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Betty Ford Staffer Fired For Talking to TMZ

12/21/2010 8:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Holland, the woman who told TMZ Lindsay Lohan hurt her bad, was fired 30 minutes ago by Betty Ford officials.


Holland tells us a honcho from B.F. told her she violated patient confidentiality and was therefore terminated from her job as a chemical dependency tech, which paid $1,784.74 a month.

Holland says she told the official, "I didn't feel you had my back. When you placed me on administrative leave you were investigating me, and 9 times out of 10 that means the employee will be fired."

Holland says the official responded, "We wanted you to keep this quiet."

As for why Holland spoke with TMZ, she says, "The story was already way out there in the open before I spoke.  If Lindsay is allowed to say, 'Fire that bitch,' I should be able to defend myself."


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Oh, and for the racial bull**** in this forum...GROW UP. People are people whether striped or wearing polka-dots. It's nasty racial statements like #78 that constantly deflect an issue to an area it does not belong.

Black, white, purple or green...your humanity is what shines through...or not in some cases, for every shade.

1400 days ago

All Abored    

What I do not understand and is completely "out there" as far as polict is concerned is why patients and I mean any patients were allowed away from the facility, un escirted by treatment center personnel. Yes patients do go to the movies ( certain stages of their program recovery or to outside meeetings to see how they work but to let patients just go is unheard of...I do not know a single treatment center that allws patients to leave on their own with a curfew unless it is a halway house situation. There's alot here I don't get. The real professional places dont have their staff confront and yell, let alone physically confront patients. There are so many people in these programs who go to meetings and could do a better job than most staff especially at the Betty Ford Country club. Peeps dont even have to be recovering to get employment. There's a ton I can say but to let patients out without a staff sounds like betty Forn is exactly why peeps have no respect for it. It's a joke and a money mill. Too bad too. Betty Ford was a lady of high integrity. I can't and wont mention any other treatment center names but this would never happen. There's gotta be some standards set and go no farther for input to te peeps who suit up and show up at meeting to make coffee or just lend a kind word. These "professionals" ruin the process. Just go to meetings. You get more honesty, more fun and ya make friends for life. I'd be ashamed if I were the heirarchy of Betty Ford. Maybe it's an isolated incident but I've heard others say it dozens of times.

1400 days ago


TMZ you paied 10,000 for an interview with this Betty Ford Staffer?? I can't believe you guys did that! I wont read TMZ anymore.


1400 days ago


OH! TMZ U CAN PAY 10,000$ FOR AN INTERVIEW? ok i got alot of ceeelebrity juicy informations and tips for u? how much will u guys be payig e? ps reply me or contact me now immesiately, i got a hot tip for u

1400 days ago

All Abored    

yea ok LL has a history but if you confront her what do you think is gonna happen..I'm not sticking up for herleting patients out by themselves...shesh why dint they juts roll a few half barrels inside the

1400 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

sue tmz!!! :DDD i'm sure harvey needs something to do!!!

1400 days ago

All Abored    

im done its obvious 99,9999% of the peeps commenting arent on the program and are missing the issue. Its ok you just dont get it...TMZ, although Betty Ford comes off as a joke your integrity and energy are in the out.

1400 days ago


What happens in a medical or rehab facility should be confidential and the workers there should know better than to break confidentiality. She hasn't got a leg to stand on regarding the confidentiality rule.She lost a pretty good paycheck because of her loose tongue.Lots of people looking for work so her spot should be easy to fill.

1400 days ago

All Abored    

This bimbo got 10 grand but her ego doesnt get how much damage she's done and what those places (if run properly) are all about. These days with all the reality shows and instant ways to tell each other off, I'm not suprised. We'll be lucky if we make it to 2015 (as a planet!!!) Dag what a zoo!!

1400 days ago


I thought these kinds of things only happen at the RENFREW Center, where the admissions staff and executive management routinely snoop through personal information about clients and then gossip and make fun of them.

1400 days ago

All Abored    

The employee says "Holland says she told the official, "I didn't feel you had my back. When you placed me on administrative leave you were investigating me, and 9 times out of 10 that means the employee will be fired." other words it was tit for tat and "I'll show you". She's someone who lost sight of the big picture just so she could get hers...typical I'll show you vindictivness. Instead of having patience like a professional she got emotional which is like someone who reacts like they have a hood pass. It's amazing how fast we take things to the street level but what do you expect when the favorite TV shows are all about that...Betty Ford I am disgusted with you...shame shame shame on you..yea the binbo deserves the axe but are addicts out with a curfew...I'm just baffled...I really am....I guess you gotta kiss the butts of the rich and aimless. LL aint no saint but this was a time bomb ready to go off...."Drop the Bravos at 30 feet then Climb" is out!!

1400 days ago


$1784 a month?? yikes

1400 days ago


This woman should have kept her trap shut.

1400 days ago


Good! These kind of people are always trying to get away with all kinds of crap and/or get a handout. Typical tnb on TMZ.

1400 days ago


Whatever the story is this woman should have kept her trap shut.

1400 days ago
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