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NY Jets Star

Sued for Attacking Fan ...

with Snowball

12/20/2010 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NY Jets defensive superstar Shaun Ellis must have one hell of an arm -- because dude was just sued for firing a snowball at a Seattle Seahawks fan who claims the icy attack caused him physical and emotional pain.

The infamous snowball incident (see video below) went down in 2008 -- after the Jets lost to the Seahawks ... and were subsequently eliminated from the playoffs. 

According to the lawsuit, Ellis was bitter about the defeat ... and as he walked off the field, he "stopped, picked up a large block or chunk or packed snow ... and threw it into the crowd" ... striking a man named Robert Larsen.

In the suit, Larsen -- a Seahawks season ticket holder -- claims he had been waving a pro-Seahawks sign ... which made him a perfect snowball target.

Larsen claims Ellis said the snowball toss was "all in fun" -- but Larsen says he was seriously messed up in the incident ... and has suffered physical injury, humiliation, mental distress, pain and wage loss.

No word on how much cash Larsen is looking to rake in.

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OFTLG!! Now you can't throw a snow ball without someone claiming to be physically and emotionally scarred because it hit them?! If #77's comment is correct perhaps the team pelted by snowballs at the beginning of the match should sue the other team for their fans assault of their players hm?! I'm damn sure a football player's physical and emotional distress from being attacked by snowballs would cost a damn site more than the fsn's in any settlement lol!!!!!

1399 days ago



1399 days ago


For a man that is supposed to be suffering pain that will keep him out of work, and for all his embarrassment, I would say he was having a pretty good time. Faker and liar.. Where is the geeky guy from Family Guy who yessls: "Hey everybody, he's a big fat phoney!"

1399 days ago


Is the guy claiming physical and mental damages the same idiot who is holding it over his head like a trophy and playing to the crowd? Yeah..he looks hurt and mentally in pain to me...suffered stupidity maybe.

1399 days ago


I LOL@this. People will sue for anything these days.

1399 days ago


Yeah he prob does have some pain involved. Did you see how big that snow ball was?????? I mean picking it up and dancing with it could toss out a back..
Guy is a d-bag how are you going to sue for getting hit with a snow ball? really?

1399 days ago


he is getting 0 dollars

not only is he not remotely hurt in the video, he is also waving a giant ball of snow to pretend he is gonna hit someone , not a flag

and he seems VERY VERY happy afterwards, so no emotional damage

case closed

1399 days ago

Levi Slaughter    

Thats CRAP!
I hope ELLIS sues his BUTT for filing A FRAUDULENT LAW SUIT and causing him STRESS and to reimburse his LEGAL FEES!
This LARSEN clown OBVIOUSLY catches the GIANT SNOWBALL from HELL and then DANCES and JEERS and even PRESSES it above his head threatening to throw it back on some OTHER JET PLAYERS. So if he is hurt in ANY WAY at all, it's because the IDIOT was showing off by raising it over his head and showing off!
And WHY DID it TAKE 2 YEARS to FILE a LAWSUIT? He was HOPING all of the VIDEOS of that day would disappear by now I am sure!
I WISH people would start getting SUED BACK IN RETURN for their FRAUDULENT LAWSUITS... this would save the tax-payers ALOT and either put these OBVIOUS SCAMMERS in JAIL or at LEAST keep them from RIPPING OFF honest hard working people just because they have the MONEY or the INSURANCE! PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE THE S***-BAGS they ARE! FANS AROUND THE WORLD... FIND THIS LARSEN MAN and SHOW HIM HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THIS DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR OF HIS!

1399 days ago


Let them die... haha

1399 days ago


What a bum the judge should award him to be taken to town square and stoned!

1399 days ago


That's MY DAD Robert Larsen..and he's ****ing awesome for this **** :)

1399 days ago


I wouldn't exactly call Ellis a superstar or even a star.

1399 days ago


Wow, although he should not have done that, the guy to be so hurt and humiliated, sure was dancing aroud like he was haveing a good old time. He was even holding the snow chunck that Larsen threw at him. Just another broke no-body trying to extort money from a rich athlete. Get a life dude, you were not hurt OR embarrassed by this, because you would not have reacted the way you did. I SAY HE SHOULD GET AND BE HAPPY WITH $100.00 OR NOTHING AT ALL......

1399 days ago


I meant that Ellis threw at Larsen, my bad..... major typo

1399 days ago


You know when you have a "my 8th grader is an honor student" on your Subaru, you should be tying yourself to a tree in the forest to save the spotted owl, not going to a football game. That is where many-men go. Mental distress? You puss-bag.

1399 days ago
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