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Lohan 'Victim': Lindsay Was Violent, Drinking

12/22/2010 12:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Betty Ford staffer who claims Lindsay Lohan assaulted her tells TMZ ... Lindsay had been drinking before the incident and hurt her so badly, she's now on workers' comp.

Dawn Holland, who works as a chemical dependency technician at the Betty Ford Clinic, tells us on Sunday, December 12, just after 1 AM, Lindsay and two roommates came home from a night on the town ... violating the curfew policy.

Holland says Lindsay and company jumped a wall, trying to get inside the place she was staying without being noticed. Holland says security stopped the three women, and that's when Lindsay became belligerent and started swearing up a storm.
Holland says she was called to do a breathalyzer on the 3 women, but Lindsay refused and then pushed her.  Holland says she went back in the house and Lindsay called 911 on the house phone. 

Holland says she picked up another house phone to speak with 911, and  Lindsay confronted her again and ripped the phone out of her hand, causing a severe sprain which caused Holland to go out on workers' comp.

Holland says she could smell alcohol on Lindsay's breath.

As for Lindsay's claim Holland touched her first, she says, "I did not touch the woman."

As TMZ first reported, Holland filed a police report and the cops are investigating Lindsay for criminal battery.


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Isn't Lindsay still whereing the damn thing on her ankle? If she was drunk she would have been arrested by now, plus Lindsay in a Bar and TMZ hasn't gotten ahold of photos? Please. I don't know what to believe with this.

1310 days ago

Gloria Unread    

I don't believe the staffer. Even if Lindsay was drunk and belligerant, that doesn't give the staffer the right to put her hands on Lindsay in any way.

Rehablitation staffers know they're dealing with fragile people and should also know how to deal with people who aren't always stable or rational *without* putting their hands on them.
Shame on this woman for talking about the case and for obviously playing up her injury wearing that stupid arm brace.

1310 days ago

Jim in Cali    

@44. I'm rooting for Lindsay but we have no idea if she's getting better. Remember Lindsay is at the clinic because she has to be there per court order not from her own choosing. So I'd be wary of any "progress" reports from Lindsay's camp. Lindsay has a lot of issues with her parents, her addictions, her poor work ethic on the set of movies and tendency to lie to get away with things. Staying at Betty Ford for 3 months isn't going to cure her for good.

1310 days ago


TMZ you previously reported that Lindsay was tested and found not to have any alcohol in her system. Now the woman who she allegedly fought with is saying she smelled alcohol on her breath.

I'll believe the tester every time over someones nose.

So who is telling a lie???

Whoever at TMZ talked with this woman knew about the test and did not ask this woman about the result that she tested clean so my guess is that this is all bull*hit and you are just pumping the incident for money.

1310 days ago


This isn't the first time she has attacked people under the influence....She gets violent when drunk..SUE THE HELL OUT OF HER! Besides I'm sure its all on tape!

1310 days ago


OK AGAIN .. what kind of COURT ORDERED rehab lets you go out to BARS on the weekend!!!???? she's lucky she didn't get strip searched for coming home late. RULES ARE RULES firecrotch.


1310 days ago


Okay, you're a staffer at a rehab and you've never had to deal with a violent outburst from a patient? I have friends who get busted up daily working with elderly or special needs children AND THEY DON'T PRESS CHARGES AGAINST OR SUE EVERYONE WHO PUSHES THEM OR RIPS SOMETHING OUT OF THEIR GRASP! Can you say "I am a whore for a quick payday and 5 minutes of fame"? Shame on her. Lindsay's hopeless and it's sad but this woman is clearly no winner herself...

1310 days ago


How believeable or trustworthy is this alleged victim if she is giving exclusive interviews to TMZ, taking and proving photographs of her "injuries" and divulging private and confidential information about rehab patients?
If she had a strong enough case she wouldn't have ran to TMZ ad would have let it play out in court she is lying.

1310 days ago

Pound Sand    

David you are disgusting racist!

1310 days ago


I bet Lindsay did do it but I'd be very surprised if she actually does any real, serious jail time or heck any jail time at all. She seems to get away with everything and never have to face any consequences or anything.

1310 days ago

Jim in Cali    

@60... agree with you Nicole. Something stinks. Not saying Lindsay is perfect or didn't relapse but this staffer is a joke. Workers comp? Child Please.

1310 days ago


The staffer claims she didn't lay hands on Lindsey. Whether to believe this bit of info is the real deal-breaker of the scenario.

If this woman has worked in this capacity for a decent amount of time, it would be second nature for her to understand how to react to a volatile person without making physical contact. Rehab workers are trained to handle these specific situations with a very specific protocol.

And think about it. Betty Ford? Every over-privileged, rich drunk/dope-fiend rehabs there, and we all know how hair-trigger litigious they are. Anyone risking breaking rules to put hands on rich-kid patients would be insane and basically begging for a lawsuit. I just don't think this staffer would have made such a huge mistake like that.

1310 days ago

John W.    

She claims that Lindsay Lohan "ripped the phone out of her hand, causing a severe sprain which caused [her] to go out on workers' comp." I've tried, but I can't imagine the scenario that could make this claim plausible. Besides, what kind of a job did she have that she couldn't work with a sprain? Someone wants a free ride. I smell a lawsuit being cooked up.

1310 days ago


It was a given the BF therapy wouldn't help. Kiss any shred of dignity good bye Linds. It was a nice run, but your days in motion pictures died at just after 1am, December 20 2010. Any reputable producer would be an idiot to hire you now. Your baggage just tipped the scale.

1310 days ago


Let her leave, someone that wants to go to the rehab but can't would love to take her place. Some people take their life seriously. Unlike her, she laughs at everyone and everything to the point no one cares about her at all anymore.She is a spoiled rotten drug addict, if her parents acted like parents her addiction would not have gone on this long. She needed treatment years and years ago.Just stop writing about her and maybe she will go away.......

1310 days ago
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