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Lindsay Lohan to Betty Ford: Fire that B**ch!

12/21/2010 4:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan will file a formal complaint against the woman who triggered a criminal investigation against the famous rehabber ... TMZ has learned.


Sources connected with Lindsay tell us Lindsay is adamant ... the staffer whom she pushed earlier this month was the instigator, berating Lindsay and grabbing her before LiLo pushed her.

As TMZ first reported ... the staffer has told cops she wants Lindsay prosecuted for battery.

Lindsay wants Betty Ford to take action against the staffer ... stat. 



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This is classic addict behavior. She takes no responsibility for her own actions, blames the the victim, and has lots of excuses. Her mother Dina is her worst enemy. Dina is a world class enabler. If she truly loved her daughter as a human being, instead of as a income stream, she'd quit making excuses for her daughter and expect and help her to admit her addictions and get cleaned up. The same can be said of lindsays fans and defenders. If you really cared about this person you'd take the blinders off. She's a young person vigorously in the process of destroying herself. Your idolization of this person is part of the problem.

1370 days ago


If the employee provided the name of a patient at the facility to the public, she broke a law, which would be a terminating event.
It's happened at UCLA and other hospitals.
Yes Lindsey Lohan is too whiney to tolerate, however as a patient she has the right to privacy and that includes the right to NOT have an employee state she is a patient at that facility.

Let the legal system decide if she actually "battered" the employee. To me, (my own opinion) the employee seems to be trying to gain from any incident, but will lose in the long run. By providing the information to the media prior to an investigation ruins her credibility.

1370 days ago


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1370 days ago


The question should not be if the staffer touched her first. It should be did she and her friends break the rules again by being out drinking or not. And how did it come to pass that the staffer was even called to possibly administer a breath test. Have the security personnel made any statements as to what happened. The clinics for the rich are starting too lose there good name. If this young lady cannot be put on total lock down the purpose is defeated from the start. Drugs and alcohol keep her in the news. Will one of your family members have too be killed or seriously hurt by this out of control promi before she is cured. Rehab is something you must want for yourself. Real jail time may be just what the doctor ordered

1370 days ago


love her, lindsay call me.

1369 days ago


You know, if this heffa' would have followed the rules, that she agreed to keep........... and kept her tail out of the bar and made a SENSIBLE choice she would not be in this situation. As far as Ms Holland, she should be reprimanded and maybe suspended for breaking the confidentiality policy BUT not fired.
Lohan created this mess and her mom enables her.

1369 days ago


I am nine years sober thanks to the Betty Ford Center. I lived on the so called Daisy Lane with three other room mates in a house. The days are filled with therapy and recovery on campus and we learned to live as sober human beings, respectfully, with each other in the houses. There is on campus rehab and shared homes at the center. There is a curfew, there are AA meetings and there is a lot of fellowship. I saw miracles at Betty Ford, and I am one of them. Its hard to get sober and if you do, it is a day by day conscious decision to stay sober. The only problem here, besides the very "public" persona involved and all the extra effort it takes to keep a shield up (we had them in our community as well) is that the staff member did what is ABSOLUTLEY prohibited-talked about a patient and destroyed confidentiality. A lot happens in recovery, it has bumps and dips. But it depends on knowing your room mates will never talk about you identifiably, your techs will never talk about you identifiably and you will be given the space and tools to heal in confidence. Neither Ms. Lohan or her room mates should ever have been outed. Kudos to Betty Ford Center for immediately firing the one person who should have had the moral and intellectual sobriety to keep her mouth shut. I am eternally grateful to the center and the life it saved and simultaneously gave me. I pray for Lindsay.

1369 days ago


PS Lindsay. Don't let "her" behavior become an excuse for "yours". You know what I mean...

1369 days ago


Lindsay didn't take the drug test until hours later. Enough time for them to pass through her system. Lindsay needs to learn that she is on a short path to self destruction and she is not that relevant of a star at this point to make demands.

1366 days ago


Staffer is in it for the MONEY. I don't particularly like Lohan (then again I've never met her) but this absolutely SCREAMS "making a buck" off a rich celebrity.

1366 days ago


Lindsay Lohan has a history of violent outbursts including ramming into someone while chasing them.

I worked in a rehab facility and many of them can get violent. It seemed that the richer they were or more famous they were, the more difficult they could be.

I remember one guy swinging a chair at me from behind but I saw it and ducked. Nothing happened to him and he tried to blame me for it saying I made him do it.

Lohan will spend her life off and on in drug rehabs and her fame is going to be fleeting. Nominal if any talent, with a huge drug problem.

1363 days ago


i am tried of Lindsay she is nothing but trouble she has all kinds of chances to do better i use to feel sorry for but i don't anymore she is a piece of trash that woman not have been fired because Lindasy has show her ass on tv and everything els she need to go somewhere she is wash up period

1360 days ago


Hello you don't jump a ****ing wall to go drink then jump back in to not get caught. and if your approached the staffer went back in the house Lindsay called 911 the staffer got the phone ripped out of her had. Lindsay did the battery. Lindsay did the drinking and Is on probation with the judge in he First Place. She is NOT an angel like she tries to percieve.

1357 days ago

melanie mitchell    

is the clinic/dry-out a JOKE???? a pass for the evening for a night out on the town, jail would be a more effective clinic for Ms. Lohan, would keep her out of jewelery stores for sure

1323 days ago
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