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Party at Lindsay Lohan's ... And Betty Ford Is Ticked

12/20/2010 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's roommates had a party a week ago last Saturday night, and TMZ has learned the booze was flowing and the girls got in a heap of trouble.

We're told Lindsay and her roomies were staying at a satellite house at the Betty Ford Clinic.   The roommates were "drinking heavily" and somehow the Betty Ford people found out and busted them.

The roommates were moved back to the main facility at Betty Ford, which has more supervision.

As for Lindsay, we're told there was no evidence she had been drinking, but we're told after the incident Betty Ford officials decided Lindsay could not leave the area for Christmas.

We're also told Lindsay has gone back to the main Betty Ford facility, not for punishment but for "intensive therapy."

By the way, sources connected with Lindsay are telling us she went out with two of her roommates the night of the party to a bar.  We could not independently confirm the story, however, again, we're told there's no evidence Lindsay was drinking.


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If the real truth were known, I am certain that Lindsey would have been the instigator. It is also obvious that she is still be enabled, protected and allowed to break all of the rules without any penalities that a normal person would have. Betty Ford clinic is not better than any of the other enablers.

1411 days ago

billy cema    

One's parents can be the cause for people to choose to become addicted to alcohol, or other mood changing drugs.
But after one becomes an adult, he/she becomes responsible for sick behiours.

To know that one is a full-blown alcoholic, and still go to bars shows that intense therapy can only do so much.

Alcohol is a cunning, baffling and powerful disease. It has brought down people who had so much to offer humanity, but couldn't handle being in their own skin.

Lindsay, Mel and all who choose to be in denial about their lethal disease; well, there's the rest of us who are their "brother's keeper". We can support their healing in many ways. I, for one, am doing my share.

1411 days ago


Just what I was thinking and know to be true. If someone is serious about recovery they don't do the things LL does. She will eventually hit a bottom much much worse.

1411 days ago


Is there any agency out there that will not let Lindsay do whatever she wants? From the cops, the judges and even Betty Ford, she does whatever, whenver she wants. If you or I got busted for drugs do you think rehab would even be an option? I thought rehab keep you inside and away from drugs and alcohol? Let the bitch out, give her some heroin and let the cards fall where they may. What a waste of a human being!

1411 days ago


Lindsay has partied several times without drinking. Alcohol isn't her issue if she violates probation it will be for failing a drug test.

1411 days ago


Jail= 100% sober-living environment, and a chance for her to recap on her mistakes and think about improvement.

Betty Ford= An easy way for Lilo and her devilish enablers liker her own mother Dina to manipulate the system and cause future relapses into heroin and cocaine addictions. She should not be allowed to see family and friends at Betty Ford, nor should she be allowed to leave the facility.

I believe Lilo has most likely commited several probation violations while serving her probation violation sentence. The judge needs to step in now and send her where she will recieve the best treatment for her problems: LA County early outs

1411 days ago


Twice in this story it said there is no evidence Lindsay was drinking, she is tested EVERY DAY for goodness sake! I'm calling BS on this, if she had been drinking, and don't forget this was supposed to have happened a week ago, then BF would have to report it to Judge Fox. She HASN'T BEEN DRINKING PEOPLE, its Michael Lohan trying to deflect attention from him and Sam Lutfi.

1411 days ago



1411 days ago

Peter Sc    

It is not important. She lost the very role which could have got her back as an actress.

Maybe she realized that she has to choose another line of work if she wants to remain sober because she even as a child was medicated to success like so many children by her parents.

1411 days ago


hahahahaha just watched TMZ live, Lindsay has been grounded for Christmas NOT for drinking but for being 5 mins late back from being out. Suck on it haters hahahahaha

1411 days ago


Yep TMZ live said she will only be at the main facility until the end of this week.
Then next week she will go back to the sober house and then a week later she will be leaving and back in LA.

1411 days ago


Certain "Parties" in L.A. and Hollywood arn't popular because of the stimulating conversation or because of the music. The reason they are popular is because it is a place where you can do drugs and never get busted for it. You go in clean, you come out wasted, but with nothing on your person (except white powder residue under your nostrils if you're not careful) and the narcs can't prove a thing. I don't think Betty Ford is the answer for L.L. unless they have a branch in Saudi Arabia.

1411 days ago


Betty Ford Center is a joke.

AND ...

if nothing changes ..... nothing changes.

One learns over time while in recovery you have to dis-associate yourself from all this type of behavior and who you hang out with ... and your buddies.

How can two walk together least they agree?

1411 days ago


It can be claimed that she's "tested" 25 times a day, but fling a few million at the situation and it goes away. Betty Ford is no different than the useless court system... they're not influenced by her "celebrity", but by a handful of million-dollar bills.

Betty Ford is nothing like it used to be 20 years ago. Back then, they didn't install mink carpeting and diamond chandeliers for the "special" clients, nor did they give a rat's ass about special security for the so-called "elite".

For those who are counting, 67 days is plenty of time to F up to the degree that even the untouchable Lindsay Lohan won't be able to squirm out of it... or so it would seem. We'll have to wait and see.

Three (going on FOUR) years later, she STILL can't get past this, and WILL continue to screw up over and over and over again. Most here don't care that she's a lifetime drug user, but rather that she is so full of entitlement as to make us all vomit. NO ONE is entitled to a permanent career and billions of dollars for doing relatively nothing... but Lindsay's convinced that SHE is, and WILL continue to think that way as long as morons keep giving her millions to do nothing.

Even once the probation is over, that's no magic elixir... it will be only a matter of time before she blows it again. One cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. She WILL drink (like last Saturday night). She WILL continue to use cocaine, meth, opiates and barbiturates. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, Lindsay Lohan WILL perpetually use drugs until they kill her, at which point, we will have to find someone else to make fun of. Until then....

1411 days ago


The article that I read states they found no evidence or reason to believe that she did anything wrong. Stop making up news. You either have the evidence to back up your claim or you don't.

1411 days ago
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