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NY Jets Star

Sued for Attacking Fan ...

with Snowball

12/20/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NY Jets defensive superstar Shaun Ellis must have one hell of an arm -- because dude was just sued for firing a snowball at a Seattle Seahawks fan who claims the icy attack caused him physical and emotional pain.

The infamous snowball incident (see video below) went down in 2008 -- after the Jets lost to the Seahawks ... and were subsequently eliminated from the playoffs. 

According to the lawsuit, Ellis was bitter about the defeat ... and as he walked off the field, he "stopped, picked up a large block or chunk or packed snow ... and threw it into the crowd" ... striking a man named Robert Larsen.

In the suit, Larsen -- a Seahawks season ticket holder -- claims he had been waving a pro-Seahawks sign ... which made him a perfect snowball target.

Larsen claims Ellis said the snowball toss was "all in fun" -- but Larsen says he was seriously messed up in the incident ... and has suffered physical injury, humiliation, mental distress, pain and wage loss.

No word on how much cash Larsen is looking to rake in.

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No Avatar


yeah if they use this video...the case will be thrown out...there is no pain and suffering there...loser is lazy and just wants his money..

1374 days ago


Larson needs to man up, my 4 yr old grandson takes a harder hit then that and laughs at me.. people will make a lawsuit over anything anymore I guess....

1374 days ago

Bryan Kirckof    

Didn't look like the guy minded that much at the time.

1374 days ago


So the guy in the video who was waving her sign and hten caught hte snowball and hoisted it up in the air basically jeering the player swith it somehow suffered some sort of pain and agony so bad it didn'tbother him lifting the huge snowball?

1374 days ago


looks like the fan was posing and getting enjoyment from it that video makes cause for dismissle in court, another greedy person who needs a little more fame and money , and belive me i hate the jets i'm a dolphin fan but no money should be handed over

1374 days ago


Yeah, I think that deserves some jail time. LOL
That was funny.

1374 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Even though the fan is greedy & his case should be tossed, the typically passive-aggressive player pretends he's not going to throw it til the last second when the fan isn't looking. Sucker punch from a sucker who looks angry because his face resembles the lunar surface.

1374 days ago


He seems awfully proud of that snowball in the video... so proud in fact that he's holding it over his head and CHEERING. Then he's holding it like a cute little baby... I see NO pain or distress there at all. What a stupid ass. This video PROVES that this guy could have gotten punched in the eye and he STILL would have thought it was the COOLEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO HIM. Seroiusly, this guy should have to PAY for bringing up a BS charge against someone. He's just trying to get some easy money PLAIN AND SIMPLE. What a Dbag!!!

1374 days ago


Yeah, he looks really upset, holding the snowball and dancing around.
Lying piece of ****.

1374 days ago


the guys full of it. If he was hurt why did he carry around the big chunk of snow and it don't look like he cared.

1374 days ago


can't you guys see he is holding up the snowball saying "i'm keeping this as evidence for my lawsuit". he probably has it in a freezer somewhere lol. His "lost wages" probably resulted from him missing work because he had one too many after the game and slept through his alarm clock...

1373 days ago


I was at that game because I foolishly thought it would be Favre's last game, and was very embarassed. I live in Washington, and when the Jets came out all the fans began pelting the opposing team with snowballs from clear up in the top stands. I saw linesmen get tagged in the temple, and many other cheap shots thrown by Seattle fans. What a disgrace, I dont blame him for throwing one back!! They all deserved it.

1373 days ago


It's a growing area of sports law -- fans mixing it up with players and then whether things like hockey fights are tantamount to street fights.

1373 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

dang. sounds like a football player has to make a public announcement if they wanna engage in a 'spontaneous' snowball fight!! what a crappy card for life!!

1373 days ago


It was NOT a ****ing snowball, it was a boulder sized chunk of ice covered ****ing snow and it hurts like hell to get hit with one.

1373 days ago
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