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Lindsay Lohan -- Suspect in Criminal Battery Case

12/21/2010 2:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is a suspect in a criminal battery investigation and the alleged victim -- a staff member at Betty Ford -- wants Lindsay prosecuted ... this according to law enforcement sources.


The Palm Desert Police Department is now investigating an altercation that occurred after Lindsay and her roommates reportedly went to a bar and came back home.  Upon arriving at the house, the incident with a female staffer from Betty Ford allegedly went down.

The police received a call at 1:03 AM on December 12 for "hand-to-hand battery."

Cops came to Betty Ford after receiving the call and interviewed both the staffer and Lindsay.  We're told the staffer "desired prosecution."

We're told when the police finish the investigation, the case will be forwarded to prosecutors for review.


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Another story of someone that had material possessions, but no soul. Just a piece of meat walking around with nothing inside.

1369 days ago


Should get her together with Assange. They'd make a great couple... but what I don't know.

1369 days ago


This is really egregious and her punishment will most likely be to spend 102 minutes in jail.

1369 days ago


I guess the last "splash" didn't generate enough publicity for her.

Yawn! Go away Lohan.

1369 days ago


I'm sure she was just acting...OUT!

1369 days ago


This kid is no different than most American kids. She is wealthy, and that makes her recovery and maturity a challenge. But why is a staffer fighting with a patient? If this is a recovery center, then isn't this supposed to be expected and managed? And what is she doing out at Bars if she was sent there by the judge? Wasn't there a security guard? Hey, if this kid comes back to the Betty Ford center drunk while she is staying there, then it is probably the management who is at fault here. And why start an incident?

I'm not defending anyone here, but if you want to blame anyone for this degenerate behavior, look to Hollywood and her Agent. If they had any sense of professionalism, they would remove her from the industry with a pencil eraser. But instead, her agents cashes in on this press. This is our own society rearing its ugly head back at us. She is one of a million nowadays in America. And there's far worse out there.

Take away the movie roles and the $1 mil paychecks, and that will sober her up very fast.

1369 days ago

Johnny Rotten    

Why is everybody pickin on poor 'ol LiLo ??

Obviously this type of setting is so beneath someone of her stature that she need to be given some space to breath every now and then.

Prosecutors need to back the eff off and leave LiLo alone, she is such a cutie (hee hee).

1369 days ago


The problem with Linz is that she hasn't hit her bottom yet. She's got too much money, too much protection, too much of everything. She's spoiled and doesn't know how to deal with her own issues.
BUT...some of the staffers in treatment centers can be nasty. If she was sober, linz would ignore this. She's going to need a big amount of time. Hope she makes it to recovery. She's incredible immature.

1369 days ago


In 50 years of living in Los Angeles I have seen exactly 1 actor completely turn it all around, from this far down.

Robert Downey Jr.

Nobody else has ever made it all the way back, and as long as Mommy and Daddy enable her with party stops like Betty Ford, she will continue to spiral until she hits the ground for the very last time. The way it's going, it won't be long.

1369 days ago

Central Scrutinizer    

Ya know... Lindsay needs to be put in solitary, so she can't interact with other patients...I mean, taking her 'roommates' (also read as fellow patients) out to a bar?... she's not only not dealing with her own problem, she's contributing to the problems of OTHERS.

She tells the world she 'wants to change' (but only to stay out of trouble)... problem is, they keep letting this little tramp off the hook.

1369 days ago

Gerry Wayne    

I love how all these fat, out of shape, nothing happening, loser, nobodies want to just on Li-lo.. make you feel better about your blubbery, stinky, obese, ugly self? Li-lo is laughing at all you sweaty,cake chomping, exercise avoiding blame monkies.. get a life and a brain too.. useless whining fatties.

1369 days ago


I don't know what the hell is wrong with that women she is going to jail and rehab, well i really hope she pulls it together, any way we just sold our lohan phone to because we are raising money to go visit her

1369 days ago

Gerry Wayne    

I'm telling ya.. a week in Hawaii with me.. and she'll forget about drugs and booze.. that's what she needs.. a good long weekend of "watching the ceiling"..and the headboard.. the bathtub , kitchen counter, etc..

1369 days ago

Gerry Wayne    

How many of you bashers are pillow-biting, shirt lifters? Probably most of you drug using two-faced hypocrites.. I'm sure you fairies get disgusted every time you see a real with it dearies.. go post over at Perez's site and tell him how much you love him..

1369 days ago

Gerry Wayne    

If they limited postings to higher educated, and non-obese Heterosexuals, there wouldn't be anyone here but me.. you pillow-biting , glory-holers sure like to rant about Li-lo... jealousy is a bitch isn't it?

1369 days ago
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