TMZ Live -- Dr. Drew and Rachel Uchitel Stop By!!!

12/20/2010 5:30 PM PST
Awesome TMZ Live today!!! Dr. Drew was in the house, tearing apart WikiLeaks honcho Julian Assange ... and Rachel Uchitel dropped in to talk about her dog poop victory!

TMZ Live had two awesome guests today -- Dr. Drew from "Celebrity Rehab" blasted WikiLeaks honcho Julian Assange ... and Rachel Uchitel joined us to celebrate her victory in the case of the mysterious doggy-doo.

We're also took your questions on everything else ... including --

-- Eli Roth's second victory in TMZ's annual "Jew Not a Jew" contest
-- Jermaine Jackson's child support problems 
-- A booze-filled rager at Lindsay Lohan's Betty Ford pad
-- Ne-Yo calling Michael Jackson's new album a "travesty"
-- Rachel Uchitel is single ... and training to be a detective
-- Giants kicked Matt Dodge blows the game against Philly
-- Justin Bieber
and Selena Gomez dating
-- And TMZ Fit Club's suggestions for nailing those salty cravings!