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Lindsay Lohan Incident Report: Blow-By-Blow

12/21/2010 11:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the incident report Lindsay Lohan's alleged victim sent to officials at the Betty Ford Clinic ... and the allegations of violence are even more serious than first reported.


Dawn Holland
-- whom TMZ interviewed Tuesday afternoon -- wrote her report 6 hours after her showdown with Lindsay at Betty Ford.  Holland says during the heat of the argument, Lindsay "threw the phone ... I threw up my left hand to block it and then she grabbed my right hand and tried to snatch the phone that I had up to my ear, then called me a 'C__T B___H.'"

As TMZ first reported, Holland was called in by BF security to do a breathalyzer test on Lindsay and her two roommates after they returned from a night of partying past curfew.

According to the incident report, it was Dina Lohan who told Lindsay over the phone no one had to submit to a breathalyzer test.  Holland writes one of the roommates admitted drinking, and then went into Lindsay's bedroom and Lindsay "yelled at me that she was talking to her mother and her mother told her she didn't have to breathalize, she asked me if I wanted to speak to her mother but would never hand me the phone."

In the report Holland says she told Lindsay -- whose code name at the clinic is Bella G. -- "You know that I could press charges against you for putting your hands on me.  And she replied 'Oh, you want money.'"


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Somewhere Joe Jackson is smiling.

1365 days ago


Why hasn't Betty Ford done anything to Lindsay? IMHO, the California "Rehab" system could use a serious dose of reality! They're getting publicity, and her's all disgusting and sad; she'll be dead sooner than later, simple as that

1365 days ago

get real    

This Worker Dawn Holland? Did she do an Interview with TMZ? Against All rules of an Employee at a rehab center let alone Betty Ford. BF Center Costs Thousands a Month. Any Employee that talks to press is Lookin for some Quick cash.. This Women with the Long Claws is out on Comp ? LOL. She is lookin for EZ Cash. Next will be a Suit against Lindsey.. Cash Cash Cash.. The Women with The Long Claws is Lookin for a Quick Pay day. She was waiting for this day to come. Alot of Celebs at the BF center. BF would have Video survalance tapes. Did Linsey Jumpa fence? Check the security Tapes. Case Closed. If so. Its Jail for the Linds.

1365 days ago


This is a big deal. Judge Fox needs to know she left the facility without permission and then refused a test upon return. The facility has an obligation to report these events.

She chose rehab over jail, and she has to follow the facility's rules. There are consequences for breaking the rules. Lindsay's behavior, as described by her victim, is disgusting. However, it's consistent with the self-centered, entitled, spoiled behavior we've seen over and over from Lindsay Lohan.

1365 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

If Dina told her to refuse the test then she will be the one that buys her daughter jail time. Dina, how could you do that to your child? A dirty test and throw yourself on the mercy of the court, but an outright refusal is an automatic dirty and that is what you tell your girl to do? That judge just might shred her and your offered her up.

1365 days ago


Coke and booze together makes people aggressive and stupid. When will we hear the 911 tapes? My guess is that they will be the proof needed to hang Lindsay in the cooler for a while.

Why didn't they get all the goodies about what Lindsay was doing upstairs?

BF should have tested her completely as per their protocols. Assaulting staff is usually grounds for baring a patient from the facility...and back to jail Lindsay goes!

1365 days ago


I wish this woman would have beat the f*** out of Lindsay Lohan.She would have been a national hero.

1365 days ago


Lindsey: The way your going you are not going to have any money left. You will eventlly be poor, have to go on medicaid and ssi and ssdi. You will also have to give up any assests you have. It is not a fun place to be.

I have had a disability since childhood and I am not an alcoholic, drug addict have no criminal history,but I like everyone else am not perfect and have isues. I had difficulty at home and with the tension in my household had left home at 17. I had to leave home because it was affecting my mental healh and I was bullyed in school.

My treatmnt was helpful to me and I learned alot.I had many good people helping me and I still do. I have goten stronger over the years and have over come many obstacles. I have been out of the hospital 3 years(not alot). I went back to school at 40 and went to college. Got my GED, A.A.S and very close to my B.S n Public Health. College was a big help to me in many ways. I learned things in the classroom as well as outside the classroom and I toughned my skin. The problem I am having now is geting a decent job and gettng people to respect me and give me a chance. I sometimes feel I may need two Masters degree's before anyone respects me and gives me that chance. It has been a very big struggle to get out of this mental heath sytem. I have a loving boyfriend and I thank G_D for him as he helps me keep my chin up and gets me laughing again. The point I am trying to make lindsey is you need to GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Maybe I was in the hospital one too many times and maybe it is too late for me. I was a goof off like you I did not take my treatment seriously and I m suffering many consequences. The cir***stances that happened when I was young that led me to the hospital were not my fault but maybe I could have gotten it together when I was in my 20's instead of my 40's and this part may be my fault. But despite my difficulty, I am not giving up and making things harder for myself like you seem o e doing. I am trying to make my life easier so people will regognize me and the smart, talented, pleasant person I am.

I hope my story has a positive impact on you. I am not an alcoholic, drug addict or criminal and I have a different set of problems. I just wish that you would settle down and start complying with your treatment. You can do it. There is no shame in having a problem but not learning from it is and becomes a big problem and t will hurt you in the future. It took me a while to master and get control of my life. I wish you well and I hope things change for the better for you. I don't judge you because I know you have a problem just like I had problems. Please try to do what you can to get yourself together now and not when your 40.

I want to see you in the movies again and read about your next flick not you most recent court appearance.

Get it together so it is not dificult for you like it is for me.

1365 days ago


@grandma cracker
She still took the test and passed. Lindsay wasn't even with them when they were drinking.
This woman just wants money/fame
Lndsay only has 13 days left Betty Ford will want this to disappear

1365 days ago


Why the f is Betty Ford allowing patients go out for a 'night on the town' when they are in re-hab? And why aren't they chaperoned with a buddy?

It seems like all the good news about Lindsay was all PR spin. This girl is complete trouble, a dram queen and seriously spoiled.

No producer is going to put up with her and this continued behavior. I think she is going to have a VERY difficult time getting hired for anything because she will be un-insurable.

1365 days ago


Sister be look'n for some green. The whole thing is a total farce and it obviously isn't working. Let her go and figure out herself if she wants to waste her life away.

1365 days ago


First of all, you jerks making accusations against Dawn just because of the color of her skin are *******s. Not saying she isn't trying to make a buck, but 80% of the people out there would sue if they were attacked by a celebrity, regardless of what race they are. Lindsay KNEW she was in trouble. Why would she jump the fence and refuse the breathalyzer if she was innocent? Doesn't matter anyway - if the judge says she is guilty, she will just do two or three days in her private cell and then go to some other rehab program. Rinse and repeat...

1365 days ago


Revoke probation, and send her dumb ass back to jail where she belongs. Code name "Bella G"? Bella means beautiful, there is nothing beautiful about this ho'. Some one go slap that judge who approved her leaving jail. She is what she is.

1365 days ago


Wonder if she calls to Dina wipe her a$$ after a healthy crap too. This Ho needs to grow up.

1365 days ago

Mary Ann    

Well, if she had just gone to jail instead of rehab, she would have been out in two weeks, and still would have had a job in the Lovelace movie. What an idiot.

1365 days ago
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