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FBI Contacted Over Threats to Lindsay Lohan

12/20/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... the FBI is now in possession of threatening and harassing messages sent to Lindsay Lohan and other members of her family.

As we first reported, Lindsay has been receiving a variety of ominous messages ... some of which her people believe came from Britney Spears' ex BFF, Sam Lutfi.

Sources tell us Dina Lohan and Michael Jr. have also been receiving strange messages -- some of which badmouth Dina, others warning them to stay away from Lutfi and Michael Lohan.

We're told DiLo has passed along the info to the FBI -- the agency that worked with her on Ali Lohan's identity theft case -- and they're "looking into it."



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With all of the nutty garbage Dina has been selling as "exclusive" news, no wonder a nutjob is after them. If it's true, of course.

1401 days ago


Sounds to me like the Lohan's are simply desperate for attention.

1401 days ago


I've lost complete respect for Betty Ford.
All of this nonsense is happening on their watch.
This Lohan clan is costing the taxpayers federal & state
far too much money!

Imagine the trouble LL will cause when she's out of rehab!

1401 days ago


"Any text message, email or post leaves a digital imprint. Any communique from you or anybody can be traced directly to your front door.

Nothing is anonymous and you may be held accountable for your actions. Never label anyone - it's not smart."

You obviously don't know that much about the Internet or technology in general so why pretend like you do?

1401 days ago

who dat    

Your tax dollars being wasted yet again.

1401 days ago


@susan aka Dina
Dont flatter yourself.
The FBI MUST to respond to every call and make a report that falls within their duties, If Dina made a false report then she is facing serious charges.

With so much hate surrounding the Lohans, this is when families come together, but not the loony Lohans. Dina feeds off the blood of others

1401 days ago

LA Native    

All I have to add is, You reap what you sow.

1401 days ago


Just another one of the never ending Dina publicity stunts.

1401 days ago


Well, Michael has admitted to befriending Lufti and that Lufti has texted do the math here, to quote Dina. And this is Lufti's M.O. Darn, Michael is an IDIOT for hooking Lufti up with Lindsay! Is he completely out of his mind? Lindsay should never, ever talk to him again after this. Lufti is a madman stalker. Nice going, Michael you Moron!

I swear, one parent is worse than the next. This girl really has little hope of recovery with these two wing-nuts around in her life.

1401 days ago


Well, Michael has admitted to befriending Lufti and that Lufti has texted do the math here, to quote Di-nutz.

1401 days ago


DiLo's way of getting back to ML, both are idiots

1401 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

i'm finding it a tad hard to believe someone actually gives that much of a rats ass about this family...

1401 days ago


This is believable for the following reason:

It seems that Lindsay just BOUGHT the FBI, so she and Dina created this fantasy to keep the agents busy, because nothing pisses off Lindsay more that subordinates who don't jump when she snaps her wrinkled, decrepit fingers.

Her attempt to purchase the DEA never stood a chance of success, but would have been much more profitable.... for her.

1401 days ago

JJ the FBI isn't BUSY enough???

What a mess with this dysfunctional family.

Maybe if the media left them alone they would straighten up?

1401 days ago


michael lohan's statement to x17 proclaiming his and lufti's innocence in 3, 2, 1...

1401 days ago
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