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Lindsay Lohan: I'm The Victim!!!

12/22/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan claims the Betty Ford staffer who now claims she's the victim of battery was so abusive she made Lindsay cry.

Lindsay Lohan Assault
Lindsay is squarely disputing the story chemical dependency technician Dawn Holland told TMZ ... that Lindsay attacked her and caused her to sprain her arm so severely she's on workers' comp.  Lindsay says, for starters, she wasn't even with her two roommates hours before the incident.  Lindsay says she was out getting her hair done.

Lindsay is telling her friends and family, when she returned to the house, Holland grabbed her abruptly and pushed her so hard, Lindsay began to cry.

Lindsay says that's when she went inside the house and called 911.

As for refusing to take a breathalyzer, Lindsay says she actually asked Holland to give her a test but Holland refused.

Lindsay claims there were not only witnesses that saw everything ... there are surveillance cameras to prove her story.

Michael Lohan also defended Lindsay ... by saying she was just acting in self defense.



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There's no surveillance video and the Lohan's know it.

1366 days ago


Poor Lindsay Lohan, doesn't even realized she has one foot into an early grave and the other heading towards the slammer-- sliding fast in both directions. Perhaps she do realize and just too stupid to even care enough to do anything about it.

Hey Lindsay if you're reading this you better choose. Prison, life or death?

1366 days ago


Honestly the health care worker might be in more trouble than what she barganed for. There is such a thing as privacy laws(HIPAA) that she has broken by coming forward and talking about Lohan while she was in treatment. Breaking those laws could give the health care worker jail time and fines to pay. It does not matter if Lohan is famous, once in treatment she has the same right to those privacy laws as anyone else. She has every right to expect it to. How would you all feel if someone just opened up your medical records and privacy information and spilled it to your boss or strangers.

1366 days ago


If Lindslie want to beat up black chicks, and they her, imagine

the fun she'll have in prison where she belongs.
Won't be an end in sight of black chicks who now want to fight her.
Even when she gets out there will be black chicks now who will want to fight her.


1366 days ago


Lohan, is her own victim. Her attitude is still her crap don't stink. I don't believe that woman would loose her job over Lohan.

It would not surprise me if she screws up at the last minute would not be the first time. She can do rehab take 6.

She is not that good of an actress and certinly not insurible. No one will take that risk not when millions of dollars are at steak. People keep referring back to Mean Girls what was that 7-8 years ago. That movie Gerogia Rules she was completly unprofessional and a major pain in the ass. She blew her chance for the Linda Lovelace movie at the last minute. Her clothing line is not doing well.

Where is this money comming from?

1366 days ago


So sick of Michael Lohan spamming ROL and now TMZ. There was no alchohol test done on Lilo next morning and even if it was one done it was several hours after.
Used to like Lindsay and I was at her side all the time until now. She just proved for all times what a disrepectfull brat she is. I never even watch a movie with her again.

1366 days ago


I have said this from the beginning Lohan needs hard core jail and not for 20 minutes. No way she would get away with this crap in jail.

1366 days ago


Sad sad wrote: DK No. I don't think it's odd for her to get her hair done that late.

I'm sorry, sad sad, but not where she is located. Obviously, one does not have to climb a wall, in the dead of night(escape), to get their hair done. She just couldn't keep up the 'good girl' act any longer. Lindsey will never get better until she starts to accept some facts about herself. And that is the saddest part of all.

1366 days ago


Has Lindsay ever heard of the kid who cried wolf? What are people from rehab going to a bar anyway? That is one of the first things taught when you are in recovery not to hang out at those places. This just shows Linds is not serious about recovery. I believe the staff member over her at this point until the video's come out.

1366 days ago


That crazy ass bitch is known for her violent temper.
She doesn’t need rehab. This girl is damaged, and she needs to be removed from society locked up.

1366 days ago


Never knew you could get your hair done at 1:00 in the morning!

1366 days ago


wonder if dawn is hot looking???

1366 days ago


I don't believe for one minute that Lindsey is THAT innocent. With her being who she is she should have just complied and did the test and be done with it. The tech is a piece of work. She broke the HIPPA law and should be fired but I believe she probably did more than what she should have done and now she's claiming to have been hurt on the job? B.S.

1366 days ago


I've already had enough of this story. I wish Lohan would just go away already. ... and you could put anyone of the family members name in front of that statement and it would still be fact.

1366 days ago


I think the reason this employee thought she could get away with this is because of Lindsey's reputation. I hope for her sake and all the other people not in the public eye working to get sober this Holiday Season best wishes.

1366 days ago
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