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Lindsay Lohan -- Suspect in Criminal Battery Case

12/21/2010 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is a suspect in a criminal battery investigation and the alleged victim -- a staff member at Betty Ford -- wants Lindsay prosecuted ... this according to law enforcement sources.


The Palm Desert Police Department is now investigating an altercation that occurred after Lindsay and her roommates reportedly went to a bar and came back home.  Upon arriving at the house, the incident with a female staffer from Betty Ford allegedly went down.

The police received a call at 1:03 AM on December 12 for "hand-to-hand battery."

Cops came to Betty Ford after receiving the call and interviewed both the staffer and Lindsay.  We're told the staffer "desired prosecution."

We're told when the police finish the investigation, the case will be forwarded to prosecutors for review.


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#72 there are 3 sides to every story. Yours, mine, and the truth!

1405 days ago


It wasn't a pass it was a curfew which she had because she was doing the sober/transitional living.

You keep mentioning the 12 month faith based program in regards to Lindsay and Paris but even IF they agreed to it then how exactly would the courts put that into practice its ridiculous and that ship has well and truly sailed.

1405 days ago


She went to a bar while in treatment!??

1405 days ago


The "Staffer" was the poor employee attempting to make Lindsay take a blood test for alcohol and drugs after a night of binging. Lindsay attacked her with whatever was close, evidently some sort of knife.

I lived in Palm Springs from 1988-1992 and my boss [at the time] attended Betty Ford twice in one year. He had a major Cocaine addiction and his dad paid the bill [the owner of the company].

All that I know is he came back to work more addicted than when he left both times, and he told me it was easier to score at Betty Ford than at home. I guess he wasn't lying...

1405 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Lindsay is a NUTCASE. Throw her in Jail already. I'm still reeling from what she wrote on her fingernail when she appeared in front of the Judge. She hasn't reached rock bottom and she won't until she spends at least 6 months in Jail - preferably longer. She looks older than my 60 year old mother - I'm not kidding.

1405 days ago


You have to understand, Betty Ford is the clinic of choice for every drug addled Hollywood leftover because they have an entirely different set of rules than a real clinic, for example the one she recently transferred from. Besides, there was no pesky ankle bracelet to bother with.

Rancho Mirage is one of the biggest party towns you've ever seen, especially if you are a Celebrity. Downtown gets crazy on the weekends, and with someone like Lindsay the bar is comping her whatever she can throw down for the publicity.

A special shout out to Betty Ford for providing a place to party with her friends after they kicked her out of the bar. I love that nobody saw Lindsay doing anything or drinking anything.

That's why she tried to stab the nurse giving her a blood test, because she was sober as a judge, and clean as a whistle.

1405 days ago

Sal from NY    

Lindsay Lohan, Jersey Shore, all distractions. As the Mainstream Media creates illusions, the US gov’t (and their corp. friends),start more illegal wars, ban books like “America Deceived II” and bail out banks.
Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

1405 days ago


When America's new mantra is "everything for everybody all the time" we will continue to develop The Hiltons and Lohans. Hey, if it feels good, do it! Right?

1405 days ago


This chick is a walking breathing intervention episode.

Man I've known a couple of these kinds of people and they all die. Sad.... all to get wasted. Even with everything she has to live for.

1405 days ago


Low class loser.

1405 days ago

Arturo de Gheaube    

Who cares about celebrities.

Get with the story and read the lies of the NEw York Times :

1405 days ago


First off if she's leaving and going to a BAR then that tells me this moron has no intention of getting straight. Enough time and effort has been wasted on her. Turn her loose and let Darwin do his thing.

1405 days ago


In a sober living situation when you are out and return you have to give a urine test. I would bet when LL returned and the staffer said she needed a urine test, Lindsay became very violent and shoved her around.

Lindsay was late and I'd bet had a few. She knew this would once again out her and return her to the courtroom wherein she'd be sentenced to jail.

The staffer was only doing what she had to do but this young woman who is clearly still in denial just thinks the world revolves around her. She thinks she can get around anyone or anything.

This scenario fits.

1405 days ago


She's not our little girl anymore...

As a lawyer who has represented drug addicts for slightly more than 20 years: prosecution, court supervision and the threat of jail is absolutely required to save their lives.

1405 days ago


She is a dope addicted tydyed bimbo of the first magnitude. I am tired of hearing about her. The sooner she switches to crack and starts selling herself the better.

1405 days ago
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