how Betty Ford Allowed her to have a booze party there in a REHAB site... not only that.. but how on earth is she allowed to sneak in/out of a rehab center which she is there for the very reason she's sneaking out to?

this is a Violation of Probation..

this is a Violation of Probation..

this is a Violation of Probation..

this is a Violation of Probation..

this is a Violation of Probation..

no more tears my dear red-head.. no more crying, no more pleading, no more , no more, no more..

1366 days ago


LIndsey needs new friends who are not LOSERS, who think that the only way to have a good time is to sit around and get high, drunk, or whatever.

Doesn't anyone do anything normal for fun anymore like ski? hike?

What a bunch of L-0-S-E-R-S.

1366 days ago


If you still find it fun to hang with people who drink heavily and hang out at don't need to drink but you also haven't realized through intensive therapy that you need to change your ways. Your ways are not healthy child!!!

1366 days ago


Just can't keep a good woman down. LOL!

1366 days ago


@ SpeakTheWord

She is being tested on an ongoing basis.

1366 days ago


Lidsay, that's it, I give up on you. It's crystal clear to me that you have absolutely NO intentions of getting off this insane ride. I toss you to the wind. I won't even bother to wish you good luck, because even with the best luck in the world, you're doomed. Ciao.

1366 days ago


Throw the stupid twit in jail. It's obvious she has no interests in her own recovery. If we can throw Robert Downey Jr in prison for the same thing, what makes her so special to treat her the same way. I know if I was to violate my probation, I would be in jail in a heartbeat, with no special treatments what-so-ever. What's it goint to take? Her getting in an accident and killing somebody? Nip this issue in the bud.

1366 days ago


Not surprising. She's a drunk and a junkie. I find it hard to believe that she wasn't drinking, the little angel.

So, she'll be spending Xmas at Betty Ford's as punishment, excuse me, Intensiva Treatment, which is basically the same thing.

She's no good...

1366 days ago


She doesn't deserve jail the DUIs were over 3 years ago and she hasn't reoffended.
Yeah she failed a drug test for cocaine but she wasn't and hasn't been found in possession of it since the 2007 incidents.
I think if she knew all this was going to happen she would have maxed out her sentence in July and could have still legally took her prescriptions etc. Now shes in a horrible situation and rehab was the only way she could stay out of jail.

1366 days ago


Are you people who are acting surprised for real? Can you come up with one reason why you thought she was going to take any of this seriously in the first place? What about those of us who had zero help and still made it through college who get absolutely zero chances to make it in life? It makes me sick that this loser is making a fool of society and getting away with it. Laugh at me Lindsay because you have the money and I don't. Thanks America for letting me believe that hard work and integrity doesn't pay off.

1366 days ago
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