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NY Jets Star

Sued for Attacking Fan ...

with Snowball

12/20/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NY Jets defensive superstar Shaun Ellis must have one hell of an arm -- because dude was just sued for firing a snowball at a Seattle Seahawks fan who claims the icy attack caused him physical and emotional pain.

The infamous snowball incident (see video below) went down in 2008 -- after the Jets lost to the Seahawks ... and were subsequently eliminated from the playoffs. 

According to the lawsuit, Ellis was bitter about the defeat ... and as he walked off the field, he "stopped, picked up a large block or chunk or packed snow ... and threw it into the crowd" ... striking a man named Robert Larsen.

In the suit, Larsen -- a Seahawks season ticket holder -- claims he had been waving a pro-Seahawks sign ... which made him a perfect snowball target.

Larsen claims Ellis said the snowball toss was "all in fun" -- but Larsen says he was seriously messed up in the incident ... and has suffered physical injury, humiliation, mental distress, pain and wage loss.

No word on how much cash Larsen is looking to rake in.

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that is worth at least 100,000....

1412 days ago


Lawson, Larsen, Larson: are these three different men?

1412 days ago


When the guy starts doing Heisman poses with the giant snow ball after he gets hit, I think he loses his argument for "pain" and "mental distress".

1412 days ago

who farted    

that was the biggest snowball I ever saw.

1412 days ago


Bravo Sierra! The only thing messed up was the way the Larson douche dropped his sign to mock the rest of the Jets players. Watch the way he suffers while pretending to carry the snow chunk. I hope Ellis files his own suit against Larson and takes him to the cleaners.

1412 days ago


yea like that guy is really suffering. give me a break. the jets guy should have went up there and kicked his wussy ass.

1412 days ago


Are you kidding me?? pain and emotional stress from a snowball? and he waits 2 years to file lawsuit?? This guy deserves to lose!!

1412 days ago


are you kidding me??? this seahawk fan should be tied up to a pole and should have any and all football fans pummel him with snow balls from about 20 feet. Ellis throwing a block of snow into the guy in which he caught and then celebrated the catch, shouldve never thrown it, but if a judge allows this clown to receive money from this....then i hope karma comes fast and hard on this so called fan of the game.

1412 days ago


He doesn't look too humiliated or physically hurt in the video dancing around.... I guess he just thought after a while "Hey I can get paid for this"

1412 days ago


Dude is holding that snowball like he just won the the world heavyweight championship belt or something. Seriously, these people that sue celebs for mental pain and all that crap should all be sent to an island and never thought of again.

1412 days ago


The guy that got hit with the snowball looks like he enjoyed it. He was holding it and celebrating. I would throw this snowball suit out the window.

1412 days ago


He is privileged to be hit by a snowball thrown by Shaun Ellis.

1412 days ago


Typical American Greedy Aholes. Instead of suing get a job you piece of crap!!!

1412 days ago


I'm sorry, but that guy didn't seem in that much distress to me at all. Seriously? He's just trying to get some money. And why is he suing now, two years later?

1412 days ago


Hi,I live in Canada where there is an abundance of snow.I've been hit so many times with snowballs throughout my life;small ones,medium ones,large ones,and some with ice and rocks! I turned out ok,no emotional loss,never had to miss a day of work because of a snowball.It was all fun,I don't remember being humiliated except for the time little Betsy put some snow down my back.Gee maybe I should have sued everyone with a bogus sham lawsuit that ever threw a snowball so I would never ever have to work again!

1412 days ago
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