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Lindsay Lohan Incident Report: Blow-By-Blow

12/21/2010 11:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a copy of the incident report Lindsay Lohan's alleged victim sent to officials at the Betty Ford Clinic ... and the allegations of violence are even more serious than first reported.


Dawn Holland
-- whom TMZ interviewed Tuesday afternoon -- wrote her report 6 hours after her showdown with Lindsay at Betty Ford.  Holland says during the heat of the argument, Lindsay "threw the phone ... I threw up my left hand to block it and then she grabbed my right hand and tried to snatch the phone that I had up to my ear, then called me a 'C__T B___H.'"

As TMZ first reported, Holland was called in by BF security to do a breathalyzer test on Lindsay and her two roommates after they returned from a night of partying past curfew.

According to the incident report, it was Dina Lohan who told Lindsay over the phone no one had to submit to a breathalyzer test.  Holland writes one of the roommates admitted drinking, and then went into Lindsay's bedroom and Lindsay "yelled at me that she was talking to her mother and her mother told her she didn't have to breathalize, she asked me if I wanted to speak to her mother but would never hand me the phone."

In the report Holland says she told Lindsay -- whose code name at the clinic is Bella G. -- "You know that I could press charges against you for putting your hands on me.  And she replied 'Oh, you want money.'"


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That entire family is a train wreck. Mother, daughter, father should all be roommates at Betty Ford and the Younger Lohan's in custody of the state. Put Lindsay in jail in general population once and for all, either that or give her enough dope to OD so we dont have to hear about her anymore.

1372 days ago


i'm glad i'm poor and my mom don't like me,less problems in life...

1372 days ago


They need to put Dina & Lindsay down like they put down an old, dying, useless to society dog.

1372 days ago


Way to take your practice seriously Dawn! Whatever happened to patient confidentiality????? Obviously there are holes in this story and probably a little bit of truths to both stories but this ridiculous woman is out running her mouth to the press!!!! STFU! DUMBASS! She probably does want money and Lindsay should sue her and BF for discussing patient issues publicly! Lindsay is sick and this woman is in a position that I'm sure this has happened before...probably worse but all of a sudden Lindsay Lohan is there and she can't handle it??? Please fire that liability bitch!

1372 days ago


Well if there are this many witness then Lindsay's a** should go to jail pronto.

1372 days ago


I don't know why we're all trying so hard to "fix" them....Let mom and kid both to their own devices and they will self-implode within weeks. Good riddance.

1372 days ago


I can't believe that people think that can say and do whatever that want and there will not be any punishment! This BF worker cannot even spell correctly!! She honestly thinks she can do or say anything she wants and people will believe her just because of Lindsay's past. What a piece of trash! She just wants money. Her divorce papers alone are enough to prove she is violent. Besides, if Lindsay really was getting her hair done, (witnesses are backing up her story)then she would not have refused a breathalizer!!

1372 days ago

carl clark    

sounds like bella g. wanted a taste of linds, and linds said no, so bella g. was going to give her a tainted bac, and the staff at BF is covering up. Where's linds? Is she not allowed to talk? Is there a bar in the parking lot at BF or what.

I say this is total BS.

1372 days ago


Sorry, but this guard (year, I know they call her something else at the "clinic") sounds and sounds just like one of those surly humps you sometimes encounter at the TSA. Plus this one has a lot more power over a customer (oh, right: "patient"). My guess is that Ms. Lohan is the victim in this particular case.

1372 days ago

The Doc Is In    

Obvious that patient privacy means nothing at Betty Ford.
Shut it down.

1372 days ago


Enough of this little punk. Send her away.

1372 days ago


i don't even want to read it, full of lies loho doesn't know when to stop and she doesn't seem to care. Hollywood Be Done With Her.
we are

1372 days ago


Sounds like have Lindsay is up to her old tricks already. Denial is a hard thing to break.

1372 days ago


Hang this bitch from the highest jail cell, will ya. This poor women has lost her job because this bitch can not conform to anything. While you are at it put the mother and father in the same boat and ship them to China.

1372 days ago


To Lindsay I say: Party on, girl. **** these Puritan *******s on here.

1372 days ago
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