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Betty Ford Staffer Fired For Talking to TMZ

12/21/2010 8:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dawn Holland, the woman who told TMZ Lindsay Lohan hurt her bad, was fired 30 minutes ago by Betty Ford officials.


Holland tells us a honcho from B.F. told her she violated patient confidentiality and was therefore terminated from her job as a chemical dependency tech, which paid $1,784.74 a month.

Holland says she told the official, "I didn't feel you had my back. When you placed me on administrative leave you were investigating me, and 9 times out of 10 that means the employee will be fired."

Holland says the official responded, "We wanted you to keep this quiet."

As for why Holland spoke with TMZ, she says, "The story was already way out there in the open before I spoke.  If Lindsay is allowed to say, 'Fire that bitch,' I should be able to defend myself."


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There are two issues here, and they're not interdependent.

Dawn Holland is obligated to not disclose any information about patients being treated at the facility where she worked. Period.

Whether or not Lindsay Lohan drunk, assaulted Dawn Holland, or is more trouble than she's worth is a matter for the courts to decide.

If Dawn Holland felt she had to cir***vent the courts, and even her own employer's internal investigation, she certainly has that right - but not while continuing to be employed. I just can't wait until TMZ catches her bowling while on worker's compensation disability for her wrist.

1379 days ago


this woman violated a federal law related to confidentiality in A&D treatment. period

1379 days ago


The woman was injured by Lindsay and filed a reort. THAT is a matter of public record.

Stating what cir***stances led up to the assault is not necessarily a violation of confidentiality.
Dawn Holland has a very good case.
She can also sue Lindsay privately for hurting her. Lindsay had better settle this one out of court.

1379 days ago


The Lohanks are certainly a violent bunch. Luckily this poor woman didn't run into Papa Lohank. He would have hit her with his shoe.

1379 days ago


This woman knew she was breaking all rules of confidentiality by talking to TMZ. TMZ does not deserve the razzing for listening to and reporting what she said. I am no fan of Lilo in any way, but seems to me this broad is looking for her 15 minutes of fame, got it, and now has to face the consequences. The rules of confidentiality have to be observed, she didn't and she deserved the firing. Seems to be lots of holes in her story. Hoping that her comp claim is carefully watched, too much abuse of the system, I should know, used to be a comp nurse

1379 days ago


Only $1800 a month to put up with drunks and druggies? No way! I'd tell them to take that job and shove it.

1379 days ago


1784 a month ? No wonder she sold her story to TMZ for $10,000.

I guess if you work at the poverty line, you'll have less respect for the rich folks you're supposed to be helping.

1379 days ago

all about the money    

Actually Betty Ford had no choice but to fire this lady. If she gave out patient information that is a violation of HIPPA and Betty Ford could be fined up to $250,000 for the incident. To protect themselves they had to fire her. Heck Lilo could still file a HIPPA violation on Betty Ford and the staffer for violating her patient information and either or both could still get fined by the Feds.

1379 days ago


Can you say 'scapegoat'.

1378 days ago


loser!!!!!, nobody messes with Miss Lohan ... she is a rock star!!!

1378 days ago


She should have waited to be fired. Then, she could sue the BF clinic for wrongful termination. Now, because she went public with patient information, she can be sued by LL for violating HIPAA privacy rules.

1378 days ago

Robert Trudeau    

yeah Dawn applied for the job and knew the rules.... no talking about patients..... even if a patient talked about her there is no NURSE CONFIDENTIALITY law.....that law is there to protect everyone, even you Dawn.... you probably can still sue BF and LiLo, but forget about working at another classy hospital like BF, that ignorant "she said it so i can too" sh** doesn't fly once you get out of middle school Dawn, i don't care how many times LiLo called you a b**** or your husband hit you, you ain't the one paying a ton of money to 'get cured', LiLo is

1378 days ago


The problem with the statement "Fire that bitch", is speculated by pap's. I do not believe for one moment, Lindsay or her reps would report this comment to TMZ or any of the Paps. TMZ and other celeb sites, all create headings to attract attention, not necessarily coments made by the celeb or individual. So, as far as I'm concerned this woman has no case based on that. In fact, I can tell by her repeating this "Faux Title", she is a TMZ fan. She should have been fired. Professionally, you do not attack patients are not vulnerable and patient care should always stand in front of an employee's anger. She was out of line and made some very bad decisions.

1378 days ago


What is wrong with the world today? Betty Ford firing someone for quoting a name that everyone following any kind of news already knew was in the Betty Ford Clinic. She was not there anonymously.

1378 days ago


The Betty Ford employee deserved to be fired and if Lindsay Lohan was smart she should have demanded it. The BF employee violated Lindsay Lohan's HIPAA Privacy.

1378 days ago
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